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Since the opening of Sunway Velocity, the outer boulevard area had suddenly become a mini Chinatown. With many classic restaurants especially Sichuan hotpot is flocking into the mall. With the latest addition into the area is Chong Qing Grilled Fish is opening their first outlet in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity. Is a brand hail all the way from Singapore that have its own strong followings. 

Chong ching Grill fish (1)

As the owner travelled to Sichuan, China, he was inspired by the legends and anecdotes, especially this grilled fish dish which exudes the multiplicity of Chongqing cuisine. Made up of a cross between grilled fish and Sichuan hotpot, the signature grilled fish is marinated with more than 20 herbs and spices and charcoal-grilled to perfection. 

Chong ching Grill fish (2)

Chong ching Grill fish (3)

The menu focus on grilled fish and you get to choose what type of fish, level of spiciness and choices of sides. You can also add on if you wish to.

Chong ching Grill fish (5)

For those of you could not take spicy, they do have other flavours to hit on too and some side dish a la carte that you can really choose from. A menu that cater to spicy and non-spicy eaters and combination of local flavours.

Chong ching Grill fish (7)

We ordered, Fresh Fruit and Plum Yakult

Chong ching Grill fish (8)

a modern design of the outlet with hint elements of Classic Chin

Chong ching Grill fish (9)

first dish we are hitting on is this Spicy Chicken Cubes. A dish that is done to perfection where the chicken cubes is freshly fried, then air dry for a while before putting into the wok to stir fried it again. Indeed a dish that you need to go with beer. Skin is crispy and with a punch of heat. Love it. 

Chong ching Grill fish (10)

Chong ching Grill fish (11)

Chinese Spinach with Salted eggs & Century Eggs – Topped with cubes of garlic.

Chong ching Grill fish (12)

Salted Egg Fish Skin @ RM 24 is another dish that you can order as the fish skin is deep fried to crisp and I love my salted egg dish to be slightly more punchy in flavour.

Chong ching Grill fish (13)

Next we have Sichuan Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce @ RM 18. More like an entree dish, as you can taste hint of spices but it is not very spicy. Suitable for everyone that would want to give some spicy dishes a try.

Chong ching Grill fish (15)

I was told that their signature is Termeloh Patin Fish with Mushroom and Herbs @ RM 108 and decided to give it a try. Instead of going spicy we are trying something non spicy.

Chong ching Grill fish (16)

Fish is done to perfection. Meat is soft yet juicy and not too much bone. The best is the mushroom soup is very fragrant and quite unique as the taste do have mild after taste of herbs and the broth is slightly thick. Interesting enough that it is not as salty as what I thought it would be. Best to go along with a bowl of rice.

I am definitely going to come back to try their spicy fish as they have a few flavours that I would want to try such as:

  1. Spicy Numbing
  2. Spicy Fragrant
  3. pickled cabbage
  4. Fresh Chillies

Chong ching Grill fish (19)

Chong ching Grill fish (20)

This is a place which is suitable for both families and friends where there are balance of spicy and non spicy dish. 

Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼吉隆坡
1st Floor, V06-01-06, Signature 2, Lingkaran SV Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours:
12:00 – 15:00
17:00 – 02:00

Tel: 03-2382 1786

myNEWS.com is one of a convenient store that is spreading massively across Malaysia. I have seen them evolve alot over past few years and with the latest by adding fresh food into their selected bigger outlets. Adding bento box, sandwich, onigiri and a few others as their quick grab and go section that is delivery fresh daily.

MyNews (6)

with this, now they are running a promotion on every Tuesday (Bento) and Thursday (Onigiri) for ONLY RM1 . What you need to do is only to download their myNews.com App through Playstore or Appstore.

MyNews (7)

MyNews (8)

MyNews (9)

MyNews (10)

MyNews (11)

MyNews (12)

MyNews (2)

In selected outlets, they have also introduce their fresh bakery section known as Maru Bakes. You can grab their produce that is delivery daily to the outlet.

