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Golden Shower by ChinChin is the most hype bar at the moment in Penang. For One simple reason, because everything is nearly in pink. It is a bar that near every instagrammer is hitting on cause there locations are pretty.

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (1)

Golden Shower (5)

Their grand entrance turns out to be a luxury toilet concept, which mark this the first location for shots. Upon walking through the toilet door, you are greeted with a dim room that is artistically painted like street walks in Melbourne, with Golden shower neon light above. After walking into the second door, that is where you are are transported to anther dimension of minimalist in pink.

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (2)

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (3)


Golden Shower by Chin Chin (6)

Golden Shower (8)

Golden Shower by ChinChin is the bar that every one is talk of the town at the moment. A bar that sits right in the middle that is so busy with crowd.

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (8)

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (9)

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (10)

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (11)

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Golden Shower by Chin Chin (15)

Golden Shower by Chin Chin (5)

Drinks menu for your reference and I think snacks menu which I forgot to took is slightly overprice.

Golden Shower (15)

Tried 2 of the cocktails. King Kong @ RM 39 & Monks Swizzle @ RM 39

Golden Shower (16)

CNY pre gathering at Penang first.

Was told by the lady diner next to me that their desert is a bomb. However it was Valentines day, menu were not available. Will check it out next visit.

However their dining menu (click here) that is being offered at ChinChin Gastrobar seems pretty interesting. I must say I am impress with the platting presentation. I guess chef in Penang have geared up a notch to chase the wild pack in KL. I guess I do not mind to give it  a try when I am back again. Cuisine that the are offering in a concept of small plates izakaya style or even omakase is available too. Better term for it is Asian modern dining style.

I read up that, there are mix reviews on their dinner menu, some mention its good some mentions its so so. So really depending on your ingredient of the day. It seems that there are no fix menu as the chef will use the best ingredient to serve which is an omakase menu. By looking at other diners posting their dinner menu, If you do have slightly bigger budget for your dining, I guess you can give it  a try. (Nope, I have not tried yet). Were there just to see what is the hype all about, and the drinks.

All I can say is that, if you are a person who love to #ootd then I guess this is the a place that you must come. If a place to chill, there are many other bars that you can consider. (click here)

Golden Shower by ChinChin
86, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Operation Hours: 5.30pm-2am (Closed on Mondays)

Tel: 04-263 6868

Speakseasy bar in KL is indeed no longer a strange scene as I always wonder when will Penang have a cool Speakseasy bar. It was till last long weekend my friend brought me to new joint known as Magazine 63 Speakseasy Bar that located just 1 minute walk from 1st Avenue.

Magazine 63 (1)

It looks dead from the outside as the secret signage is Da Ma Cai, where next to it is this shop where they do have a classic lok lok stall is the shop that you would want to go in. It looks like a dead end.

Trick 1. head to your far left and push a huge piece of wooden door. You will reach stage 2.

Magazine 63 (2)

This is stage 2 as it does look like a dead end and sound proof wall is amazing. You can hear much music or noise till you push a another huge wooden door right next to the red sticker and you will reach to a new dimension, it is like entering into a Wong Fei Hong era.

Magazine 63 (3)

This can be like little Suzie Wong in Penang however this is the new Magazine 63 Speakseasy bar that currently is the main spot for many working adults to hang out.

Magazine 63 (4)

Magazine 63 (5)

In this kind of bar, you would expeect a good selection of cocktail. HOLD your horses as this is Penang. Mixologist here is still not at KL level as the offerings in here is much more pretty straight forward.

Magazine 63 (6)

Alcohol, beer, gin, vodka and other bottle whisky.

Magazine 63 (7)

Magazine 63 (8)

Definately in love with the whole ambiance.

Magazine 63 (9)

Magazine 63 (10)

Magazine 63 (11)

We tried our luck to ask the bar tender to make us some cocktail. Decent though as this is pretty sweet. More like a modern pina colada.

Magazine 63 (12)

for me, I go for my classic whisky mix.

Magazine 63 (13)

Magazine 63 (14)

This is what hidden right inside the building. Have fun exploring and locating. As it hit after mid night, it is more like a bar with house music.

plus point is that opposite this bar, you do have a huge open space carpark that charge RM 3 per entry and it is highly advisable to book your table on weekend.

Other bar to visit. 

Magazine 63 Bar
63, Jalan Magazine,
George Town, 10300 George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Opening hours: 6pm – 3am

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