Srinakarin Train Market


Bangkok, not only well known for shopping heaven, as they are very well known with their various kind of night market. When I pay a visit to Bangkok again at June 2014, this night market were one of a highly recommended by my friend as they are more well known to the locals as many international travelers have yet discover it. Srinakarin Train Market.

The night market were once operate an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad tracks behind JJ market and near Chatuchak area. However, the train market has since moved into a new location (Srinakarin Road) behind Seacon Square since June 2013. How the word came about whereby “Talad” means market and “Rot Fai” means train in Thai

Train Market (1)

Upon reaching the area, on the frontage does not look anything fantastic, as upon walking in, I am falling in love more with this place as its so huge. For the first time, I got excited over a night market. We were strolling from 7pm till 12am still have yet to cover the whole market.

In this market, you will be amazed with alot of local vendors selling incredible cheap and unique item from vintage collectibles, antique furniture to hippy fashion, great second hand item and Mao kitsch.


Train Market (2) With many sections for you to cover, first you will be greeted with their concept cafe upon walking in from the main road. Love their creativity of each concept cafe that makes it very unique.
Train Market (3)

Train Market (4)

Train Market (5)   With a few bars design and there are one that capture my attention which is a cafe that feature an old classic cinema, with all the whole seating, with look and feel. Too bad, that cafe was close on that day.

Train Market (6)Train Market (7)Train Market (8)Train Market (9)Train Market (10)

After walking thru the long walkway, you will then reach this huge first night market area with variety of street food, and clothing for you to start shopping

Train Market (11)Train Market (12)Train Market (13)Train Market (14)

Train Market (15)Train Market (17)

Do not know what is the tag that the dog is wearing  but certainly do look cute.

Train Market (18)

Discover another new local brand beer, Leo. Good stuff as its stronger than Singha.

Train Market (19)

Train Market (21)

Train Market (20)

Train Market (22)

This is one of my favorite all time slipper, not only they have my size, yet its one of the most comfortable slipper that I have got. At 200 bhat is value worth and definitely much better quality compare to Flipper.

Train Market (23)

Train Market (24)

Train Market (25)

Train Market (26)

Train Market (27)

Train Market (29)

Train Market (29.1)

We then move to another indoor section, more like a indoor outlet, that features a few local street brand too..

Train Market (30)

Train Market (31)

Alot of collectibles item can be bought here too.

Train Market (32)

Train Market (33)

We decided to take a quick break at this old fashion “Kedai Runcit” that brings us back to the 70’s. Love the look and feel of it.

Train Market (34)

Right next to it, there is a huge street food area, follow by another section that capture our attention is selling some furniture and concept item along with second hand items.

Train Market (35)

Train Market (36)

Train Market (37)

Classic instant camera

Train Market (38)

Train Market (39)

We thought that the market stops there and as we walk thru at the end of second hand item area, it leads us to this amazing area with all cars and local trucks are converted into mini bar and cafe.

Train Market (40)

Train Market (41)

Train Market (42)

We try out their concept, that follow with low seating and cute tables and chairs.

Train Market (43)

A huge jug of their local made mojito are only 80 Bhat. Dirt cheap. Alcohol are pretty strong and many flavours to choose from.
Train Market (46)

Famous local Thai Milk Tea. I find it a bit sweat.

Train Market (47)

In this huge area along with the bar, is where I rate it the bargain area. With at least 4-6 long stretch, you will find your bargaining power begins. From fashion, toiletries, accessories, local made clothes and many others that will amaze you. Price range is very cheap as some accessories range starts from 20bhat and clothes starts from 50bhat. The girls went crazy over here as there is a jean manufacturer clear their stuff here with 3 pieces of short jeans pants going off at 3 pieces at 130 bhat.

Train Market (48)

Train Market (49)

Train Market (50)

Train Market (51)

Train Market (52)

As you walk to the last section, I rate this area is the most impressive as the whole warehouse zone area are converted to collectibles item area and also some showcasing of products. You will find products from household goods, old electronic appliances and used auto parts to second-hand clothes, shoes and fashion accessories,  bikes, Coca-Cola collectibles and Japanese anime toys on sale as well.

Train Market (53)

Train Market (54)

Train Market (55)

Train Market (56)

Train Market (57)

Train Market (58)

Even they recycle some theme park rides item and place it here to sell off.

Train Market (59)

Train Market (60)

Train Market (61)

Train Market (62)


Train Market (63)

Train Market (64)

Train Market (65)

Train Market (66)

Train Market (67)

Train Market (68)

Train Market (69)

Train Market (70)

Upon walking out, we were greeted with this concept bars with one of it looks like 70’s petrol station kiosk that play all the latest EDM music.

Train Market (71)

If you do visit Bangkok, I would highly recommended this night market as do prepare to walk alot and do prepare some cash as most vendors here do not take credit card. If I were to compare, this night market is much better than their famous Chatuchak Market.

Read an article from Bangkok.com A Second Train Market Now Open on Ratchada Road which is located at Ratchadaphisek Road, much closer to downtown Bangkok. which just opened in January 2015, Ratchada Train Market is not as big as the original, but it has the same arty vibe, retro gear and tasty snacks to enjoy. It is very easy reach, a few minutes walk from Thailand Cultural Center MRT Underground Station, behind Esplanade Shopping Mall. Ratchada Train Market is open from 17:00 to 01:00, from Thursday to Sunday. (source from Bangkok.com)Location:
Rod Fai Market Srinakarin Road Soi 51
(behind Seacon Square)
On Nut – closest station but still requires a taxi journeyHours:
Indoor Market-Tuesday to Sunday, 3pm to 11pm
Ourdoor Market-Friday to Sunday, 4pm to 12am
NOTE: It is best to visit on the Saturdays when the market is most happening. Other days might be quiet/some stalls are not opened.

Tel: Srinakarin Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)8 1827 5885, +66 (0)8 6126 7787, +66 (0)8 1732 8778, +66 (0)8 1752 5588,
Ratchada Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)92 713 5599 Opening Hours: 17:00 – midnight (Thurs-Sun)

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