MyNews (3)

As I look through the rack, it is quite an extensive bread range and I ask the lady at the counter to introduce me their best seller. Pandan Kaya Bun @ RM 2.90. is their best seller and also the lady’s favourite and decided to grab one. Also she recommended Onion Cheese Bun @ RM 2.90.

MyNews (5)

MyNews (4)

New folder

Also another surprise. The bread turns out better than expected.

MyNews (13)

As for the spaghetti, you can reheat at the hot food section and recommend timing is at 2minutes. Will come out pippin out and handle with care. Was told even that I do not have to remove the cling wrap. Can put it in all together.

MyNews (15)

Was recommended again by the lady that her favourite is Spicy Belado Spaghetti @ RM 10.90. To my suprise this turns out to be quite good. A local twist that is punch with spicy (not too spicy) that is just nice for a lunch meal. Spaghetti is not soft nor too hard even after microwave 2 minutes. Pretty good though and for RM 1 promotion lunch. Can definitely grab a few.

MyNews (16)

MyNews (17)

MyNews (21)

MyNews (18)

For onigiri @ RM 4.90 with their Thursday special promo with app is only at RM 1. One of my favourite. Fresh seaweed wrap and cream cheese did not overpower. A perfect simple quick bite for me. I constantly make it take away whenever I take KLIA 2 flights.

MyNews (20)

MyNews (22)

Download their myNews.com app and enjoy their latest news and promotion. Best of all you get to collect massive points now.

MyNews (14)

More info can refer to their FB page: www.facebook.com/myNEWSMalaysia/

Sunway Velocity is not a mall itself by now. To us who loves China hotpot, it seems like a new mini China street in KL itself that have a few shops that serve classic China Szechuan Hotpot. Around dinner time from 7pm – 9pm, you can see a queue right in front of Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀国印象蜀國印象·火锅. Rated no.2 by me in this street as they are situated outside at the Boulavard of the mall.

Velocity Malat (1)

If you decided to dine randomly in these few restaurant, best advise to reach before 7pm. If not most of the crowd are here for dinner and the average queue will be 90 – 120 minutes long. As diners doesnt eat very fast to clear the table for you as this is HOTPOT. Diners use their own sweet time to cook the ingredient, dip, chat and eat.

Velocity Malat (2)

You will be given a number and their service is pretty good. They will call you to inform you that your table is ready and will only be secure for about 10 minutes.

Velocity Malat (3)

Most of the Chinese Szechuan hotpot in Sunway velocity, they renovated their outlet back to those classic Wong Fei Hong Era.

Velocity Malat (4)

If you are seated inside, then they will have the change face and tea pouring performance. I choose to seat outside so that I dont smell like a fresh hotpot from the kitchen.

Velocity Malat (5)

Variety of condiments are available. You can mix base on the little signboard place ontop of the counter or you can just mix on what you like.

Velocity Malat (6)

Velocity Malat (7)

each table will be given a mini pot of sesame blended oil.

Velocity Malat (8)

For first timer, you just need to pull out the wooden section of the chopstick and connect it to the base.

Velocity Malat (9)

Velocity Malat (14)

Soup base here is sliglty milder and also on the Ma La Szechuan hotpot, slight on herb and spice taste.

Velocity Malat (13)

My version of sauce mixture.

Velocity Malat (10)

Velocity Malat (11)

Velocity Malat (12)

Lotus root is a must have for me.

Velocity Malat (15)

Velocity Malat (16)

Velocity Malat (17)

Velocity Malat (18)

Their fried bean curd roll is a must have.

Velocity Malat (21)

Mixture of 4 meat.

Velocity Malat (22)

Dipping with my own version of special sauce.

Velocity Malat (23)

then we decided to order China Rice wine and they do have a few selection in here. Ranging from 35% – 60% alcohol content. WE order this with 55% alcohol content. It is so good to pair with hotpot as it is not burning hot, but have sweet end to it. Quite smooth too.

