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I have always try to imagine myself on surfing, and really wish to get a chance to stand on the board and surf under the huge wave when I was studying in Melbourne. Well, that was all just a dream and ended up got a chance to try out Kite Surfing. Never been dissapointed, as when  I saw this news, that end of November there is going to be a surfing competition – Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) by Rip Curl Pro, and this is the first time I heard about it and I am getting excited as its happening at Terengganu, Batu Burok Beach on Nov 30th to Dec 2nd.

This competition is not only about local, as its held on international level whereby surfers around the world will be heading to that venue to compete and challenge on the wave. Its a monsoon season and I am sure its gonna be a great place for surfers.


Rip Curl is also one of my favorite surf brands starting my high school period as that was the era of crazy fashion over Surf Brands. As years pass by, fashion change also their outlet design and their latest shop outlook is nice. Besides that, hit out to their outlet to check out on their latest collection.

Emcee - Joey G

As one of a familiar faces on local scene is Joey G emcee the event.

Fashion Show by students frm Amber Chia Academy

Right after that, we were shown on the latest collection with fashion model walk by Amber Chia Academy. Like their latest collection.

emcee Mr James Hendy - Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA

After the fashion show, Mr James Handy – Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA mention that Rip Curl (Malaysia) is proud to be the brand partnership with the State Government of Terengganu as Terengganu Rip Curl Pro surf contest 2012 is a surf event sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC). Which is a 6 star Pro Event.

Media QnA Session from left Ayin JonLee BryanNg BrendaLee VivianChew JamesHendy Semmy

As the Q&A session took place, here is what we can expect from the 3 days 6-star pro event along with many surfers hails from different regions of South East Asia are expected to compete in five different divisions:

– Men’s Open,
– Women’s Open
– Master Division
– Bodyboard Open
– Longboard Open

Well well, guess what? There are total estimated over RM 40,000 worth of prizes up for grabs for the participant’s surfers. Besides that, there’ll be other specialty awards such as “Best Malaysian Surfer” & “Best Surfer Wipeout”. For the finalist, they will be walking away with RM22,500 worth of Rip Curl Products.

Rip Curl Malaysia sees there are a lots of potential and strongly believes that both top surfers could grow together with the brand in terms of reaching out to the ladies target audience and educating the female on what is surfing is all about as our local talent Brenda Lee will be one of the competing participant, growing the local surfing community, providing a great opportunity to all Malaysian and serving as platform to anyone’s who is willing to give surfing a go and up scaling the surfing sports in our country.

From left - Jon Lee BryanNg BrendaLee VivianChew JamesHendy Semmy

Ahhh, since its on international level event, do we have our local talent to be compete in the category?  Yes and we sure do have our local talent to be competing are – second from left Bryan Ng which is he is Official Rip Curl Riders  follow by Brenda Lee (next) being the top lady surfer in Malaysia. The young kid on far right is only 17 years old and Rip Curl had just renew his official rider contracts.

Official Announcement of Terrenganu Rip Curl Pro 2012

Well, what do normal people like us are going to do when we are there? Of course it will be a great holiday gateway and not only that, people like me enjoy sunshine, looking at surfers and I will be checking out several fun-filled yet educational activities had been planned for the public with the aim to educate people from all walks of life about surfing activities. Indonesia top surfboard artists, Mr. Rizald from Bali will be the guest artists for the Surfboard Art Exhibition.  Also, there will be a booth with live demonstration of the overall actual process on making a surfboard. A surf clinic will be set-up for public to experience and learn how to surf. Jonni Morrison – Deaker, from the Rip Curl Bali Surf School, will conduct the surf clinic.

Disneyland is a word that often rings in our mind since we were a child, hoping to go and get a chance to enjoy ourselves right at the castle itself to see all our beloved character and by taking a picture would make it a very memorable one. One that had made it more possible to many kids around South East Asia as Hong Kong Disneyland which had open few years ago that make a big impact around the region. as the nearest we visit is Japan (still one of my dream). Now they had build one in Hong Kong that is located at Nantau Island which is easily access with public transportation. One of the way to get there is by their very convenient MTR train that 1/3 of the population board on it daily.

You can also purchase the ticket in advance for cheaper pricing compare to the ticket counter.

  1. Hong Kong 4G wifi (Airport Pick Up)
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket
  3. Meal Coupon

*REMARK – This is a very very long post filled with lots of pictures. Ur fingers might get tired or numb from scrolling!

