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I guess for the past 4 months, anything related to cheese is a crazy big hype. It is the same as when I was at Penang past 2 weeks and decided to make a visit to this new crazy hype or we all known as our classic street burger or ramlee burger in Penang is now evolve to another level. Street Grill Burger Bakar that is located at Sungai Pinang, Penang is a classic burger bakar version that is infuse with chese! Only operating for about 2 months and the hype is over the roof.

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From a dead zone to alive as you can see tons of people are queueing up as early as 5pm where the stall start operating around 6pm. Not only that, average waiting time now is 60-90 minutes which is pretty crazy!

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Grilling of meat starts at 6pm and takes about 30 minutes to get ready the first set before ordering. When I was there, first ordering starts at 6.30pm . Means the first few guys had queued about 60-90 minutes. The line gets even longer when I left about 7pm.

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Simple single burger bakar starts from RM 6.50 and they do have mutton which is also one of their signature. The best of all is to add on their #meltedCheeseMeleleh at RM 2.

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This is what most of the hungry diners are aiming for.

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I ended up did not buy the burger to eat as the waiting time was too long whereby I arrive at 6.15pm and I am like the no.20th. What I understand from my friends where it is a mix reaction. Nothing special to go queue for 60-90 minutes. Some say it is awesome!

Honestly to me it looks pretty normal. But well, shall let you guys go try it out and let me know is it worth the time and what is the verdict!

Street Grill Burger Bakar
175, Jalan Sungai Pinang, George Town,
10150 Penang

Time: Monday – Saturday
6pm – 12am

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