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Those who been to Vientnam and tried pho there, you will ended up start to crave for it. To find a nice bowl of pho is indeed quite hard in Malaysia. Is like finding the best Ramen in KL. However, one of the shop that I frequently visit is An Viet, the Gardens. They also recently expanded to An Viet, Pardigm Mall, PJ.

An Viet (2)

As re-opening of the outlet, we get to see a showcase how their signature meatball is made by their Vietnamese Head chef.

An Viet (3)

An Viet (5)

Some of the ingredients to showcase what ingredients are used for their soup base. They also use premium raw ribeye beef.

An Viet (12)

In their menu, you get to choose your noodle size. Usual serving is Normal. You can go less or you can go to large.

An Viet (8)

Not being adventurous yet want to try something signature on the menu, you can kick it off with An Viet Tasting Platter or you can order ala-carte appetizers to pair with your main dishes.

An Viet (7)

My usual bowl of noodle is always the mix. Serve with beef slices, meatballs and brisket.

An Viet (14)

For paradigm outlet, they do have their mini green house. Which usually they do have a pot of basil leaves set on each table, however in this outlet is you can pick the pot and bring it to your table.

An Viet (19)

The beef slices usually are cook half raw, as when you dip into the piping hot soup, then it will be just perfectly cooked.

An Viet (20)

For only beef slices noodle, you get to taste their soup more prominent.


the half cook raw beef. Just perfect.

An Viet (22)

vietnamese noodle


We end the meal with their signature  Vietffogato. Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk and ice cream. One of my favourite.


Caramel Pudding.

An Viet (11)

From now till 15th September, Ăn Viet is offering for non-subscribers 10% discount for one Beefiest Phở  ordered, 2 orders will enjoy 15% and 25% for 3 orders.   Not a member yet?  Sign up today and enjoy move savings…20% for one order of Beefiest Phở , 30% for 2 orders and 50% for 3 orders.

Ăn Viet, Paradigm Mall
LG02/03/03A (Lower Ground, in front of MBG)
Kelana Jaya, Taman Seri Subang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7661 2844

The war of bubble tea is back again. Now bringing the 2 latest crazy hype around South East Asia is these 2 leading brands Tiger Sugar and The Alley. So what are your thoughts? Which brand do you prefer?

Image result for the alley

source from Shenzhen Review

The Alley (9)

The Alley first made its mark in Klang Valley about 9 months ago and had made a huge hoo haa on it. I have heard lots of crazy stories about it and certainly love their little marketing gimmick to make the hype going strong.

I have only just recently tried this drink about a month ago at Kepong outlet. First, for their signature drink Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk with their pearls is slightly expensive. RM 13 for a cup of drink that is fill with milk, brown sugar and milk. Their pearl win as I would rate the best at the moment. It is bouncy and chewy. Would I come back again? Will be only once in a blue moon drink for such price tag. Now they have at least 10 outlets within Klang Valley and is aggressively expending to other states.

Next the biggest hype in Taiwan and Hong Kong is this Tiger Sugar.

Tiger Sugar (5)

Tiger Sugar seems to be leading the pack when it comes to this version of deerioca brown sugar with milk. They have recently open their first outlet in Sunway Pyramid in early January and looking at the queue, you must have the patience to go through it. Their little gimmick with maximum flavour is that you must turn upside down 15 times before you start drinking.

How does it taste? I am not too sure as I have yet to try yet. Too lazy to queue as it is an estimation of 30 -45 minutes. Maybe, next round should go early in the morning to be the first. Eventually I will make a comment on who is the best bubble milk tea in KL.

Maybe should take nice picture of how the brown sugar trail down to make my instagram feed slightly better. At times we do really think of ways how do we want to increase our instagram followers. There are tricks to it.

  1. be hardworking (which I am lazy) place all those nice platting on a corner, nice lighting, shoot 10 – 20 shots to get 1 single money shot. Including at least 2 days 1 post.
  2. be creative (which I am lacking)
  3.  photo editing skills (which I have little about it) maybe I should brush up more in light room.
  4. comment and like other people’s feed. (this is how i did when I was building my blog donkey years ago)
  5. Get an agency to do it for you.