HK Disneyland (1)

If you are living around the city hotels you can easily access to  many of the MTR line available as just to switch to head there. So how we travel to Disneyland is either by MTR or by Taxi as there are 3 brands of it too. The common taxi is the red colour as what we usually see in TVB series which is the most expensive, another one is Lantau Taxi that take passenger to Disneyland or the cheapest brand of all. One of the catch is to take a cab in Hong Kong is pretty much expensive therefore I would advise on taking their MTR. (more details click  here)

HK Disneyland (1)

This is one of a cool train as the connecting train from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland, it is a special train that design to be more nice as the train is design in with Mickey Character. Mickey ears handle.  .

HK Disneyland (2)

Mickey Window Panel

HK Disneyland (3)

Mickey mini statue

HK Disneyland (4)

and here we arrive finally at Disneyland station . . .Well light up and look pretty modern with its architecture.

HK Disneyland (5)

Finally we are on the ground of Disneyland a place whereby many children wish to come including myself.

HK Disneyland (6)

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland and lets explore. . .

HK Disneyland (7)

Famous blogger Hanie and her bf Nasri one of a few videographer (point8cam) I admire

HK Disneyland (8)

Another couple sama sama hometown from Penang, Yvonne and her bf which is famous from the north on BabyVon

HK Disneyland (9)

And new found Hong Kong Friends. . .

HK Disneyland (10)

As you walk inside, this will be the first water fountain you will see before you head into the main entrance.

HK Disneyland (11)

Ticketing entrance to head to Disneyland

HK Disneyland (12)

One of the Leng Chai in the ticketing counter according to some of the girls before passing thru here. .

HK Disneyland (13)

So how big is Disneyland Hong Kong, well here is the whole map for you to get a brief idea including the new section Toy Story Land.

(click here to check out the detail map on each section have to offer).

So we move in clockwise in the map starting from:

Main Street, then Adventureland, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and lastly Tomorrowland

HK Disneyland (14)

Lets Head to Disneyland Main Street on next page.



As we walk to the main area, Main Street is the main area that offers us all customer service, lost and found and souvenir that you get most of it here.

HK Disneyland (16)

Love the whole architecture here that they build it so 70’s that is a perfect place to take alot of pictures and please do!

HK Disneyland (17)

HK Disneyland (18)

Now is the time that every one will be barred from walking in the center as every one is ready and will be standing and seated at the side walkway to welcome one of the main show in area.

HK Disneyland (19)

So its 3pm and its time for a street parade which is FANTASy PARADE that starts daily at 3pm by featuring all the Disney Character

HK Disneyland (20)

Keke, we were lucky as we do have a good spot and was already arrange . .

HK Disneyland (21)

and we do have a VIP tour guide for us with these 2 lovely girls to bring us around for the day, very friendly and informative. If you would want to have a private tour, you can email in and pick the package available too or pre-arrange early by emailing them. . .

HK Disneyland (22)

Tadaa…this is our spot. . heheh . .and the weather for the day is killing us. It was super hot and I bet you will find some where shady, guess it was suppose to be autumm weather that need to be at 17-22 for the day but on that day we were there it was like about 24.. melting. .  luckily did not sweat.

HK Disneyland (23)

Every one of us is excited and getting ready to snap lots of pics for the parade.

HK Disneyland (24)

See what I have.. Staff pass..:p I borrowed actually .. . The lanyard is nice as its filled with mickey mouse logo and sky blue~

HK Disneyland (25)

We are not allow to step even half food out as for safety measure for both public and the performer they have strict guideline that we public shall not cross the line!

HK Disneyland (26)

And the rest of the gang are here . . .

HK Disneyland (27)

Start with Dumboo . ..

HK Disneyland (44)

HK Disneyland (45)

HK Disneyland (28)

Famous character, Goofy and Donald Duck

HK Disneyland (29)


HK Disneyland (30)

Winnie the Pooh

HK Disneyland (31)

HK Disneyland (32)

HK Disneyland (33)

HK Disneyland (34)

HK Disneyland (36)

The performer will stop by at a certain routine and invites all the kids to dance with them then reward them with souvenir as token of appreciation . .

HK Disneyland (35)

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

HK Disneyland (37)

HK Disneyland (38)

HK Disneyland (39)

HK Disneyland (40)

Many of my friends Favourite. . . LILO

HK Disneyland (41)

HK Disneyland (42)

HK Disneyland (43)

HK Disneyland (46)

HK Disneyland (47)

Next Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

HK Disneyland (48)

HK Disneyland (49)

HK Disneyland (50)

Snow White

HK Disneyland (51)

Sleeping Beauty

HK Disneyland (52)

HK Disneyland (53)

HK Disneyland (54)

HK Disneyland (55)

HK Disneyland (56)

HK Disneyland (57)

HK Disneyland (58)

Toy Story

HK Disneyland (59)

HK Disneyland (60)

HK Disneyland (61)

lets go for an adventure at Advetureland. . .



