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Over my near past 10 years that I had left Melbourne, culinary scene here had changed much from the day I left till my current visit September this year. I believe the changes now had alot of Asian cooking influence in most of the modern dining in this country. Malaysia cuisine is one of a cuisine that is flourishing like mushroom in the current area. Ayam Chef is one of a restaurant that joined in the pack that serve fusion Asian cuisine where Malaysian food fits into their main menu, and others would be Indonesia and Siam cuisine is cater to their smaller customer base.

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It is not your typical restaurant that sits in a busy area as this is more like a hidden restaurant in a quiet neighborhood in South Melbourne. Over a year, they have consistently grow their regular as more and more regulars are returning for their certain items in the menu.

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Find that their pricing is pretty reasonable.

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I must say that for being a typical Penangnite, their Fried¬†Koey Teow¬†@ Aud 12 is pretty decent where served with decent big prawns, filled with ‘wok hei’ just that lack of the chili spiciness on it or maybe their crowd here prefer it to be without it. They use slightly wider koey teow and still taste pretty good as for overall.

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Their version of Loh bak is slightly different and I believe there is a twist in it.

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This is one of their best seller, Curry Laksa @ Aud 11 which is quite different compare to those we have in Malaysia however, taste is pretty good with mild coconut taste, filled with mix noodles and bee hoon with chicken. To me, it is more like Koey Teow Soup in curry base soup. Oh, well, peeps in this neighborhood loved it.

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For local delights, Kam Hiong Prawns certainly do won the taste over as it had one of the nearest taste to Malaysia. Prawn is fried to perfection and top with egg fried along with kam hiong. @ Aud 22


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Sweet and Sour Chicken is slightly different compare to ours as I believe this had been fine tuned to suit the local taste bud, with the sauce using sweet chili sauce with hint of garlic.

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For classic dessert, this would be ideal for closure as its something simple yet direct. Barley soup with their secret ingredient that make it very refreshing ending.

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If you are cravings for Malaysian food, you can certainly drop by to give it a try. It is great to catch up with my bestie again.

Ayam Chef
67-69 Coventry Street, Southbank,

Operation Hours:

Phone: 03 9681 4480

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