Where to hunt for authentic Korean food in KL? There is one actually, one of the latest addition of Korean food in Solaris is this Kitchen Goheung. Serving one of a classic pork ribs stew pot dish. It is exactly like what I had in one of the shop in Seongsu Dong, Seoul, Korea.

kitchen goheung (1)

Just look at the sign board already tempted you wanted to try it. I have discover this place for quite a while only early this year start giving it a try and to my surprise, I hvae went back 3 times after that. One of the best pork ribs soup you can get. One of the best Korean food in Solaris.

kitchen goheung (2)

This is a shop being patronize by alot of Koreans and usually I am the only local diner there.

kitchen goheung (3)

Their set lunch is quite a bargain menu wise is not extensive. All the basic and signature are there.

kitchen goheung (4)

I have been in for this signature dish a few times already. Pork Bone Stew (M) – enough to feed for 2-3 pax! You can add ramyeon after that. @ RM 55 There are a few ingredient that makes this a great dish which is from the leaves on the bottom right. That gives a slight bitter fragrant flavour yet push it into the kimchi stew soup with their hint of pepper and spicy powder, then mix it all up. The soup gives you a whole new level of taste. Best to go with Soju BomB!

kitchen goheung (5)

kitchen goheung (6)

This 2 mixture do give you a hint of spices that it is needed. A soup base that is sweet, sour, spicy and hint of bitter. A perfect pork bone stew with kimchi pork bone soup base! yumz!

kitchen goheung (7)

kitchen goheung (8)

kitchen goheung (9)

Each of the pork bone are being cook for long as the meat just peel off easily with chopstick!

kitchen goheung (10)

As this round I have more people, then we order their signature Kimchi Spam Fried Rice @ RM 25. A very simple dish yet done to perfection. A taste from sourish kimchi with the fragrant of spam, is blended well. Mix it all up with some spoonfull of pork bone soup is just perfect!

kitchen goheung (11)

Another signature dish that must order is this classic dish that I had in Korea too. Pork Bone with Kimchi Stew @ RM 26

kitchen goheung (12)

Long marinated pork bone wrap with kimchi then slow cooked to compress the sourish flavour of kimchi out. A soup base which is slight thick but punch with flavour. Some of you might not used to the strong sourish taste but it is as good classic dish as it is!

kitchen goheung (13)

When I was in Korea, One of the Ajuma taught me how to eat this dish is by pouring in the cup of rice being served then eat it along. Loving it! Makes them one of the best Korean food in Mont Kiara.

kitchen goheung (14)

Currently this shop makes it to my top 3 best Korean food in KL.

25th November,  finally tried their famous Seafood Stew Pot. Just pretty awesome!



-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, One of my top Korean Food! -Stamped- is

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kitchen Goheung
No.3A, jalan solraris4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 10am – 12am

Tel: 03-6206 1490

There is actually one shop on Solaris area that serve pretty awesome Ramen. Menzo Japanese Ramen is actually not so new in the area but their ramen is da bomb! More like a hidden gem in this area. I certainly hope that this brand can sustain as I have seen a few brands that come and go.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (2)

Menya Musashi no longer the top Ramen in KL, however there are a few decent ones that is still my favourite such as:

  1. Menya Shi Shi do 
  2. Bankara Ramen 
  3. Bari Uma

Menzo Japanese Ramen (3)

One awesome thing about this place is that they have the Japanese BBQ and their meat marination is perfect!

Menzo Japanese Ramen (4)

Menzo Japanese Ramen (5)

Classic Pork Broth Ramen @ RM 21 as the pork broth that had cook more than 15 hours. Love the solid taste of it. Flavourful with pork bone and ramen texture is just right.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (7)

Menzo Japanese Ramen (8)

3 of their sauces is good, depending which taste you like.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (9)

Mix mushroom is just quite normal. Nothing to shout about.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (10)

Here you go on their Japanese BBQ. which I always have it along with my Ramen.