HK Disneyland (62)

After the show we head to Adventureland which is on the left from the exit and you will head to another dimension more like Indiana Jones dimension

HK Disneyland (63)

Rafts and Tarzan Tree House

HK Disneyland (64)

One of the show that you must watch in Adventureland is Festival of the LION KING, that they have a schedule on every 2 hours if I am not mistaken and the show is about 30 minutes long. The time for the day is fixed and available in the map which is available at the main entrance.

HK Disneyland (65)

HK Disneyland (66)

Its a round stage and we calculate that can approximately host 1500 crowd at 1 show and its a round staging so feel free to choose to sit where you like, best view from our point of view is come in from the main entrance on turn LEFT that area as we find that most performer look towards that side.

HK Disneyland (67)

HK Disneyland (68)

HK Disneyland (69)

HK Disneyland (70)

HK Disneyland (71)

HK Disneyland (72)

HK Disneyland (73)

HK Disneyland (74)

HK Disneyland (75)

HK Disneyland (76)

HK Disneyland (77)

Indeed its a great musical show that involve many performer and if you do have time in Adventure land I would Recommend to WAtch this LION KING show as it certainly suits all adults and kids

HK Disneyland (78)

Next we head to Jungle River Cruise which will suit kids, cruising on the river to check out many animal and hunter.

HK Disneyland (79)

Lets go, as you get to choose either Cantonese or English Speaker before you go on board.

HK Disneyland (80)

this is the English speaker guide for the day . ..

HK Disneyland (81)

Let the journey start and one of the way to go over to the tree house is you have to come to this dock take the raft over to the other side!

HK Disneyland (82)

HK Disneyland (84)

HK Disneyland (83)

HK Disneyland (85)

HK Disneyland (86)

HK Disneyland (87)

I am fascinated by the gloves as they have variety of it and I have Mickey’s palm now .. 😀

For all Muslim Friends if you are looking for a HALAL food great news to all of you that in Tahitian Terrace Restaurant is offering great menu for all of you. (click here)


Next section let head to FANTASYLAND


HK Disneyland (88)

Its a Small World  . ..

HK Disneyland (89)

HK Disneyland (90)

Hehehe, since we have 2 VIP host that bring us around here are our short cut.. :p

HK Disneyland (91)

Getting ready to jump into the ride to view a Its a Small World. ..

HK Disneyland (92)

Its a very colourful world in there and it makes you feel like a kid again with the background song then after went out, the song is stuck in your head. . .lol~

HK Disneyland (93)

HK Disneyland (94)

HK Disneyland (95)

HK Disneyland (96)

HK Disneyland (97)

HK Disneyland (98)

HK Disneyland (123)

We had a quick one and we are rushing to catch another show~ The Golden Mickey a live stage performance show. . .

HK Disneyland (99)

Starting to introduce all the main character Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse. . .

HK Disneyland (100)

Donald Duck

HK Disneyland (101)

HK Disneyland (102)

Toy story performance

HK Disneyland (103)

HK Disneyland (104)

Hunchback of Notre Dame

HK Disneyland (105)


HK Disneyland (106)


HK Disneyland (107)

HK Disneyland (108)

Lilo & Stitch

HK Disneyland (109)

HK Disneyland (110)

HK Disneyland (111)

Little Mermaid

HK Disneyland (112)

HK Disneyland (113)

I just love this crab character -Sebastian that this guy portray . . damm cute ehhh . . .

HK Disneyland (114)

Under the sea.. . lalalalallala. . . . . .

HK Disneyland (115)

Beauty and the Beast Scene pretty impressive. . .

HK Disneyland (116)

HK Disneyland (117)

HK Disneyland (118)

HK Disneyland (119)

HK Disneyland (122)

And all of them . . ..

If you lack of time and I must tell you, this is one of the best show of all, it makes you happy, come out cheerfull and makes you feel like a kid again. Certainly one of the best show to watch and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

HK Disneyland (124)


HK Disneyland (125)

Then we head to try out their 4-D theater  . .. give you the pleasure of sense, feeling, taste and  . ..

HK Disneyland (126)

Advise to sit half row towards the back as the screen is huge.. If you sit on the front, its hard for us to focus the whole screen as the show playing it gets wider. . .

