It seems that there had been a huge hype before ArtBox Malaysia 2018 at Sunway City officially took place. With mass publicity and expectation vs reality seems to be quite different for many people. Visited the event without any expectation as I know to organise such a huge event is not easy. For 1st installment is always a big mess. Imagine back when 1st or 2nd Standard Charted run happened in KL. How was it? Lower down your expectation and just enjoy this atas Pasar Malam. This market features over 300 vendors and partners from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.(which consist mostly 80% local vendors, 15% Thai vendors and 5% Singaporean)

Well, ARTBOX is one of a signature night market in Bangkok that happened over 3 installment a year. 2 smaller scale and one big finale. I went to is a smaller scale back in 2016. (click here). I also find out some vendors you see in this weekend might not be the same as following weekend, this is to give some freshness to it.

artBox Malaysia (2)

Those of you heading to ArtBox Sunway do brace yourself with 3 things before you enter.
1) prepare to find parking around the area or inside Sunway Pyramid
2) prepare an umbrella for our sick weather. (there is no sign of rain and can be suddenly heavy rain pour) no shelter inside the area too.
3) prepare to queue at least 30 minutes before heading in.

Ps. Parents with kids below 3 years old: you do have priority lane. Do check with the guard at entrance.

For parents, please use your common sense: do not bring stroller in this SUPER crowded area. I mean crowded will be like sardine pack!!!! No space for your stroller to move around.

artBox Malaysia (3)

artBox Malaysia (4)

artBox Malaysia (5)

artBox Malaysia (6)

artBox Malaysia (7)

accessories stall from Bangkok

artBox Malaysia (8)

artBox Malaysia (9)

artBox Malaysia (10)

artBox Malaysia (11)

these are handmade. So pricing is quite high according to the vendor.

artBox Malaysia (12)

Imagine pushing stroller in here. Good luck!

artBox Malaysia (14)

artBox Malaysia (15)

artBox Malaysia (16)

artBox Malaysia (17)

artBox Malaysia (18)

artBox Malaysia (19)

by the time I have gotten thru the food side area, I have been very lazy. Too pack.

artBox Malaysia (20)

artBox Malaysia (21)

artBox Malaysia (23)

artBox Malaysia (24)

artBox Malaysia (25)

Didnt really bother to queue for the food as the queue is crazy and the line is crazy too. Pick the right line as the line are like snake if it gets too long.

artBox Malaysia (26)

artBox Malaysia (27)

artBox Malaysia (28)

I gotten very lazy and did not snap much of the pictures like Picture corner and a few other interesting area as it was too pack!. Next week 16th to 18th will be final week. Do brace for massive crowd as usually this market in Bangkok is 3 months long.

Believe that there are room for improvement and looking forward for 2nd installment to be much better. I just wish Malaysia could have organise something like this in long term, such as Korea Common Ground Malaysia version. This could enhance entrepreneur ship and boost tourism.

to avoid massive traffic and heavy crowd, I park at Sunway Mentari MacDonals and walk over. About 10 minutes walk across with pedestrian cross bridge.

How is your food hunt around Subang Area for Kopitiam after closure of Asia Café, hence come out with Top 8 food in Rock Café after recent discovery. Personally after the closure, it not a good experience for my end, and ended up at Uptown Damanara Hokkien Mee. this place was introduce by my friend there is this food court that they always visit especially for football matches. You will be surprise on the amount of crowd. Rock Café sure is not one of a hiddem gem but its an good old discovery. .

Rock Cafe (1)

Friend explain to me on a few fact about this Café.

  1. Open 24 hours. Like Mamak.
  2. With selection of more than 30 types of food. NONE Repetitive.
  3. A great combination of Halal and non Halal food that makes is a cool 1 Malaysia foodcourt.
    1. For some of the folks that are concern, there is some assurance for you reduce your worry. They have sperate cutleries and washing area through colour separation for utensils and plates.
    2. One of the manager came from hotel industry hence the strict separation cutleries and washing area.
  4. They have customer reward day. At times you can get Milo Ais for as low as RM 1.
  5. Have football match with some interesting event over big games. Do check out their FB.
  6. Best of all, they have lost and found department. If you lost anything here, do check out at their main cashier counter. Chances of you finding back, could be 50%-50%.
  7. Safety at night? Worry free as they work closely with Police to have Police peronda every 1 hour.

