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After so many years I did not go for the Chinese New Year street heritage trail and this Chinese New Year I went with my parents as I am quite free on that time, then also take the opportunity to do some street photography as I never do before. It was burning hot in the afternoon and my parents plan to go in the evening. This event had attracted more than 100,000 people around the region.

This event is held yearly during the 6th or 7th day of Chinese New Year or mostly on that weekend to ensure everyone from the north side can enjoy this street thing. All of us that went there will be entertain by a lot of street performance as in the later photo will trail through what is going on. To a lot of photographers, this would consider a great for photoshoot. This post would be alot of photo’s.

CNY Heritage Trail

The first stop for the day.

CNY Heritage Trail (2)

CNY Heritage Trail (3)

CNY Heritage Trail (4)

CNY Heritage Trail (5)

CNY Heritage Trail (6)

a lion dance performance on the street.

CNY Heritage Trail (7)

CNY Heritage Trail (9)

the band of drummers

CNY Heritage Trail (10)

the mini chingay festival

CNY Heritage Trail (11)

CNY Heritage Trail (12)

CNY Heritage Trail (13)

CNY Heritage Trail (14)

CNY Heritage Trail (15)

CNY Heritage Trail (16)

CNY Heritage Trail (17)

I did not know that, there is a hidden temple inside this building.

CNY Heritage Trail (18)

CNY Heritage Trail (19)

CNY Heritage Trail (20)

CNY Heritage Trail (21)

CNY Heritage Trail (22)

CNY Heritage Trail (23)

CNY Heritage Trail (24)

CNY Heritage Trail (25)

Another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (26)

and another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (27)

CNY Heritage Trail (28)

This is how the crowd had pour in from all over the place.

CNY Heritage Trail (29)

A very historic building during long long time ago when Sun Yat Sen had a meeting to overturn China empire back in those days. If you do watch Bodyguard and Assassins the story is in it.

CNY Heritage Trail (30)

CNY Heritage Trail (31)

Then there sell the mini opera puppet.

CNY Heritage Trail (35)

Then if for Chinese that do not know what is the custome when comes during certain month of the calender, this streets has it all to help you understand chinese customs. With the ingrediant/item need to prepare and when is it and also with the explanation behind the whole process.
CNY Heritage Trail (34)

CNY Heritage Trail (36)

This is one of the booth that displaying the item of praying the 9th God which is during the 9th day of CNY.

CNY Heritage Trail (37)

CNY Heritage Trail (38)

Further explanation banner is add up on the side of the booth, to help us understand the reason or the story of the whole praying event.

CNY Heritage Trail (39)

CNY Heritage Trail (40)

CNY Heritage Trail (41)

CNY Heritage Trail (42)

CNY Heritage Trail (43)

CNY Heritage Trail (44)

CNY Heritage Trail (45)

CNY Heritage Trail (46)

CNY Heritage Trail (47)

CNY Heritage Trail (48)

CNY Heritage Trail (49)

CNY Heritage Trail (50)

CNY Heritage Trail (51)

To the main area of the night which is consider one as most of the heritage place. Khoo Kongsi.

CNY Heritage Trail (52)

CNY Heritage Trail (53)

On the way walking in, there are a few stalls set up along the path with those who are good in hand craft..

CNY Heritage Trail (54)

The main temple of Khoo Kongsi is beautifully light up on the night.

CNY Heritage Trail (55)

Facing directly of the temple which is this stage.

CNY Heritage Trail (56)

CNY Heritage Trail (57)

One of the very tradition Putu Mayong from indian.

CNY Heritage Trail (58)

One of the thing that track back my classic memory was this little cotton candy stall by this uncle. Modern days, there are not many places that offer this kind of cotton candy machine making already as I remember when I was a little kid, during fun fair my parents would buy me and my bro one stick each. Using a stick and circle around the mini cotton candy web around it to make it very fluffy and its best to eat it fresh!

CNY Heritage Trail (59)

The husband and wife doing it.

CNY Heritage Trail (60)

CNY Heritage Trail (61)

CNY Heritage Trail (62)

If you are looking for a very classic type of item, this shop has it. 47 Armenian street, Pg.

CNY Heritage Trail (63)

CNY Heritage Trail (64)

When I am walking back, the chingay team still there and this round they are performing more daring tricks already with 2 person standing on the back and the front one will kick the whole flag post to let the other guy hold on his teeth.

CNY Heritage Trail (66)

CNY Heritage Trail (67)


CNY Heritage Trail (68)

If you are looking for any firefood Char Koay Kak…add on with more tauge and garlic…its just yummm..

CNY Heritage Trail (69)

went back to the place with Chinese Opera on the stage streets.

CNY Heritage Trail (70)

CNY Heritage Trail (71)

The temple was beautifully light up during the night during my first stop.

CNY Heritage Trail (72)

Am I am very happy with what Penang had held during this festival and surely next year I would return again for more photography. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again… Huat AH~~~~

Armenian Street, Penang.