HK Disneyland (127)

HK Disneyland (128)

Winnie the Pooh World. .

HK Disneyland (129)

tells you the story of Winnie the Pooh as actually I have not really read the whole story before. . .

HK Disneyland (130)

Next we are heading to their new zone which is Toystoryland~



HK Disneyland (131)

that features a few new attraction . . .

HK Disneyland (132)

HK Disneyland (133)

HK Disneyland (134)

This is one of the main attraction in Toy Story Land – RC RACER which is Andy’s speediest toy car to zoom you up to the height of 27 meters

HK Disneyland (135)

HK Disneyland (143)

HK Disneyland (136)

Slinky Dog Spin

HK Disneyland (137)

HK Disneyland (138)

HK Disneyland (139)

HK Disneyland (140)

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

HK Disneyland (141)

HK Disneyland (142)

HK Disneyland (144)

Then we head to Tomorowland. . NEXT PAGE



HK Disneyland (145)

HK Disneyland (146)

HK Disneyland (147)

HK Disneyland (148)

Astro Blasters

HK Disneyland (149)

Stictch Encounter is another place you should visit with your kid as it is very smart technology they implement in there with VOIP and body movement technology detected.

HK Disneyland (150)

this is how I got busted from Stitch!

HK Disneyland (151)

HK Disneyland (152)

HK Disneyland (153)

Autopia to drive around alien landscape

HK Disneyland (154)

HK Disneyland (155)

HK Disneyland (156)

lets see how fast I can drive with this car. . .

HK Disneyland (157)

60km/h ..

HK Disneyland (158)

HK Disneyland (159)

110km/h is the max I can go! hehehe

HK Disneyland (160)

As the night falls, we quickly head back to the Main Street and manage to catch the Disney castle on dawn  .. .

HK Disneyland (161)

Main Street during night .. . As there are one show that every one is hopping for at 8pm is the magnificent musical fireworks

HK Disneyland (162)

We walked quickly to Corner Cafe to have our dinner as we are left with 45 minutes before the fireworks starts.

HK Disneyland (163)

Love the ambiance of the restaurant as its very English heritage style with indoor classic decor and outdoor garden like  . .

HK Disneyland (164)

HK Disneyland (165)

HK Disneyland (166)

HK Disneyland (167)

HK Disneyland (168)

HK Disneyland (169)

as the end of the tour package that we got, we were given a token gift from them on Toy Story character and each of us get to choose one.

HK Disneyland (170)

Its great that this trip get to meet alot of new friends  . . Cheers to all of you~

HK Disneyland (171)

HK Disneyland (172)

The menu offers limited choices of food as we just need a quick one will do. . .

HK Disneyland (173)

Before the meals are served, fresh bread of the day with oat and plain bread. . . Its fresh and served warm too. I ate 3 of these.  .:D

HK Disneyland (174)

HK Disneyland (175)

HK Disneyland (176)

Pork Burger . ..

HK Disneyland (177)

HK Disneyland (178)

HK Disneyland (179)

Here it is, the moment of truth, Disney in the Stars Fireworks Show the whole place had off the light left the castle, with nice Disney music tone as the background and story telling behind it . . It would be the musical fireworks  . . .  MUST NOT MISS!!!!

HK Disneyland (180)

HK Disneyland (181)

HK Disneyland (182)

HK Disneyland (183)

If you need the full footage of the fireworks check it out on Foodpoi video . .

After the 15 minutes fireworks show, we head to the souvenir shop to buy lots of stuff

HK Disneyland (184)

heheh. .. I love this Stitch hat too . . cute weih`

HK Disneyland (185)

Some night shots of Main Street

HK Disneyland (186)
HK Disneyland (187)

Just love this fountain during at night, as its musical fountain . .

HK Disneyland (188)

HK Disneyland (189)

Its a great day to be at Hong Kong Disneyland finally and I had a lot of fun myself by taking lots of pictures and it certainly make me a very happy person when I left after enjoy all the great performers, songs and dance. . I find that their entrance fees is very reasonable . .

HK Disneyland (190)You can buy at 1 day Pass or 2 Day pass  . . As I find that if you plan to explore every corner of Disneyland then would advise you to get 2 days pass and if you want to get the experience of it just spend one full day there and just do not miss out my recommended shows n

Rides below:

Main Street Parade – 3pm 

Adventureland – Lion King Show

Fantasy Land – The Golden Mickey

Toy Story Land – RC Racer Ride

Tomorrowland – Space Mountain Ride – fast track roller coaster in the dark

Tomorrowland – Stitch Encounter

also alot interesting and hidden places in Adventureland… discover yourself~

for more information check out on Hong Kong Disneyland Website

Check out this Short clip that done by Point8cam.com


Whatever There Was in Hong Kong (Disney Land) from point8cam on Vimeo.

