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When I was driving to this place, it seems like the area would not have a bar as it seems out from Old Klang Road. Indeed Sakura Den located at Off Old Klang Road is actually in Kampung Pasir area. After checking this place out, this would be one of a recommended speakeasy bar in Old Klang Road to hunt for.

This hidden bar in KL is head by Arsenio Mariano Jr., better known as Ash. Holding up as winner of the Bar Awards Luminaries 2019. With his vast exploration around South East Asia had is making his drinks quite adventurous.  A local mixologist Sabahan that did pretty outstanding drinks with local infusion.

Sakura Den (1)

A  place where the regulars come often for their usual drink with a glass or two before heading back to their home.

Sakura Den (2)

Sakura Den (3)

Sakura Den (4)

Cocktail’s Creed, which takes place every Sunday from now until March 2020, sets guests up for a surprise with every drink. Going against the grain, Ash prefers that you tell him the flavours or ingredients you don’t like, and he’ll conjure up a custom cocktail that just might make your favourites list.

Select 2 cocktails for RM70+ or 3 cocktails for RM90+ and journey with Ash through unique flavour profiles derived from using house-made ingredients such as ginseng flower and tongkat ali infusions, peach gum, and jujube syrup. Ask him about Mexican worm salt aka sal de gusano and he’ll be happy to oblige your curiosity.

Sakura Den (5)

Sakura Den (6)

Sakura Den (7)

Sakura Den (8)

For some quick snacks/bites, hit on  their :
1. Tomato Salsa Bruschetta  with feta cheese @ RM16+
2. Chili Garlic Prawns served with garlic bread @ RM18+
3. Fish Metti catfish with coriander, butter and Parmesan cheese baked with garlic bread @ RM18+

Sakura Den (9)

Sakura Den (10)

For a start, we try out his signature: Birds Nest Kinsey Gin, Birds Nest, Peach Gum Infused With Longan Jujube Syrup & Ume @ RM 48. Clever mix of flavour that gives you hint of longan jujube along with peach gum gives you the substitute of bird next texture and gin that goes well with it. A nice balance of flavour.

Sakura Den (11)

Sakura Den (12)

Sakura Den (13)

Twisted Queen – Brugal Blanco, Carpano Antica Formula, Mangosteen Juice, Pandan Syrup, Lime @ RM 36

Sakura Den (14)

Sakura Den (15)

For a simple light drink to go with, as I want to maintain my palate for the night simple. Ginza SpritzKinsey Gin, Mathilde Poire Liqueur, Nigori Yuzushu, Shiso leaves, Lemon and a splash of Soda @ RM 38 is one of a right drink to hunt for. Simple yet spot on with few flavours that linger in your mouth.

Sakura Den (16)

This is like the limited edition bottle or its supply is very limited, only 1000 bottles produce a year. Ume Hi One of a very unique flavour. Its kind of must try if you are a gin lover. A clean and refreshing cocktail that uses Benichu 19° – an oak barrel matured umeshu.

Sakura Den (17)

Kopi Jantan – an espresso based cocktail with a local influence using our house-infused Borghetti liqueuer with Tongkat Ali root. A rather interesting cocktail that gives you hint of bitterness yet liquier is not too strong but slightly prominent.

Sakura Den (19)

I am a big fan of Negroni and especally smokey negroni. However for their version  of Sakura Negroni Sakurao Original, Umeshu,Chartreuse Gentiano @ RM 48. There is a slight twist. It is refershing yet, a strong lingering flavour of chartreuse and mild after sourness from umeshu is kinda interesting twist after it.

Sakura Den (20)

Sakura Den (21)

Now I really know there is this hidden speakeasy bar that serve pretty good cocktail. Even  better if you are indecisive, just inform Ash on your flavour profile  and ask him to surprise you. I think that would be quite adventurous.

Sakura Den
First Floor,
24, Jalan Kampung Pasir,
Kampung Pasir,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 5pm – 1am

TeL: 012-393 8627

Over Chinese New Year 2018, what are the hangout activities we have done? Usually ended up in a bar. This year things are slightly different as we went for Bar hopping. Manchu Bar is one of the latest hidden bar or speakseasy bar in Penang.

Manchu (1)

To locate the door might be a bit tricky as it is covered by a black curtain as in the room, everything looks the same. Just head to the right corner and just push the curtain away and there is a door for you to go in.

Manchu (2)

Once you are in, you are simply being transported back to old China ambiance. It is near to the era of “Tong Pak Fu” or Ching/Ming Dynasty period.

Manchu (3)

Manchu (4)

Manchu (5)

Manchu (6)

Manchu (7)

Manchu (8)

Manchu (9)

Manchu (10)

Manchu (11)

Manchu (12)

Manchu (13)

Manchu (14)

Manchu (15)

They have mini liveband too. For both nights, both the singer are really impressive. First night they sang all the classic English 90’s and 70’s Chinese songs, as for following night the singer sang a mix of old classic and modern.

Manchu (16)

when every o

Manchu (17)

This bar currently top in our list for simple few reasons. Great ambiance, great live band and there are many props for you to play with. Besides that, drinks here are pretty decently price too. Heard my friend mention that cocktail in here are pretty good too which I have yet tried.

Manchu (19)

What we have done on that night of gathering, we ordered whisky. I was here for 3 nights in a row. Service here is very pain in the ass so do have patient as it was festive season. At the moment, I have no idea.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 ,great nice bar ! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

38, Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town,
10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Tel: 016-484 0884

Operating hours: Daily – 6pm – 3am

Speakeasy bar is indeed a growing and there are a few speakeasy bar which is well known to many. The Vault is one of a speakeasy bar that is hidden in Sri Hartamas. So decided to check them out during my friend’s birthday.

The Vault (2)

The entrance do lead you like you are heading to a bomb vault.

The Vault (3)

The Vault (4)

The Vault (5)

The Vault (6)

The Vault (7)

when I saw the menu. Smokey Negroni instantly caught my attention as I had this in Bangkok and it is amazing. However, expecatation did readjust. Smokey Negroni @ RM 42. – filled with London Dry Gin, Campari, Italian Sweet, Vemouth and peated islay scotch whisky. To me it lack of smokiness and the fragrant of dry orange peel skin at the edge of the glass.

The Vault (8)

The Vault (9)

Basil Grande – Vodka, fresh basil, strawberry puree and fresh lemon  @ RM 34

Passion Fruit Martini – Vodka, Fresh Passion fruit puree, fresh lime and egg white @ RM 34

The Vault
5, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 5pm-3am.

Tel: 012 4650551

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