Well, the soup base in Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant  over here is milder if were to compare to Xiao Long Kan that located just further end of the street. I would prefer this shop more for the pungent taste of it. However Shugo YinXiang Restaurant is on the cheaper side. You can do bookings too.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not too bad !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀国印象蜀國印象·火锅
1st Floor, V03-01-03A, Level 1, Boulevard,
Sunway Velocity 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9770 0078/ 03-9770 0079/ 012-9939 369

Operating hours: 11am-2am

I guess many people like me will read this place as SpagJus or I might be wrong as when you come closer to their outlet then known as Spag & Ju’s in Sunway Velocity. Honestly, they are great peeps as I have seen them grow from Food truck which they gave me strong support in my event back in my past previous job. Today they are now operating food kiosk in major malls by serving all of us their signature comfort food.

SpagJus (2)

Both foodtruck owners have decided to come together to spearhead this new brand Spag & Ju’s, hence there is the 2 brand name combination as the outlet name.

SpagJus (1)

SpagJus (4)

Menu is quite similiar to those days in their food truck.

SpagJus (10)

If you are looking for a quick value meal, then this is one of the place to be. They have been well known for generous portion of spagheti and ingredients serving. When comes to busy hours, you will need to queue too. Well, the queue is just not too long as this is a kiosk style and most people would just eat and go.

SpagJus (5)

Slurpy Chicken is one of their signature. Top with a huge piece of chicken meat and the amount of spaghetti, I could not finish it. @ RM 17. Chicken is well marinated and grill on their hot pan

SpagJus (6)

SpagJus (7)

One of my personal favourite is their Daging Fries @ RM  (more like sloppy fries). Drench in their special daging sauce that make this quite addictive. If I can sneak this into the cinema, it would be perfect.

SpagJus (15)

SpagJus (9)

Other meats, you can opt for Slurpy Dory @ RM 17.

SpagJus (11)

Lamb Mash is new in the menu. Love the marination of lamb, cook to perfection as mine is soft and slighyl chewy to my liking. The mash and gravy is just spot on.

SpagJus (12)

SpagJus (14)

Great to have jus to pair along with spaghetti. (left to right) Basil Lime Soda @ RM 6.50, Purple Slurpy @ RM 8 and Minty Melon @ RM 8

SpagJus (16)

SpagJus (21)

SpagJus (22)

They have black pepper gravy or mushroom sauce for you to choose from. I always prefer their black pepper.

SpagJus (17)

SpagJus (18)

As for all of you, just present this post at the cashier before purchase with this Hastag #snjxtaufulou , you will be receiving Daging Mash for FREE!

LOT B-047F & B-047G
Sunway Velocity Mall,
Lingkaran SV, Jalan Cheras,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
10am – 10pm

One of a upcoming prominent in Korea that currently is in massive expansion mood in the country, have about 100 outlets across Korea. Not only that, as Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity being their first outlet and there will be more to come  as they are aggressively expanding in Malaysia too.

chicken Plus (1)

It was election week and while returning to KL and craving for Fried Chicken, then stumble upon this outlet that it is new and running a promotion.

chicken Plus (2)

chicken Plus (3)

chicken Plus (4)

chicken Plus (5)

chicken Plus (6)

Ways on ordering.

chicken Plus (7)

As starter, you are given a mini salad and radish.

chicken Plus (9)

The chart of their massive growing outlets in Korea

Ordered their signature to try on.

chicken Plus (11)

Love their Ttoboki, as rarely I would order that. Just not a big fan of it when in Malaysia as it is hard to find the right texture, soft and chewy. However, this place is spot on. Love their spicy sauce to my liking as taste just the one that I had in roadside of Dongdaemun. – Recommended (as this was a free item during their opening promo). Carbonara is not too bad too if you like creamy base.

chicken Plus (15)

thank god that they have small portion as in 2 pieces. Most of the Korean fried chicken shop serve in half chicken or full therefore cant try much flavour. 2 Pcs Drumstick @ RM 11 (Flavour – Basakan Original) – original Koren Fried Chicken.