Also check out our hotel that we stay, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel (click here)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which I could not believe myself too. Next weekend, all of us will be heading back for Reunion dinner. Nevertheless, alot of restaurants and hotels now do offer great food for reunion dinner as many families had opted to eat out instead of cooking at home because on ambiance and convenience.

doorsett (1)

As for this round, we head to Checkers Cafe located inside Dorsett Regency Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

doorsett (2)

Checkers cafe offers a great soothing ambiance which is perfect for family gathering as the whole place is comfortable, can be separate out with other diners also indulge with a very simple decoration to stir up the mood of CNY.

doorsett (3)

doorsett (4)

Once we were seated, we were greated by this huge Pineapple as a special welcome drink called Prosperity Splash Drink (Mixtured of Pineapple, Mandarin orange, Dragon Fruit juice and hint of honey) indeed its a thirst quencher drink that you will never had enough.

doorsett (5)

What we are having for the night is a 8 course dinner that prepared by a great Chinese chef.

doorsett (6)

Of course like any other celebrations during Chinese New Year and before dinner or everything starts, we will always starts with ‘Lou Sang’ which is only a tradition that available in a few countries around South East Asia. The thick sauce is specially made with chef’s own recipe to enhance on the taste of the ‘lou sang’. Their unique of Yee Sang is that ‘Salmon Yee Sang with crispy Salmon skin’.

doorsett (7)

doorsett (8)

Fresh Salmon ‘Yee Sang’ for the night . . . .

doorsett (9)

As preparation, you mix everything what is next to the plate on sauce and other ingredients.

Pictures credit to: www.everydayfoodilove.com

In the process of Yee Sang, by using a chopstick and stick inside the Yee Sang then you say out loud your  “auspicious wishes”  for the year, every toss say one wish whereby mostly is high salary, good business, good health and many more. The higher you toss,

doorsett (10)

This is usually the aftermath of lou sang and this consider not that bad, as for me and my friend, it did fly to someone’s hair before and the whole portion left half as another half is on the table. 😀

doorsett (11)

A very delicious, savory with a bit sweet, sour, crispy salmon skin that kick a perfect start before dinner. One of a good Yee Sang that I have come across so far. . .

doorsett (12)

Pan-fried Lamb Rack with Chef Special Sauce

This is the super star of the night as one piece would not be enough. I think I do not mind to have at least 5 pieces of this that it is well marinated till the sauce got into the meat, well quoted with the sauce that make it very juicy and not only that, the meat is so soft till it nearly melts, no lamb gammy taste which is a perfect dish for every one. Highly Recommended!

doorsett (13)

Braised Shark’s Fin with Assorted Seafood

During Chinese new Year, Shark Fin will mostly fill onto the table as they are quite generous with the ingredient. I can eat chunks of crab meat, fish maw and assorted seafood every spoonful of it.

doorsett (14)

Followed by Steamed Chicken with Herbs.

Juicy and soft meat with the herb sauce soak onto the meat and make every bite delicious.

doorsett (15)

Deep Fried Cod Fish with Superior Soya Sauce

This is also another favourite dish for the night, as the fish being deep fried on the outer layer till its crispy then shower along with superior soy sauce. Always love the texture of cod fish which is soft and moist.  – Recommended

doorsett (16)

Deep Fried Prawns with Seafood Sauce

Fresh prawn that indicates by the solid meat texture and the seafood sauce pairs it very well.

doorsett (17)

Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster and Black Mushroom with seasonal vegetable

doorsett (18)

Fried Rice with ginger and salted egg

Fried hot from the wok with ‘wok hei’ a bit salty and I still add in some soy sauce to further bring up the taste. Its simple and good to further fill my stomach.

doorsett (19)

Steamed Nian Gao which is prepared by the chef himself as its a bit softer compare to those I have eaten so far and I love Nian Gao alot as get to eat once a year. I love it to well coated with lots of coconut.

doorsett (20)

Golden Sesame Ball with Red Bean paste

doorsett (21)

For the first time I am trying Sweetened Red Bean Paste, as I mean the red bean had been blend into a very thick to make this desert out. Usually I eat this in watery base filled with Red Bean chunks.

doorsett (22)

This is the Sous Chef Lai behind the wok that had created this great range or Perfect Dinner menu that have all what a Reunion dinner needs. In this menu many chinese believe in every dinner must have Prawns, Fish, Chicken, dried oyster and nian gao. All have their own meaning in a Chinese New Year Dinner.