It seems that there had been a huge hype before ArtBox Malaysia 2018 at Sunway City officially took place. With mass publicity and expectation vs reality seems to be quite different for many people. Visited the event without any expectation as I know to organise such a huge event is not easy. For 1st installment is always a big mess. Imagine back when 1st or 2nd Standard Charted run happened in KL. How was it? Lower down your expectation and just enjoy this atas Pasar Malam. This market features over 300 vendors and partners from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.(which consist mostly 80% local vendors, 15% Thai vendors and 5% Singaporean)

Well, ARTBOX is one of a signature night market in Bangkok that happened over 3 installment a year. 2 smaller scale and one big finale. I went to is a smaller scale back in 2016. (click here). I also find out some vendors you see in this weekend might not be the same as following weekend, this is to give some freshness to it.

artBox Malaysia (2)

Those of you heading to ArtBox Sunway do brace yourself with 3 things before you enter.
1) prepare to find parking around the area or inside Sunway Pyramid
2) prepare an umbrella for our sick weather. (there is no sign of rain and can be suddenly heavy rain pour) no shelter inside the area too.
3) prepare to queue at least 30 minutes before heading in.

Ps. Parents with kids below 3 years old: you do have priority lane. Do check with the guard at entrance.

For parents, please use your common sense: do not bring stroller in this SUPER crowded area. I mean crowded will be like sardine pack!!!! No space for your stroller to move around.

artBox Malaysia (3)

artBox Malaysia (4)

artBox Malaysia (5)

artBox Malaysia (6)

artBox Malaysia (7)

accessories stall from Bangkok

artBox Malaysia (8)

artBox Malaysia (9)

artBox Malaysia (10)

artBox Malaysia (11)

these are handmade. So pricing is quite high according to the vendor.

artBox Malaysia (12)

Imagine pushing stroller in here. Good luck!

artBox Malaysia (14)

artBox Malaysia (15)

artBox Malaysia (16)

artBox Malaysia (17)

artBox Malaysia (18)

artBox Malaysia (19)

by the time I have gotten thru the food side area, I have been very lazy. Too pack.

artBox Malaysia (20)

artBox Malaysia (21)

artBox Malaysia (23)

artBox Malaysia (24)

artBox Malaysia (25)

Didnt really bother to queue for the food as the queue is crazy and the line is crazy too. Pick the right line as the line are like snake if it gets too long.

artBox Malaysia (26)

artBox Malaysia (27)

artBox Malaysia (28)

I gotten very lazy and did not snap much of the pictures like Picture corner and a few other interesting area as it was too pack!. Next week 16th to 18th will be final week. Do brace for massive crowd as usually this market in Bangkok is 3 months long.

Believe that there are room for improvement and looking forward for 2nd installment to be much better. I just wish Malaysia could have organise something like this in long term, such as Korea Common Ground Malaysia version. This could enhance entrepreneur ship and boost tourism.

to avoid massive traffic and heavy crowd, I park at Sunway Mentari MacDonals and walk over. About 10 minutes walk across with pedestrian cross bridge.

There are only a handful of Vietnamese Restaurant in KL. An Viet is one of the shop that I constantly visit whenever I am thinking of my Vietnamese cuisine. I still remember that I visited their The Gardens outlet when they first open its door many years back and I never blog about it over the years.

An Viet (2)

Menu is not huge, where the most important is my beef noodle.

An Viet (4)

If you are entering this shop for the first time, you can actually see there is a pot of fresh basil leave on every table. On my first thought, I thought they were for decoration but I am wrong. It is for you to pluck your fresh basil leaves and add into your noodle.

An Viet (5)


An Viet (7)

Well, now they have started their #nostraw initiative as all the drinks are serve without straws. Drinks that I usually order are:

SINH TỐ DỪA – Ice Blended coconut @ RM 10.90 & TRÀ CHANH BẠC HÀ – Iced Lime & Mint Tea @ RM 8.90

An Viet (8)

BÁNH TRÁNG NƯỚNG – Grilled Rice Paper with Minced Pork @ RM 9.90. Something simple to start off with as this dish still quite consistant over the years. Paper thin skin wrap with their marinated mince pork.

An Viet (24)

This is one of the crowds favourite which you can give it a try too. CANH CHUA NGAO NƯỚC DỪA Clam in Coconut Broth @ RM 14.90. Soup is quite solid in taste and clam is fresh. Love the balance of taste of lemon grass which is not overpowering that can taste the actual broth base.