I have been here alot of times and one of my favourite Ramen and Japanese BBQ place at the moment. Ramen price is very decent as however the BBQ is just slightly abit expensive. If you are looking for best ramen in KL, this is one of my recommendations. Also consider one of the cheaper ramen as starts from RM 21 onwards.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, A must go place, if u like Ramen!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Menzo Japanese Ramen
Solaris Mont Kiara,
2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 11.30pm

Tel: 03-6211 2749

Meat The Porkers is one of a place that serve you porkie Indian cuisine. A twist of flavour from classic traditional food that focusing mostly on pork .

meet the porkers (1)

meet the porkers (2)

meet the porkers (3)

Recently, they are introducing new bites for dinner which if you want for sharing plate, then this would be a new better options.

meet the porkers (7)

Tandoori Pork Ribs Tacos @ RM 38

meet the porkers (8)


meet the porkers (11)

Pork 65 Masala Tacos  @ RM 35

meet the porkers (12)

Butter Chicken Tacos  @ RM 30

meet the porkers (13)

Paneer Varuval Tacos @ RM 30

meet the porkers (10)

Tandoori Malai Pork Ribs @ RM 48  with cheese, cream, cashew nuts and spices. this is indeed a very unique dish. Meat is moist and juicy. Something new to hit on.

meet the porkers (14)

For first timer, this would turn out to be one of your mains to order Siu Yoke Biryani @ RM 28 which is their signature dish. serve along with the roti dough seal on the side of the pot. Serve along with huge piece of pork lard for your biting pleasure.

meet the porkers (15)

meet the porkers (16)

meet the porkers (17)

meet the porkers (18)

Another dish that is good to hit on is their Chicken 65 Masala @ RM 25 Fried boneless chicken cooked in yoghurt-based masala with green chillies and curry leaves. Love the taste of it and will goes well with their briyani rice.

meet the porkers (19)

meet the porkers (20)

If you need a twist of your nan intake, then Bacon & Cheese Naan @ RM15 done with add on of  cheese and studded with smokey bacon.

Meet the Porkers
D1-G3-5,, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
(nearby Modesto)

Solaris is indeed an area that is well known for Korean food, As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot is one of the latest Chinese cuisine operating in this area. A brand that hail all the way from Hong Kong that operates their first outlet in Malaysia with remaining 5 in Hong Kong. I find that the cuisine is a perfect addition to the area which is lacking off. Something like steamboat but it is not. A Little summary would be a cuisine of a cross over of China Sze Chuan in Hong Kong Style.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (2)


As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (3)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot has some classic interior.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (4)

The whisky are for display only.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (8)

In Hong Kong, this restaurant is famous among the locals and many celebrities have visited this place too.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (5)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (6)

For cold platter -Premium Golden Preserved Egg @ RM 18 or Century egg is a must order as love the goey texture and fragrant of the egg. Fully import as the egg yolk there still have 1 transparent layer. @ RM 18

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (9)

their Herbal tea is pretty interesting. Water Cress with Honey @ RM 16 per jug. 

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (10)

A few drinks which is imported are like above. Coconut water from Hong Kong is rather interesting too.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (11)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (12)

As they are new in the area, this is their temporary menu.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (13)

One of the platter

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (14)

For Hong Kong Pot, this HK Bean Curd Roll is a must order @ RM 24 (L) and Tapioca Starch Noodle @ RM 10

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (15)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (16)

Their Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin @ RM 18 with beer is a perfect combination.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (17)

BBQ Lamb Meat @ RM 8 per skewer. (you get to choose on the spiciness level too), Grilled Chicken Cartilage @ RM 4/stickBBQ luncheon meat is a must order @ RM 6 per stick. 

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (19)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (20)

BBQ Big White Prawn @ RM 22 for 2 sticks 

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (21)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (22)


As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (24)

Grill XL half shell scallop with garlic @ RM 18 each

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (25)

As for first time we are here we tried 2 types of soup in seperate pot. As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot were highly advise for first time in this shop, for Sze Chuan Soup base –  spicy level go for Mild Spicy and Mild Numb. to our suprise, the instant hit of spiciness is there and numb of your mouth is slightly after that. Loving it. Finally found a place with proper Sze Chuan flavour that I like as it is quite similiar to the one I ate in Melbourne. Personal Preference, I would choose Small Spicy Mild Numb as I love my pot to be slightly more spicy. Soup is aromatic and fragrant to my liking.

For their Classic Authentic Chicken Pot is filled with Half Chicken and their special ingredient to make it slightly herby. Good for those who can take spicy sze chuan yet can enjoy something aromatic and nice. Soup is refillable.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (27)

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot (28)

If you love instant noodle as your ending of your pot, then can try out their imported Nissin Noodle from Hong Kong which consider quite a premium product in that region as it is manufacture there.