I certainly would recommend for their CNY Chinese Menu if you wanted to go for reunion dinner at this hotel. Great food ~

doorsett (23)

We were also given cup cakes with Dragon Icon and gold. The cake is moist and nice!

doorsett (24)_resize

If you do not like their Chinese NEw Year menu you can opt for their buffet that have a good range too.

doorsett (25)_resize

Reunion Buffet Dinner

22nd January 2012
Price: RM108++ per person
“Gong Xi Fa Cai’  New Year Brunch
23rd and 24th January 2012
12.00 noon to 4:00pm
Price: RM75++ per person
Joy and Luck Buffet Lunch
Monday to Friday
(25th – 31st January 2012/ 2nd – 5th January 2012)
Price: RM75++ per person
Prosperity Buffet Dinner
Monday to Friday
(23rd to 31st January 2012/ 1st February to 6th February 2012)
Price: RM85++ per person

*50% discount for children between the ages of 4 to 12 and senior  citizens of 55 years old and above

*Price quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.
For Reservation:  603-2716 1000
Great news for all Taufulou.com Readers, you guys will enjoy a 38% discount if you make your CNY buffet reservation by including my link and clicking on the link below :
172, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-2716 1000
Fax: 603-2715 5000

Our Bangkok trip – After we return from Pattaya stay over the night, we hurried and check into our next hotel White Palace Bangkok, which is located on the other side of Bangkok which is nearer to Platinum mall and Chatuchak Market area. .

chatuchak (6)

This hotel was recommended by my friend as she previously stayed here that with cheap price and strategic location. Right outside this hotel there is a very long night market which we have miss it due to insufficient time.

chatuchak (5)

Hotel is pretty decent which is simple and nice that is hidden behind some housing and office area. . .

chatuchak (1)

A simple double room, neat and clean is something that we are looking for as most of the time we will be out and just need a place to rest. If I am not mistaken this place we paid about RM120 per night book over Agoda.

chatuchak (2)

chatuchak (3)

chatuchak (4)

White Palace Bangkok – http://www.whitepalacebangkok.com/

40 Soi Petchburi 15 (Somprasong 3), Phayathai
Rajtavee Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel: 66 (0) 2255 2701

Right after we throw all our luggage into the hotel room, we head to one of the most anticipated or well known or all my friend said its a must go market. The locals call them J.J market.


chatuchak (7)

All getting ready, hat ready, leg ready, and the most important is get ready your pocket as you will spend alot in this world famous or South East Asia biggest weekend market. This place is known as Chatuchak Market as I said the locals call it JJ Market.

Back to 56 years ago in 1978  JatuJak Market happen whereby a goverment policy to transform the Royal Plaza or “Sanam Luang” (Royal Park) into a leisure ground. As from then the market evolve from the name of Pahonyothin Market to then later in 1987 change to Jatujak Market.

Its so well known that, if you come to Bangkok and did not come to Chatuchak market its like having sex never cum! Not complete.

chatuchak (8)

Why is that so my friend said its a must visit market as it host more than 8,000 stores selling variety of items in this market. Products ranging from Street food, hard to find antique and some people rate this market as the imported version on Portobello Market in England. If you are a bargain hunter, love to bargain, this is certainly one of the market MUST VISIT by you as it offer alot of items in low price and divided into 8 product zone.

chatuchak (38)

This place is really huge, and I mean its huge! My friend often advice me be there early as you will never finish walking and I critise them back, are you sure its that big. When I am there only I realise how big it is and by looking at the map, my Jaw Dropped!

This is how big this market is, and you see the little lining in between the stalls, it indicates the stalls in between.

chatuchak (9)

As we arrive while Goft is waiting for us in the market to bring us a hidden gem inside this market itself that is one of her favourite stall that she seldom miss whenever she is here.

chatuchak (10)

There is a little ally that host many of this little food stalls and be sure you know how to find your best food under this one HOT roof! walking in here is burning and we are sweating non stop.

chatuchak (11)

Its a place also not many locals know about it as only the regulars know~ Its a small little stall that runs by husband and wife.

chatuchak (12)

According to Goft, if you want to look for this place, just print this picture out as its with the name of the stall in Thai that I do not know how to read and translate. . 😀

chatuchak (13)

