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Recently, I am constantly being task as a food directory with many friend starting to ask, any nice food to eat in KL. Just a few days ago only that we celebrated my friends birthday over at Little Pig at The Hub, SS2 is one of a new upcoming eatery hub that hide in this housing area. Discover this place place through a blog and find that to support some new local talent.

[update: Oct 2021 ” sad that they are permanently close impact of MCO]

Read up that chef Yong Yu Khim learns his craft of Spanish food in Singapore’s Barcelona-inspired FOC Restaurant. I would say that his is a new modern Spanish Cuisine with some twist in their food ingredient. I have always love this kind of small modern hidden restaurant, that you will get to enjoy some unique food especially with local chef.

This place is rather new as they are about 6 weeks old and currently still on soft trail run.

Little PIg (1)

The best place to sit if you are not in a big group, of course at the bar section. I always like to see chefs in action and how my food is being prepared and presented, then served right in front of you. But with such high setting, I doubt you can see much action.

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The place is rather cozy and simple with nice Spanish song as the background. The place is also break into 2 section. The front part is for dining and the back part is a bar.

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If you are not here for their food, do check out their cocktail and also beer. A simple nice place to catch up with your friends too.

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For a start, we started off with Whisky Sour @ RM 33 & Old Fashion @ RM 33. Both the cocktail is indeed nicely crafted. If you love your drinks strong, here has pretty nice decent amount that is overpowering the classic flavours. Once a while I do quite like this. Do give it a try. Besides that, I also ordered one of my favourite beer Estrelle Barcelona Beer @ RM 25 & Sangria (1 Jug) @ RM 90.

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For food there are not many pages for you to flip around, as there is only front and back.

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As everyone arrived, we kick start with Bread with Tomato  @ RM 10 – Crispy Bread Slices, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Tomato Roma. Believe the bread is made from scratch as it is soft, fluffy and nicely toasted with spread of tomato on the top which is not too sourish yet a hint of nice fragrant and mild end sourish to my liking. Dont mind to have the whole plate myself.

Little PIg (11)

Love their Iberico Ham @ RM 28 – Fine Cut cured Ibberico Lomo Loin Ham, Salchichon, Chorizo. Not too salty, cut to perfection on the super thin slice cut, yet the loin part they used is slight chewy and fragrant. Certainly pairs well with Spanish white wine.

Little PIg (12)

Tortilla Classic Omelette is awesome. @ RM 23 – Fried Spanish potato agria millie-feuille, aiolie and chipotle sauce. I believe they steam the egg then baked in the oven. Done to perfection that the center is soft and eggy with the top part perfectly baked that give you a slight burn as it need. A well balance of flavor. Indeed one of a starter dish that you shall not miss.

Little PIg (21)

We order a mix Croquetas – Ham (left) and Mushroom (right). Both are equally good for starters as they are generous with ingredients.

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Something unusual that I will order as it was a recommendation by the waiter, so we decided to give it a try. Green Pea Salad @ RM 18 Sous-Vide Onsen Egg, Pea Pure, Peas and Chives Oil . Uniqely presented as when you mix it all together, sous-vide egg gives you a creamy edge along with the pea puree. Best for sharing with 1 spoon each to enjoy a freshness flavour of it.

Little PIg (14)

Little PIg (15)

By reading the description in the menu, it is definitely one of a must order item for me. Crispy Pork Belly Eel Bao @ RM 34 – 2 Homande bao with Spanish Duroc, Pork Belly, Dutch Eel, Pickled Cauliflower, Teriyaki Sauce, Egg Yolk gel. Not your usual bao that it use tecnical skils to craft on it. With the egg gel on the top and stacks of flavours is just pretty spot on!

Little PIg (16)

This is indeed not your usual paella. Squid Ink Filini Paella @ RM 88 (L) Instead of the rice grains, this is more like a short bee hoon being cook to perfection. The saltiness and mild creamy, light better end of Saffron is indeed one of the best squid ink paella that I have had so far. Punch with flavour and the salty is to my liking. A well prepare stock to cook it (what I have learn that paella must be salty from the stock as it is good wine pairing – for local context we might find it slightly over salty but this is perfect) 

Little PIg (17)

Duroc Pork Belly Paella @ RM 94 (L) – Duroc Pork Belly, Pig Ears, Scallop, Saffron . Scallop pan fried to perfection, soft, fresh and good. Stock base to cook this is pack with flavours and saffron cream on it, give sit the edge to make it slightly creamy. This have its own unique style of flavour and with pig ear give you a nice chewy bite. I like it.

Little PIg (18)

Little PIg (19)

Iberrico Pork Ribs @ RM 60 – 12 hours slow cooked, Cherry Tomato’s, & Padron Peppers . Certainly believe this piece of pork ribs is being slow cooked in a control temperature. L0ok at the colour and texture. Soft and near melt in your mouth. A glass of shiraz red wine is a perfect combination.

Little PIg (20)

Presca Iberica @ RM 58 – Chorizo Ketchup, Pickle Apple Sheet and Red wine Black Garlic Jus. Felt that the meat is slightly overcook and a bit tough. The sauce of black garlic juice is perfect. Just dip slightly on the chorizo ketchup and eat it with apple sheet is a bite punch with flavours.