This is definitely one of a place I do not mind to come back for another round of food. However:

remark: for the soup base if you add another round of soup, it might taste slightly off and it is quite pricey too if you order alot. 


As You Like Hong Kong HotPot
13, Jalan Solaris 2,
Mont Kiara 50480 KL.

Operating Hours: Daily – 6pm – 3am

Waze – Click here

Korean Fried Chicken trend is sprouting like crazy now. You can see there are quite number of outlet out there are gaining its popularity with commercial chain KyoChon, Pelicana Chicken and a few others. Nanda Chicken at Solaris KL is one of the latest addition into the industry and operating in this new Korean Village – Solaris KL.

Nanda Chicken (1)

Nanda Chicken (3)

I always love the interior of a Korean F&B as they really put in a lot of effort and cost by making the restaurant looks good.

Nanda Chicken (4)

Nanda Chicken (5)

Nanda Chicken (6)

Menu here is very straight forward as their specialty is Korean Fried Chicken.

Nanda Chicken (7)

My Korean dining must always have their Soju Bomb. or at least Soju to hit with.

Nanda Chicken (8)

Complimentary sides for you .

Nanda Chicken (9)

With the latest trend, everything that evolves with cheese is in the menu. We ordered one of their latest item – Boneless Crispy Hot Snow Cheese Chicken @ RM 62. Serve with boneless chicken and half plate or cheese corn.

Nanda Chicken (10)

Let it cook for 3 minutes and after the cheese melted, the assistant will come over and show you how it should be quoted. Assistance is provided on the first few piece of chicken.

Nanda Chicken (11)

  1. take one piece and twirl it with cheese.
  2. Pull it up into the air where you can see the springy of the cheese, twirl it in mid air to allow it to be coated around.
  3. Once it is all coated like a cocoon, then it is ready to be eaten.

Nanda Chicken (12)

Chicken is fried to perfection where it is crispy inside out, meat might be slightly dry but overall it is not bad. Thick cheese give you the extra salty omph into the chicken. The best part is their spicy sauce and this is only 1 chili spicy level.. It does not hit you on the first piece, but it hits you after consuming subsequent piece. My tears keep flowing out. Their spiciness is different level. (do take note on the effect of next day when you hit washroom). Cannot imagine other chicken flavor that has 2 or 3 chili text on it. They also do have the non spicy version.

Overall it is not a bad place for Korean Friend Chicken and do come with a group of 4. Their cheese portion might not be big as other flavors is like mountain high. For classic Korean Fried Chicken I still like Chicken House which is just a street away. As for variety and ambiance, this place wins.

They do have delivery service too. Besides that, you can do your online shopping at Shopee (click here)

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not bad for Korean Fried Chicken for such price tag~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nanda Chicken
11, Jalan Solaris 2
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6016.580.7925

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat 3.30pm – 1am
Sun 3.30pm – 12am

Nanda Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I have pass this outlet, Hwang Hae at Solaris KL numerous times whenever I pay a visit to other restaurants around that area. Have always created the curiosity to try out this outlet over the years till recently only decided to drop by. It is a Korean BBQ place that is well known for their lamb bbq skewers

Hwang He

hwang he (2)


hwang he (3)

My Korean food now need to have Soju bomb along. 🙂

hwang he (4)

hwang he (6)

In the menu is pretty simple where you can choose from skewers side or typical Korean bbq with fine slices of meat. We ordered :

  1. normal Lamb Skewers @ RM 29
  2. Spicy marinated lamb skewers – Michin Yang Kkochi @ RM 29
  3. Grilled Spicy Pork Neck – Maeunyangnyeom Dwaeji @ RM 29

hwang he (5)

The secret ingredient for this outlet is this special mix spices dip for all your meat. It gives you a nice lingering of mild Korean Szechuan spices, mild spicy, with hint of black pepper and a unique after taste that we just love it. Taste event better if you had half shot of soju after it.

hwang he (9)

Good stuff from this outlet as I have return another round a month after and still do not  mind to go back.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, great lamb skewers and special spice dip~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hwang Hae Korean Style Lamb BBQ
G15, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel:+603- 6206 1370

Operating Hours:5pm – 3am

Hwang Hae Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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