Goft told me that this chef and his wife are both MBA holder and hold quite a high position in a company and as he loves to cook, he jus operate this stall just over the weekend also to look for some extra cash.

chatuchak (14)

chatuchak (15)

chatuchak (16)

If you ask me when I am here, I will just point what ever pictures they have on the wall luckily we have Goft that had help us to order all the food.

chatuchak (17)

All are very hungry, sweating, and found ourselves like in oven.  To hunt for good food its not always easy especially good local street food.

chatuchak (18)

chatuchak (19)

chatuchak (20)_resize

When we saw the price in the menu, its obviously cheap and cant be said too much with its location too.

chatuchak (21)

His own secret mix of various types of chili sauce.

chatuchak (22)

Goft is very camera shy` ish!

chatuchak (23)


chatuchak (24)

chatuchak (25)

chatuchak (26)

chatuchak (27)

chatuchak (28)

Fried Lala

chatuchak (29)


chatuchak (30)

Fried Kang Kong

chatuchak (31)


chatuchak (32)

All the food that she help us order, its all damm good even this ommelet, well fried not too oily and its just perfect to go along with rice.

Its one of the best authentic local food we had so far and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me to those of you that are visiting Chatuchak Market!

chatuchak (33)

The challenge is how do you locate this stall as its very easy. After you see this Kamphaeng Phet MRT station turn to your right which you will see

chatuchak (34)

KarmaKamet Secret World as the stall is located this section! Ask anyone in there they should know when you show them that picture.

chatuchak (36)

There are a few ways to come to Chatucak Market. One of the easiest way is by MRT as Bangkok is famous for its traffic condition therefore take MRT and stop at this station – Kamphaeng Phet as its just located direct below the market. Right inside the station there is a Tourist Information Center that will provide all the traveling details and convenience services, meeting and resting place along JJ Market.

chatuchak (37)

chatuchak (35)

As what Goft advice us where to meet and which landmark to look far as this place is massive huge that will get lost easily. .. So always located back this station then she can located back us~

chatuchak (39)

So let the walk and hunt begin! The super huge market where farmers and craftsmen carefully selected their agricultural and handmade products out to become a wholesale.

chatuchak (40)

of course must take lots of pictures.. .

chatuchak (41)

chatuchak (42)

In the ally, the its not a huge walkway as there are a few people standing there and stare at some of the items it will start to create human traffic jam around that area. Its narrow that if you want to pass you have to squeeze through.

chatuchak (43)

chatuchak (44)

As the market evolve too, it has now have street performer to make the whole market even more lifely~ Music, Food, and enjoying your shopping is something very hard to resist or its near perfect.

chatuchak (58)

chatuchak (59)

chatuchak (45)

chatuchak (46)

This coconut desert stall is swamp by alot of people and we decided to join the crowd.

chatuchak (47)

You can choose to have young coconut which is very refreshing under this hot weather yet something tell us to try something better. ..

chatuchak (48)

Which is this Coconut Ice Cream Desert.

chatuchak (49)

Shave coconut slice  .. .

chatuchak (50)

Top with a scoop of coconut ice cream. . .

chatuchak (51)

Then add with some peanuts, nata decoco and  some other ingredients. .

chatuchak (52)

chatuchak (53)

This is the end product. .!!! Its not too sweet yet can bite small tiny slices of coconut in the ice cream, very aromatic not too milky and combine the whole sensation under this hot weather, what could you ask for! I ended up having 3 of this by myself! Damm good!! –Highly Recommended!

chatuchak (54)

chatuchak (55)

chatuchak (56)

Malaysia we have teh tarik and Bangkok too,

chatuchak (57)

they are more aggresive as they pull the tea with 2 pot at one go from very high till very low. . The tea is so sweet till I can only manage 2 sip and I have throw this whole thing away. Their sweetness level is like our normal teh tarik with double shot sugar!

chatuchak (60)

I do not know what is this but according to Goft its one of the most famous snacks around the area. I do not know how to enjoy this only manage one bite, yet Nancy and Collen like it. . .

chatuchak (61)

Tatt need alot of energy and he went to buy whole box of mini egg. *faint! No one wanted to help him finish it and after lots of forcing, we all decided to help.

When you come to Bangkok, Chatuchak is one of a must visit place, of course you have to plan your trip as the market only open on weekend from 10am – 5pm.

