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I have no idea when I heard about SNP Korean Beauty Care, but it seems that I am quite aware of this brand. Could be I stumble it when I was in Korea. I was lucky this round that I manage to get SNP Cicaronic set to try out. This will definitely be my first official Korean beauty care official review.

With pandemic Covid-19 happening this year 2020 had taken the world by storm. This had also created some closure and some opportunities to brands. SNP immediate response beauty segment with their new facial care category. This is in response to our new norm that we have to wear a mask to go out. this had also created a new face sensitivity to many people.

SNP Cicaronic (1)

A series that cater more towards sensitive skin that give soothing and calming effect on skin.

SNP Cicaronic

This series of Cicaronic is coming out with :

  1. Cicaronic Cleansing Foam
  2. Cicaronic Toning Essence
  3. Cicaronic Serum
  4. Cicaronic Soothing Cream
  5. Cicaronic Daily Mask

SNP Face Wash

SNP Cicaronic set

SNP Cicaronic toner


SNP Cicaronic Cleansing Foam

Cicaronic Cleansing Foam comes in like gel texture. When you press it out, the smell of the texture is actually fragrant. Upon washing your face, the effect is not foamy yet give your skin very smoothing effect. Right after wash, I can feel that my face is quite cleanse and felt like there is a clean grip.

Cicaronic Toner

Directly after face wash, next is to apply Cicaronic Toning Essence Toner. This is more on a water base. Looks like diluted milk colour from the bottle. Upon pouring out, it is more like transparent water. It’s a watery toner with white milky but transparent color. It has a light consistency but quite moisturizing for a toner. Love the fragrance though. It has mild floral scent.

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. Felt that it gives my skin a good layer of moisture which needed. Previously my skin is more dry. At first when apply might felt mild stick but once dry up it is alright.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (1)

I have been using weekly mask tried quite a lot too. This round is with Cicaronic Facial Mask. The sheet is really thin and upon opening the sheet you have to handle with care as it is quite thin layer.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (2)

It is a thin sheet yet fits perfectly on my big face. The face mask is actually quite cooling and perfect for our hot weather. Just apply for about 20-25 minutes. Upon taking it out, I can still see a layer of glittering effect with moisture on my skin.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (3)

Cicaronic Soothing Cream

For daily usage, final step will be Cicaronic Smoothing Cream. I have been applying this daily before I head out. Love the effect as it gives a protection layer to my face. Some of you might be used to it as it is a bit on the oily side but it does give your face the freshness and glow effect. Even when I come back after work with 7 hours usage, I still felt that it still have a layer over my face.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (1)

the strongest product in the list is their SNP Cicaronic 7 day recover ampole. This have to use handle with care. As kinda strong serum to some faces if you have not used it before. Rich with ingredient and suddenly applied might be too nutrient to your face. my first week usage, I break it to 3 times usage per bottle. Slowly to 1 bottle 2 times.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (2)

SNP Cicaronic Serum (3)

SNP Cicaronic Serum (4)

It is a bit on the oily side but I love it. It gives my face glowing effect like the picture below. IT look smooth and healthy. This is best to use it before head to bed. While you are resting the ampole is repairing your skin.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (5)

SNP Cicaronic serum


Overall after 2 weeks of usage, I can see clearly that it had slowly closing up my pores and gives a bitter skin smoothness. My face sure do look healthier and more glowing now.  I guess falls under Korean men facial care products too.

This product will soon available in Guardian Pharmacy with an affordable price for daily usage starting from RM 60.

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