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Banana Leaf Rice is also known as one of our famous local food whereby all the food & dishes are being serve on top of a fresh slice of banana leaf. Usually you can dine at one of a Curry House. I believe most of you do have your very own favorite banana leaf house and until recently, I would say this Sri Suria Curry House appear one of the top 3 shop for Banana Leaf rice. I am not a big fan of Banana Leaf Rice like some of my friend or boss does like they must eat at least once a week to stop their craving as I find it expensive and food is slightly okay.

[UPdate May 2018 – no longer in business]

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Just open its door since April 2013, it had already gaining its popularity among its own crowd and neighborhood whereby the owner see many return customer or frequent diner. The Curry house is located very near to Sri Shakti Eswary Temple in Kelana Jaya (SS3). They have one Indian chef all the way from India that specially mix all the spices to make the curry nice and good!

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The whole place is very new, with furnitures and of course its very clean dining environment. There is alot of parking provided at the moment as the shop is operating in a row of new shop houses.

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If you need something fresh, they have some season fish, squids, prawns and a few more other item for you to choose and deep fried fresh from the wok by waiting 5-10 minutes.

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Or you can taking what is available in the dish area with variety of curry, meat and vegetable for you to choose from.

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After putting your rice onto the banana leaf and all the side dishes, then you can choose an option with what kind of curry you would want to add on and I always love mine to add all.

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Price at Sri Suria Curry House are very reasonable as they have a huge pricing board located behind and all every item being sold are price accordingly in the board.

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Then found out that there is one Special drink (Ribena, Sprite and Longans) @ RM6.50 is a must order, that the sweetness is just right and fragrant with some longan taste and slightly gassy ribena in this hot weather will quench my thrist perfectly. I down that within a minute. :D, Three Layer Iced Tea is the typical one@ RM1.90, Mango Lassi is also can consider to give it a try, thick enough like milkshake and i love it. @ RM6

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Before you start your meal, you can opt for another additional order which is Rasam. Not all places serve nice Rasam and this shop serve one pretty good one. The soup made from tamarind juice as a based, seasoned and well spiced. Serve pippin hot and, you gonna enjoy the nice spice taste of it. Recommended!

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When comes to Indian food, I am a big fan of mutton. Mutton Kurma @ RM6.50

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@ RM6.50

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Vegetarian Curry

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 If you do not like the curry version then you can opt for dry curry which is Chicken Varuval @ RM5.50

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Briyani Rice is priced from RM8 @ vegetarian to RM12 , Chicken @ RM10 & Lamb RM12

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This is another dish which you must order or the specialty of this shop which is from family recipe which is Homemade Chutney that is season and produce by themselves. Slightly sourish like asam boi but I find its a nice combination with curry and briyani rice. Home Made Yogurt is another item you can consider (Forgot to take the picture)

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Deep fried Chicken  @ RM5  & Deep Fried Ikan Tenggiri @ Seasonal Price

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After all the introduction of the dishes, and this is how a meal for Banana Leaf looks like, with 4 side dish and any additional on the little round plate will be extra charges.

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 Eric find the fried bitter gourd is good and he went to took the whole mini pail to refill himself.

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Besides that, something that available all day is their Bru Coffee with Cow’s Milk, milky and fresh smell of cow’s milk. Gives the coffee an extra flavour@ RM 2.60 & Teh Tarik @ RM1.50 that use premium grade of tea bag that make it very fragrant and perfect to go along with my morning Roti Canai.

This shop would certainly worth to try if you are a big fan of Banana Leaf Rice as it beats many shop out there.



Sri Suria Curry House
No.3A, PJ 21 (Ss3/39)
Kelana Jaya, Selangor 47300
Tel: +603 7865 7771

Facebook: Sri Suria Curry House

GPS Coordinates: 3.089332,101.614917

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