More information on public transportation please click here 

Now Durian Season is back which is usually starts from June till August which is about 3 months and the most peak is half way through where lots of durian’s in different flavours are able to get especially the good qualities. . In South East Asia, Durian is known as the King of Fruits with its large size, unique smell also cover with thorns on its shell that a Durian can easily weight from 1kg to 7kg’s depending on types of it. Durian Buffet at SS 2

Durian is a love-hate relationship either you love it alot or you just hate it, as I am a durian lover of course I love it alot and looking forward for this once a year affair, some they just hate it so much as unable to bear the smell which is too strong for them to bear and I even have friends that smells it, they feel like puking.  As is only available in Asian’s countries especially in Malaysia and some of its neighboring countries of course I love this fruit alot.

ss2 durians (1)

The season already started bout 6-7 weeks ago and now reaching its peak as one of the famous spot to get Durian Buffet is located in the heart of SS2 – directly behind BHP petrol station you will get to hunt for at least 5-6 stalls. According to my friend, this stall was the only stall that operate in the area few years ago as with firsts of its kind to offer buffet style and then it had gain popularity among local crowd, more stalls come in to seize the opportunity. So we decided to go to its original stall which is the most crowded known as Durians SS2

ss2 durians (2)

For local type of durians, we are pampered with a lot of choices in types of flavours, durian meat texture, smooth, sticky, yellow colour meat, white colour, cream colour also with famous in the market now is Raja Kunyit or known as Musang King, Udang Merah and many more.

ss2 durians (3)

This would be my first time coming here to hunt for the buffet style as my brother told me previously that he had was a month ago, the buffet cost him RM25 but he had quite a satisfying one, as last night I went the price had went down abit with 2 choices to choose from:

RM 9 / RM 15 as what is the difference is that the quality of durian, of course we went after the RM15 which is not much different.

ss2 durians (4)

Even they have a chart for you to choose that filled with description or what kind of texture and flavour you are expecting . .

ss2 durians (5)

This is called D13 with yellowish solid skin, once bit it, its a bit sticky and very nice in aroma that burst in your mouth, that turn out the seed is pretty small and its sweet in taste.

ss2 durians (6)

This is another type of durian which I asked the guy and comes out a type of it which I havent heard before. .

Well, I would say for RM15 buffet we paid and with the quality we got, me and my friends are very satisfied with its quality, texture of the durian meat and the taste. If ask me is it worth, I would say super worth and we are planning to go again. – highly recommended. .

Once thing I was told by random durian seller that next year they going to increase in price as China will be importing our durians. . 🙁

so who is up for next round? Part 2 (click here)

RM 9 normal durians – guess its durian Kampung??
RM 15 better grades durians..
RM 20 premium grades durians. . (we have this for this round)

Weekdays all 3
Weekend only available RM 15/ RM 20 ONLY. .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, si pek good ah~ Satisfied & Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

SS2 Durians
SS2 – Behind BHP Petrol Station
Selangor .. .
(with a L shape stall at the corner junction nearby traffic light)

View SS2 Durian Buffet in a larger map

This was my tradition to pray here every year during Chinese New Year to wish for a smooth and better year ahead. I wasnt being superstitious but old people teach. Just follow. Wanted to post this up because I am proud of this temple, as this Kuan Yin statue was fully funded by citizens and tourist who visit here. It took about near 10 years to build this whole thing up as it was slowly funded years by years. This year I have donated a titles of roof plate which is RM30 the smllest. You can write your name, make your pray wishes and your name will be up there forever as they will put a layer waterproof syelek to have your name up there as long as possible. As what a quote we learn when we are young ‘simpan sikitsikit, lama-lama jadi bukit‘ .
It first started to build the statue, and was there for very long time to build the pillar as not enough fund until 3 years ago. Till today it was near completion as was told by the Auntie, it would be complete by mid of this year. Really looking forward for this statue as the roof was the final piece of whole project. To covered the ‘Kuan Yin’ from sun and rain.
When it completed, it would be the South East Asia biggest Guan Yin statue. It has already attract tourist from near and far every year. As this whole temple was light up during at night during Chinese New year. It was sure jam like crazy to go up visiting at night. Be sure you go up at 7pm to avoid the jam.

The area definitely have the feel of like those in Taiwan, China or Hong Kong.

This is the lantern as what they said that you are not in the luck for the year or the light around you is dim, write your name and hang it here, will make your light brighter for smooth sailing for the year ahead. As different zodiac has different luck in the year.
I see some of the tourist put or stick their coins in this small little fountain and make a wish.
This is the scenery of the temple from the mid of the mountain. Whereby the Guan Yin statue looking at. As what they said part of the god to take care of the island as what the auntie told me.

It overlook the whole area of Ayer Itam and Paya Terubong

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