An Viet (9)

This is one of my favourite that I like. PHỞ BÒ ĐẶC BIỆT – Vietnamese Beef Noodle Special with Raw Beef, Beef Brisket, Shank, Tripe, Tendon, & Homemade 100% Pure Beef Ball @ RM 23.90

An Viet (10)

Beef cut is good and let it cook in this hot soup broth. If you like your meat to be slightly more cook, you can always take this beef slice and hide it under the noodle for 2-3 minutes to get it done. Soup is clear, that you can taste the sweetness of the broth and with add in beef parts, it is just perfect!

An Viet (11)

So now this is the actual usage of the plant. Pluck from the pot of basil leaves then added it into your bowl as much as you like. The little side bowl with clear water is not a drinking water as the purpose serves for you to wash your fresh basil leaves.

An Viet (12)

An Viet (13)

Then added it into your bowl of pipping hot beef noodle. Yumz!

An Viet (14)

BÚN CHẢ : Hanoi Style Grilled Pork with Vermicelli @ RM 18.90 is good for sharing as this is slightly quite unique compare to what we usual have. Grill pork is soft and tender and the soup base for this vermicelli pairs just well.

An Viet (15)

An Viet (16)

Those that do not want too heavy meal, then you can opt for Banh Mi – Vietnamese Baguette is one of the best seller in the outlet. @ RM 14.90

An Viet (17)

An Viet (18)

CHẢ CÁ LÃ VỌNG – Hanoian Style Fish with Turmeric & Dill @ RM 23.90

as this would be my first time trying it. Turns out to be good as the flavour of it quite balance and gives you a herb taste finishing. Cuz of the ingredient that they are using and they have dill on the dish. Fish also did not over cook and softness of the meat that soak on the flavour will certainly be a good pairing for rice.

An Viet (19)

This is one of my favourite snacks. I find it very interesting and good. XÔI CHIÊN PHỒNG – Deep Fried Sticky Rice Puff  with Green Mango Salad  & Grilled Lemongrass Chicken @ RM 14.90 A dish that is carefully crafted and not easy to be cook into a nice round globe shape yet it must have be like near paper thin that you peal on the crust it cracks easily.

An Viet (20)

As you crack open the globe snacks, glutinous rice is smack at the center of the base to act as the holder of the sphere. This is how I eat it. Crack the done, and grab some of the glutinous rice then eat it. just perfect. Chewy and slightly crispy. If you eat it with the lemongrass chicken, it will give you another layer of flavour.

An Viet (21)

An Viet (22)

To end your meal, can always opt for their  VIET-FFOGATO – Condensed Milk Ice Cream with Vietnamese Coffee @ RM 9.90

An Viet (23)

Or my personal favorite : CÀ PHÊ TRỨNG – Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Egg @ RM 9.90. Wish that I could have 1 more egg to make it more perfect. Give you just the right creaminess and smoothness while sipping it.

An Viet (6)

well They also do have something for you to purchase off like their paper rice roll, fish oil and others.

Craving for Vietnamese food, An Viet is one of the place that I turn to.

An Viet, Sunway Pyramid
LG2.127A, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway, 47500 PJ
Tel: +603 5611 2226

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

An Viet, The Gardens
LG203B, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL
Tel: +603 2201 1181

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

4Fingers Crispy Chicken is a Singaporean chain of fast casual restaurants that specializes in crispy Korean style fried chicken. Headquartered in Singapore, the chain was founded in 2009 and currently has 13 stores in Singapore and Malaysia.

4 Fingers (1)

First discover this brand when they first open at Mid Valley. That outlet is always pack with people and enjoying brisk business. As now they are expanding their wings, Sunway Pyramid is their latest outlet, that we need not only need to queue at Mid Valley. At least another place that we can eat without waiting long in queue.

4 Fingers (2)

4 Fingers (3)

This is on a fast food chain concept

4 Fingers (4)

4 Fingers (5)

4 Fingers (14)

Tried some of their signature.

4 Fingers (7)

Soy Garlic Chicken Wingette

Fried to perfection where the dressing sauce is decent.