Let me present you my partners in crime for Melaka trip that got kidnap along miss out on another 2 person Kebbie and Ping which they last minute they cant go:

Our mission is to explore the food and chin chai walk round and look around. Restaurant that were in wanted list are:

1) Toast n Toast
2) Kedai Kopi Chung Wah (Chicken Rice Ball)
3) Lau Qian Ice Cafe (Durian Cendol)
4) Afternoon Snack
5) Satay Celup
6) Portuguese Village Seafood
7) Jonker’s Walk Night Market (Street Food)
8) Nyonya Kuih
9) The Seafarer (Nyonya Food)
10) Satay

and the places that we walk around:

While walking around suddenly found this creepy area that the people around that area pull a prank on it. Loooks like some 1 got burried.

The very historic place of Malaka or the jewel of it. The A’Famosa, the only pieces left of the whole fortress.

Just realise that now Melaka had turn into so historical place to explore. I wish that Penang also had this kind of development.
The most famous street in Melaka. Jonker Street.
Please…I need fare to go back KL…my partners left me behind.

Watch out on crossing the road.

A street performance by this uncle. Blowing old classic chinese music.
Pity him that, he was trying to so hard and not many people walk pass that gave him money. He was nearly out of breath.
I thought this is the biggest toothpaste cover that I ever seen, mana tau is for putting toilet rolls. Y not tissue box. If it was for tissue box I would buy loh~

The very main entrance of China Town a.k.a Jonker Street. On the right is the famous night market and full of food to be hunt. On the left road is more on clasic area with temple and some old stores.
I felt that, this is a shop that should not be miss. A classic historical shop that mention about the small feet back in the days of China.
The shop owner were very friendly. Explaning how all this happen and this shop been operate by the family for a long long time already.
All these can be bought for souvenir. Cute yet classic.

The place that attracted alot of tourist for photoshot in the afternoon. That’s what I thought.
To take a shot with the Iguana or Phyton, you have to pay RM10 to the ah pek using their camera for a shot and print a pic for you. So you can take as many pic as you can. The ah pek very high tech also. Instant print out for you. Using the Canon external photo printer. Got kinda shock when he used that.
During at night, it has become a good place for alot of photographers. Filled with lights and alot of nice shots can be taken.

the Famous Night Market. Jonker Street. Food and Souvenir.
This uncle is in the would Guiness Book of record for using his Qi Gong to break coconuts in the shortest time. We were standing there quite long, turns out to be more talking than performance. By the time we left he still have finish talking. GENG!

During late nite, we went to Geographer Cafe for drinking and also to see people dance.
This guy, the most attractive and eye catcher of the night. Wear so yeng and dance cha cha, Rumba and a few other dance stance. He is also very geng in dancing Micheal Jackson moves which the owner purposely put a song for him to dance. Pretty cool and we were all giving full support for him~

Group dance that any 1 can participate. So Jon and Kenji went, as they were high on alcohol d.
Alot of things happen after this dance and I was warn not to upload in here.
and let me present you the group that sing miserably on the road. The BaiBai group.!

Our very first stop for the night is Mong Kok. Where by a lot of things to be bought and see. Still remember one of the movie which is One Night in Mong Kok.. This area had always been like famous with gang triads and always about ‘Pek Yau’ but that was all about in the movie.

We took the MRT from our hotel to Mong Kok and it was like a few stations away.

When I walk out from the entrance of the MRT I got so shocked that the whole street is packed with people and damm noisy.

The street was closed up and it was Friday night that makes it packed like sardines and you get to see a lot of street performance.

by This guy where you put in some coins on the yellow or green thing he had prepared, then he will move. It is exactly like a machine. He was standing there so still even though we kacau him, he wont smile or laugh. Professional~

This is not a street performer, just a person who give out brochure but then had done it like they are one. They are promoting slimming packages.

By this ah pek, we respected him a lot, that even his voice out of tone so much and the way he sings will give you nightmare but we support for his courage. The best part is not only him is about his dog also. Sit there till a fake dog and he know’s when to bark when the singer sing chorus.
In this area, not only 1 ah pek doing it, there are a few other ah pek doing street performance.

Hong kong is all about advertising, and competing whose sign board is bigger to get awareness but of course it had lighten up the streets.

After walking in that area, we head to the famous street, ‘Lady Street’. Which we rate it something like Chee Cheong Kai’ (Petaling Street) but of course, the things there are much nicer, it is longer than Petaling street 3 times and the crowd are like 5 times more.

For those who like to bargain, here would be your paradise but please be aware that if you are really interested in the items, only start bargain.

Please do not bargain and bargain for the syokness of yourself and you will ended up letting them scold and curse u or shout at you very loud.

After a short walk, this stall caught my attention, for those who have great fantasies, you can definitely get your sexy lingerie here. The best me and my friend think of is the elephant.

Bosini in Hong Kong is so famous where you can directly see that their clothes is much more nice compare to Giordano Malaysia as we rate this 2 brand similar and of course the pricing of the t-shirt is not worth to get in HK for Bosini.

I got impress that they occupied the whole 4 level.

For the first night only, we were like already spend over budget. With the food and women street there, and disappointed I cant find any nice Converse shoe at ‘Shoe Street’

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