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As I walk pass by this shop Clement Coffee before I walk into the main entrance of South Melbourne Market, the entrance surely do capture my attention with a huge wooden door that decorate with some plants where I find it pretty environmental friendly.

Clement (1)

For this cafe, they are pretty small and I am quite impress with the beans offering that they have.

Clement (2)

Clement (3)

Friendly Barista too ..

Clement (4)

Clement (5)

They have some patisserie too.

Clement (6)

Coffee is mild as how I like it. For the pattiserie that I had, I went into the market and make a take a way from the famous French Patisserie – Agathe. Great stuff.


South Melbourne Market.

Making its mark in their main branch at Chappel Street, Windsor, welcoming Agathe French Patisserie to this neighbourhood where they are young and growing fast.

Establish since 2015 where a Paris-inspired bakery serve the freshest French pastries that are baked before your eyes. They love to show the Melburnians to experience it too.

Agathe (1)

Agathe (2)

I love their selection of patisseries as nearly everything is good. Set back is I am alone and could not each much. Have to choose the best that caught my interest.

Agathe (3)

Agathe (4)

Agathe (5)

I love their Nutella Madeleines as it is bake so soft, aromatic and slightly airy in between. Slightly crust on the edges make it even better.


Agathe (6)

Agathe (7)

Purchase another item which is their signature Chocolate Croissant. Baked to perfection where crunch on every single bite.

Agathe (8)

Agathe (9)

Perfect for morning breakie.

Agathé Patisserie, South Melbourne Market

Agathé Patisserie, Prahran

Queen Victoria Market, is not a stranger to world travelers, however this round I was recommended by my friend to check out South Melbourne Market. They have different offerings compare to QVM, to make the difference South Melbourne Market is a local market or a community market that cater for the community.

South Melbourne Market (1)

South Melbourne Market (2)

Right outside the market you can see a stretch of  F&B..

South Melbourne Market (3)

and upon entering it, I love how the layout is being arrange and how each of this shop design it out.

South Melbourne Market (4)

South Melbourne Market (5)

Agathe is one of a famous French baker that make its mark over past 2 years, as saw it in instagram to try it out. Worth checking out as they are famous for their croissant. I bought a few of their signature and sit at Clement Coffee to enjoy cuppa.

South Melbourne Market (6)


South Melbourne Market (7)

You can get variety of boutique beers here too ..

South Melbourne Market (9)

South Melbourne Market (10)

South Melbourne Market (11)

South Melbourne Market (12)

One of a shop that build up differently that sells premium tea.

South Melbourne Market (13)

The sales person is giving an explanation about his tea different that caught all the attention of women and right after most of them purchase quite a lot too.

South Melbourne Market (14)

I am in love with their premium gift tea sets. So pretty and colourful.

South Melbourne Market (15)

South Melbourne Market (16)

I love their meat sections. Every thing look so fresh and good. Price is indeed cheap if we compare money to money without currency conversion.

South Melbourne Market (17)

South Melbourne Market (18)

South Melbourne Market (19)

South Melbourne Market (20)

South Melbourne Market (21)

South Melbourne Market (22)

For their craft sections, it is filled with interesting items. Most of them are handmade and produce locally.

South Melbourne Market (23)

South Melbourne Market (24)

Once you are done, and looking for a good decent breakfast, this place is worth checking out as you can find another famous cafe which is right opposite them – Chez Dre de Patisserie.

Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets,
South Melbourne

Phone: 03 9209 6295

Public Transport | Market Map | Operating Hours

More Info : South Melbourne Market

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