4 Fingers (9)

Kimchi coleslaw

4 Fingers (10)

Skinny Fries (Kimchi) or Skinny Fries (Seaweed) 

While having some fried chicken, I think with The Kimchi fries is nice with hint of kimchi and mild spicy. Seaweed is nice too. Seaweed would be my preference, would be a good add on items for us to munch.

4 Fingers (11)

4 Fingers (8)

4 Fingers (12)

This is fusion – where Chicken Katsu Sandwich quite interesting where they add in with kimchi coleslaw. Portion is quite big too as I manage to finish half of it where I find the deep-fried mantao bun is too oily for my liking.

4 Fingers (13)

Overall, I think I had better ones before, but could not compare as this is a big chain and pricing wise is not cheap. Therefore there are other replacement that I think can hit on over this. But it still comes own to your own preference as there are some guest who love this over KFC or even Texas Chicken. End of the day, is this Korean Fried Chicken suits on your taste?

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Sunway Pyramid
LG2.127, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(nearby Sunway Lagoon Exit)

operating Hours:
10am – 10pm

Sho Kushiage is indeed one of a more popular eatery in Sunway Pyramid that offers affordable Japanese Tonkatsu meal or in another way known as Japanese Deep Fried Pork Cutlet.

Sho Kushiage (1)

Sho Kushiage (2)

Sho Kushiage (3)

Sho Kushiage (4)

Sho Kushiage (5)

Offerings in here is slightly fusion.

Sho Kushiage (6)

Upon seated, you will be served with sesame seeds and a roller along with 2 mini side dish. With the roller, it is actually for you to grin on the seeds in clock circular  motion. To determine how fine the sesame seeds will be on personal preference. I have grinned mine to very fine as to near powdery form.

Right after that, you add in their Pork Chop Sauce – special homemade sauce using onion, tomato, apple and carrot mixed with dozen of spices.

*Purpose of this is to dip in your fried pork cutlet and enjoy the full aromatic mix taste of it.

Sho Kushiage (7)


Sho Kushiage (8)

As on the side cabbage were given, it is unlimited refill and top with 2 sauce on the table.

Sho Kushiage (9)

Japanese Calpis Original is one of my favourite drink for a simple refreshing drink to start off with. @ RM 5.90

Sho Kushiage (10)

One of the best seller is actually Mini Hot Pot @ RM 28.90 with Buta soup base with pork slices. Soup is mild and clear and after add all the ingredients in, it taste better. Love the pork slices that dip with my sesame tonkatsu sauce.

Sho Kushiage (11)

Sho Kushiage (12)

Fusion Cone Roll California cones @ RM 4.90 & Avocado Salmon Cones @ RM 5.50

Sho Kushiage (13)

For simple starter, Goma Spinach would be recommended too. @ RM 5.90

Sho Kushiage (15)

Crispy Mango Roll  @ RM  8.90

Sho Kushiage (16)

Sho Kushiage (14)

Here comes the mains that we ordered, Daikon Pork Cutlet with Ponzu Sauce. Something to enhance the taste as it is where daikon with their ponzu sauce that gives you slight mild sourish taste that did just right by enhancing the taste of pork. @ RM 26.90

Sho Kushiage (17)

Premium Pork Chop Cutlet is their signature as when we see the pork cut, we are in love with it. Cook to perfection where the pork is still soft, juicy and the fats at the top is just perfect! A simple sinful piece is a perfect piece. Dipping it with their tonkatsu sauce is just right. @ RM 32.90

Sho Kushiage (18)

Premium Pork Chop Cutlet @ RM 32.90

Sho Kushiage (19)

Sho Kushiage (20)

Another trendy dish is Cheesy Pork Chop Cutlet @ RM 26.90 – This is like pork gorden bleu except they are missing out a piece of ham. Love this too as a simple piece of pork stuff with cheeze that ooze out. Love the saltiness that combines with the pork.

***All the Pork set above serve with Free Flow Sheredded Vegetable, PIckels, Miso Soup & Steamed Rice

Sho Kushiage (21)


Sho Kushiage (22)

Final dish is Pork Shogoyaki Rice @ RM 16.90. Pork slices that of nicely pan fried that you need to mix everything up in the rice to enjoy maximum taste of it. Would be a great simple bowl for lunch.


Sho Kushiage
LG2.28C – LG2.29, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.
Tel: 603-5613 6160
Fax: 603-5622 1770

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