Over here we tried 4 of their signature sauce.

chicken Plus (12)

Boneless chicken was top of the pick among were the girls fave which I never understand till date as it is easy for them to eat along with their pretty manicure. Boneless Regular @ RM 16 with Hot Shocking Sauce (with special flavor of dried red pepper in soy sauce base)

chicken Plus (13)

According to the staff, Creamy Onion was their best seller and we decided to try it out with Wings 8 Pcs @ RM 18. 

chicken Plus (14)

chicken Plus (17)

Their butter rice is damm good. Just give it a try. Something simple that just pack with flavour.Recommended.

chicken Plus (10)

Of course if got a chance will add on cheese for the fried chicken. (RM 19) Their cheese actually taste better than some of other places as it does have a mix unique taste.

chicken Plus (20)

Another order we tried with Boneless Chicken Regular @ RM 16 with (Yang-Nyuem) – sweet and spicy sauce.

chicken Plus (19)


chicken Plus (21)

Dessert we order Mango Bingsu @ RM 23. Their bingsu is the soft snow texture and being greedy, we order the melon bingsu @ RM 26 too.

chicken Plus (22)

chicken Plus (23)

Melon bingsu just lack of the juicy and sweetness from the fruits ifself. If not, it would be a perfect ending as we understand it from fruits production standpoint.

Find that the food here is not too bad and will definitely return again as the price is quite reasonable. Among the chicken flavours I tried, my personal preference prefer both (Hot Shocking & Yang-Nyuem)

*Pork Free

Location :
Chicken Plus+
Lot 2-15A, Level 2, Sunway Velocity Mall
Cheras, KualaLumpur

(infront of Toy R Us)

Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

Picture credit to – Original Cake

Who would have thought the next latest crazy hype is a simple homemade old-fashion egg sponge cake from Taiwan known as Original Cake had landed at Sunway Velocity, Cheras. Origin from Tamshui, Taiwan (臺灣淡水) that started since 2011. The hype for this shop is simply amazing that have created a huge buzz among all my friends and even week days, you have to queue 2-3 hours to get one. If I am not mistaken, I was told each person can only purchase 1.

Original Cake (2)

I was lucky that my friend help me to make a take away. Love their packaging.

Original Cake (3)

As I open the box, the cake sure do look a simple classic cake that we have locally and easily could get in our pasar malam too. Currently they have 2 flavours as the one my friend got for me is Classic @ RM 18 and another flavour that alot of my friends is aiming at is their Cheese @ RM 25 – that do have a melted slice cheese cheddar.

Other flavours to launch in the future will be :Spurted Chocolate, Healthy Dried Longan, Banana Milk, Cranberry, and Almond and Nuts

Original Cake (4)

As I pick it up, believe the cake texture have dense up as I do expect soft and fluffy sponge cake. As you can see, the base is also quite thick.

Original Cake (5)

Original Cake (6)

After a bite, only release that it is a pretty normal cake. However, the light and airy taste comes after that. The taste of mild fragrant egg with is there and mild milk sweetness that pairs quite well at the very end of the bite. The base that is quite thick, gives you the bitterness of mild burnt taste, also believe that the separation of ingredient is quite prominent where the top half is softer and the bottom half is more dense. The taste is very straight forward and I believe we can get such cake in our Pasar Malam. In the box, mention that it can store maximum of 3 days in refrigerator.

I believe that, the texture will be different if you eat it fresh. However, I will go again after 3 months as to queue for a cake for 2-3 hours, I will settle with some at Pasar Malam first as my friend told me you can get quite similiar to this in Taman Connought Night Market. Another reason for such a long time will be similiar to when Uncle Tetsu started, baking time per oven.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, nice but to queue for 2-3 hours will pass first!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Original Cake
same row with Sushi Zanmai
Lot 3-29, 3rd Floor,
Sunway Velocity Mall.

Contact: 016-996 9831

Website: www.originalcake.com.my

Tel: 012-278 9728

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

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