Little PIg (22)

A dish that never go wrong as my friend requested to order this. Shancuko Wagyu Cube Rolls Marbel Grade 5 – 200g @ RM 145 – grain fed 300 days, sides of pequillo, peppers and bravas. Nothing special about this as the beef is cook to medium rare and top with a sheet of red pepper and crusted potato. Do eat it together at one go as it gives you different taste and texture.

Little PIg (23)

Strawberry & Cava Granitta @ RM 24 – Yuzu Strawberry Gel, Vermouth Jelly, White Chocolate. Looks plain on the outside but I find it lack of white chocolate (or it could be grated it out) as the taste of strawberry gel and vermouth jelly is overpowering the taste. A great dessert to end as it gives freshness and like a palate washer. The taste are more towards sourish end.

Little PIg (24)

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There is no actual huge shop signage as this kind of modern dining are meant for you to find them. They sit in Level 1.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-18 at 00.45.22

Had the birthday celebration here and our bill certainly do not come cheap as most food we order is either 2 or 3 portion.

My personal recommendation in my list:

  1. Mix Crouques 
  2. Squid Ink Paella
  3. Crispy Pork Belly Eel Bao
  4. Iberico Ham
  5. Tortilla Classic Omelette
  6. Iberrico Pork Ribs

Do make a reservation before you head there. Pretty good food and certainly do not mind to come back for special occasion. One of the best Spanish food in Pj or best Spanish food in KL at the moment. (This is if you are looking for modern Spanish food dining)


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , great moden Spanish Dining!~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Little Pig
The Hub, Lot B1-06 ,
19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan,
SS 2, 46300, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 6pm – 10.30pm
Fri – Sun : 6pm – 1.30am
(Tuesday Closed)

Tel: 016-222 2708

Indeed Malaysian is spoilt of choices when it comes to food. Many of foodie mention Sapore is a hidden gem in Ampang. Alright what is Sapore? Sapore, means “flavour” in Italian also tag with an interesting slogan “Serving you Artisan Food and Fine Wine”. A restaurant that serve serving authentic Italian and Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine lead by Chef Fabio Ruggiero, who originates from Bari in Italy. It is hidden right behind the busy street of Jalan Ampang fly over bridge.

Sapore (2)

Sapore (3)

Sapore (4)

Sapore (5)

Sapore (6)

Sapore (7)

Sapore (8)

Every diners are serve with free entry of fresh and artisanally-made Focaccia. Any order is @ RM 5. Fragrant, soft and airy. Perfect to dip with their olive vinegar.

Sapore (9)

To those of you who have wine on your table or hand – Antipasti Tagliere for Sharing @ RM 88 is one of a platter are encourage to order as it is serve with mixture of Chorinzo Pork Sausage, Salchichon Spanish Sausage, Parma Ham, Capocollo Salami, Porchetta Pork Roast, Rillettes, and pickled vegetables. Fresh cut, love the variety of different texture and taste and if could have a white wine and red wine to go along is perfect!

Sapore (10)

This is rather interesting, as they serve this 1.1 kg Dry-Aged T-Bone Grain-Feed with Sea Salt Fiorentina Style, @ RM 238 – Served with Potato and Rucola Salad.

Sapore (11)

Sapore (12)

Spanish Sangria served with assorted fruits and red wine that go thru some fermentation process. If you love the slight pungent taste of classic sangria, you can order a glass to try it out. I like the taste of slight bitterness and dry end of it where the alcohol taste is minimal.

Sapore (13)

There are no 3 little pigs walking around. If yes there might left two as one on the table.

Sapore (14)

The Roasted suckling pig porchetta (Half : RM 198 / Full: RM 368) was one of the chef signatures and a must to try. Pig is roast to perfection where the skin is shiny and crispy. Bath with fragrant oil and thyme and a glass of their house white is not too bad too.

Sapore (15)

Comes with 4 sauces pairing. Personal favourite is the apple vinegar sauce and bbq.

Sapore (16)

Sapore (17)

Some of you might find this boring, as I find it a bit classic. Pici Pasta – served to together with porcini mushrooms and pork bolognese sauce, simple pasta but love the thickness of the pasta noodle that gives you the chewy texture.

Sapore (18)

This dish, a red wine would be perfect. Either Shiraz or a dry red. Cook to perfection for medium rare, where it is still red. The marination is perfect where a taste of mixture herbs is well balance and saltiness of seasalt is not overpowering. It is great sharing portion.

Sapore (19)

Panna Cotta @ RM 12 , along with Cake of the Day and Vanilla Creme Brulee will be my personal choice if were to order a dessert.

There are certain item which is only available in certain days, therefore best to call up to make booking on these special items. Roasted Octopus, Suckling Pig, 1.1 kg Dry-Aged T-Bone, Sevruga Caviar, and Pork Iberico Seafood Paella (Paella only available every Sun)

18. Persiaran Ampang,
Desa Pahlawan, Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours:
2pm to 11:30pm (Monday to Friday)
10am to 11:30pm (Weekends & Public Holiday)

Contact: +603 4266 6362
Email: [email protected]

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