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Christmas weekend I spend it well over weekend as I took leave and enjoy my break back to my hometown. Meeting all my friends and did some cafe hunting as well. Then it was few days ago, as we initially wanted to go to Moustache Houze and they did not open on day time. Their business hours is from 4pm onwards.

Then we drop by the newly open cafe next door – Sugar Honey. It looks pretty nice and new also as there are many flowers at their entrance of their cafe after you open the door. Then manage to talk to the owner which is a friendly lady that explain to us that they are just a week old.

sugar honey (1)

sugar honey (2)

I love their concept of the cafe as its pretty catchy in terms of the overall design as the lighting of the signage shows that they are pretty modern chic yet as you step inside the outlet, you will feel so relax that you would want to have a cup of coffee there and chill for the afternoon.

Their interior is quite heritage look and feel, as there are many old hand painting drawings on the walls with old oil lamp as their top decor and wooden panel as their bar counter.

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Not only that, as you walk to the middle area, they do sell some little souvenirs too with bottle coke, some snacks and others. ..

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sugar honey (14)

Their menu is pretty straight forward and price of their food are pretty reasonable. . .

sugar honey (15)

 Their temporary menu. . .

sugar honey (16)

Since it was hot afternoon, we decided to camp here for a while . . trying out their Tiramisu, and we believe it was homemade. It looks good yet still have room of improvement as we have pretty much high expectation on it, and I also think they you cream cheese instead of mascarpone.

sugar honey (17)

When I place my order at the counter, I was pretty excited to try their coffee as they are using Musetti beans which is from Italy and the taste of it is very aromatic yet mild. Ordered their Latte to try off with. They still have room of improvement in pulling the aroma of the coffee beans out as I the taste of the coffee is burnt.

sugar honey (18)

sugar honey (19)

sugar honey (20)

 All of us chilling on this hot sunny afternoon.

sugar honey (21)

Where is Sugar Honey, its just located next to Moustache Houze which they are enjoying the spill over effect upon their closure.

Among the 2 coffee place, I prefer to hang out in Sugar Honey as their ambiance is nicer and coffee is better even though its their first week of operation and there are sure hit and misses. Do give them a month or 2 to improve as they are trying their best. Check out my next post on Moustache Houze as I went there again at night after dinner.

-= Jeng Jeng Jeng =-

Coffee Rating 7/10, Love their ambiance and their food and I believe their quality will improve eventually!  -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sugar Honey
26, Campbell Street,
10100, Georgetown, Penang.

Phone 04-262 0622

Website http://www.sugarhoney.com.my/

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