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In SS2 is another place for coffee place that are starting to boom in this area. When they mention this area most people would associate it to main area Wai Sek Kai or the old SS2 and never thought of this cafe is so hidden in one of the housing area in SS2. Consider this one of a great piece of hidden gem yet manage to attract quite alot of young patrons to hunt for it despite the difficulty and doubt of looking for it.

Standing Theory (1)

Standing Theory is one of a new cafe or not so new anymore that open its door to public since 9 months ago and gain its popularity through many young cafe hunters with a few of their signature item.

Standing Theory (2)

They cleverly play with their interior design with old rustic where classic East meets West those kind of junction filled with classic Chinese wired chair old, little decor of old painting coffee signs . ..

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Standing Theory (4)

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I do read other blogs that they are quite famous for their cakes too. More like a homemade cakes.

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Even some of their stool are uniquely design with paip and recycle wood as a seat.

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Price here are quite decent.

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 Lets have a cuppa. . .

Standing Theory (10)

Order my usual which is Latte. Love the after taste of it which is smooth, with bitter start mild soft caramel flavour after that. Nice coffee indeed.

Standing Theory (13)

As I was quite hungry and one of the main reason that I was so keen on trying out their unique Belgian waffles with Fatbaby cornflakes ice cream & banana, topped with crispy house-cured pork bacon!. Disappointed that they serve only brunch hours. Then opted for tried their Miso Chicken with apple bites and herbs. Turns out to be amazingly good. Well marinated, did not over cook and apple pair it is quite unique yet perfectly done.

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Of course tried one of their signature cake which is Peanut Butter cake. Verdict, pass with flying colours. Moist enough that each layer is painted with decent amount of peanut spread yet some some chunky nuts in there that is not too heavy and the chocolate base cake pairs it so well. Sipping it out with my picolo latte as below is a great combination.

Standing Theory (15)

Standing Theory (16)

Had 3 cups of coffee that night while working in this area makes it a pleasant ambiance as crowd here is not too noisy yet both baristas are friendly.

Standing Theory (17)

I would certainly come back again for more on their cakes, waffle and coffee. A great place to hang out too yet not too many people over weekends. Weekends, do be like 300 and fight for a table. This place had made into my own personal recommendation list when you are looking for all in one place, such as cakes,f ood and coffee. Pass with flying colours.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, nice food, nice cake & nice coffee

-Stamped- –Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk- 

Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2 / 103.
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6016 212 4421
Opening hours:
Tue – Sun: 11am – 11pm

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