Rock Cafe (2)

The Café have indoor and outdoor area. Of course outdoor is more chilling in the evening. Tried a few items in this food court, and this is my personal pick food stalls if you are here.

Rock Cafe (3)

NO.1 Ayam Bakar – Jakarta. I have always miss my Indonesian food and this stall do give you one of the best for coffee shop quality. It is very near to the street food that I have miss in Jakarta Pusat.

Chicken is maritated to perfection, grill till it is not too dry, yet juicy inside out and you can see the shinning glaze of marination on the skin. To eat along with their Nasi Bakar is a perfect pair. Eat along with sambal with hit you with the heat and spiciness that you need.

Just a simple awesome dish that you should not miss if you are here.

Rock Cafe (4)


Rock Cafe (5)

No.2 Uncle huat Fried Rice

Classic food meet classic place. One of the most busy stall in this area is Uncle Huat Fried Rice. To do a fried rice sounds easy but it was never easy. Rice fried till very fragrant and love the texture of pieces with wok hei and dry. Top with a “hor pau tan” and soy soauce is the best combination that you could ask for. Best of all, can add char siew and prawns. Favourite! Do prepare to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour for this Fried Rice.

Rock Cafe (6)

Rock Cafe (7)

No.3 Uncle Tan’s Portuguese Grilled Fish

One of the best stall from Asia Café is Uncle Tan’s had move to Rock Café. Famous for their fresh seafood as uncle Tan himself head over to Pulau Ketam every morning. Choosing the best fresh ingredients to be serve at his stall. You can choose a few cooking style.

Rock Cafe (8)

Rock Cafe (9)

Rock Cafe (10)

No.4 – Mushroom King

Was told that this is the original founder of fried mushroom that started in kopitiam before flourish and boom into Pasar Malam and kopitiam. Using their own special recipe for their buttered fried mushroom. Something simple that I like and best to go with beer. Price is very reasonable.

Rock Cafe (11)

No.5 Grannys Nyonya Kitchen

If you miss your Melaka nyonya style food, then this is one of the stall that you can pay a visit. Curry is creamy thick and curry spices fragrant did not overpower it. Chicken is is cook nicely where it is still soft and juicy. Sambal brings you slight sweet spiciness to compliments it.

Rock Cafe (12)

Rock Cafe (13)

No.6. Western food Corner.

I have been looking out for Kopitiam western food and this stall turns out to be not too bad. Hence falls into my no.7 top choices.

Rock Cafe (14)

No.7. Japanese Corner.

As for Café quality, this Japanese chicken Don is not too bad a tall. Generous portion of fried chicken, top with an egg and their special sauce is indeed simple and no complains.

Rock Cafe (15)

No. 8. Indo Mee Spicy.

If I do not know what to eat, the easiest option is to go for Indo MEe and this version is Indo Mee Deli Hell Spicy. Not as spicy as it mention as it is quite alright for me.

Rock Cafe (16)

Rock Cafe (17)

Going for a value for money meal, then this Grilled Chicken with Arabic Pita (with an option to change pita to nasi Briyani). With the portion and amount that you are paying, it is in deed value for money. My version of eating is to tear my chicken into pieces and of course do remember to squeeze the lime onto it. Tear, the pita bread, add on some chicken and may noise then, bon apetite.

Rock Cafe (18)

Rock Cafe (19)

Other items that you can try is : TAndori Chicken, Roti Canai Burger, Japanese Curry Chicken Rice, Classic China pull noodle (available dry or soup) and if you love strong peppercorn taste, you will love it.

Rock Cafe (20)

Rock Cafe (21)

Rock Cafe (22)

For happy hour, they do have special promotion for 1 bucket of Sommersby with 4 bottles @ RM 46 and Carlsberg Smooth Draught @ RM 56 with 3 bottles (Large)

Certainly a nice place for simple food and value for money.

Disclaimer – I have visited during their lunch time and some stalls only operate in the afternoon. 

Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Subang Jaya, Selangor

It was after a disappointing lunch meal for my best friend’s birthday where we decided to try out a new cafe nearby that is French inspired turns out to be no where near French. Quickly move away from the depressing meals and decided to give another try to another cafe which have quite a good feed back which 2 streets away is this Softcore Molten Cake Co which is famous for their lava cake.

softcore (1)

Easily locate them as their signage is big enough and just right at the junction where I am coming from.

softcore (2)

softcore (3)

Pretty nice and simple cafe where we just love the simple interior with huge white wall and underutilized mezzanine floor. As a dessert cafe, it sure does give you nice vibe on it.

softcore (4)

softcore (5)

Another set which is pretty well known in their menu is their natural tea where you can choose flavors from the air vacumm jug.

softcore (6)

Little did I know that they serve food now as we were like, we should have come here for food instead.

softcore (7)

There was a choice of set for their Molten Cake Set @ RM 21.90 serve with their molten cake from the flavor selection and comes with a tea or coffee.  Of course we will pick onto the set and not to miss out their Milkshake where recommended by many that visited here. Tried their  Honey Walnut Milkshake @ RM 15. Certainly for the price that we are paying, I must say their quality and amount of ingredient the added in is pretty generous. Every single sip I can bite on the little fine blended chunks of walnut and to finish the whole thing myself with 2 desserts I am fully sugar high after that. Best to pair with their premium tea or best to share.


softcore (9)

softcore (8)

For coffee we chose Cold Vietnamese Coffee. Fell in love with this coffee upon first sip. Loving it with its robust flavour yet not too acidic, not only that, as I love the little burnt coffee bean aroma at the end of it. Pack with flavour and highly recommended!

softcore (10)

Love how they presented the birthday wordings and by far its one of a better food presentation that I have come across. Loving it.

softcore (11)

This is Dark Chocolate Molten Cake – Belgian Dark chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, homemade cherry jam and dark crumble. Love how all the elements is being combine together that create a multiple layer of flavours in it. Perfectly done with Belgian chocolate ozzing out and taste it with bitter warm end, with sourness from strawberry, mild sweet from vanilla flavour and dark crumbles pairs it well with a little sandy in your mouth. Mint taste give the final aroma of it.

softcore (15)

softcore (13)

Since the big hype of salted egg over bread, this chef cleverly come out with their seasonal item which is Salted Egg Yolk Molten Cake. For a start it gives us the impression will surely be weird in taste. It certainly proves us wrong where first bite will give you confusion yet the later of taste slowly evolve. Its a great combination of flavours where salted egg yolk create the creamy milky yet salty end for you, pair with their own fried honey cracker to add on the little fresh sweetness to it and vanilla ice cream to balance it out. I would advise it is best to share.

softcore (16)


On another occasion, we came back again to try out their mains and desserts, could not share on the mains as the picture file corrupted. We had fish and chips, truffle fries (which is pretty alright) and their ribs. I would say their mains is worth value for money as the portion is huge! Would want to come back for their brunch next.

As for this round only manage to safe this 2 pictures which is their Green Tea Molten Lava cake. Nicely presented with special marinated lime at the side.

My first portion was not done right as the chef spotted it and immediately swap a new one for me. As for this round, the green tea lava indeed do ooze out and one thing I certainly love about this which is the green tea flavour had been much tone down that suits to my liking and with the whole flavour combination do take a slice of the lime to create a mild sweet juice in your mouth. Interesting combination.


Indeed its a impressive dessert and worth to give it a try.


No doubt this place is topping in my list for molten cakes and will sure back for another round for their food menu which looks pretty impressive.

I believe is pork free.

[update: 25/2/2016]: I guess their soft core quality is dropping along with their Vietnamese ice coffee. I have return many times after this blog post is up and found out that there is pretty huge inconsistency in both their mention items. I hope that they can pull back their quality up. (changed their rating from 8/10 to 6.5/10 now as the inconsistancy is pretty drastic)

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , great desserts but not consistant! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Softcore Molten Co
56, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya.
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11pm Daily.
Tel: 03-5613 7273/ +60 16-679 5322

Softcore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

There area  few occasions that I constantly drive pass this place and most of the time I have either just finish my lunch or dinner. I was told that there is this stall in PJS 8/14 that sells pretty good nasi kukus (which is Steam Rice) and I suspect to be this little stall by the road side.

Nasi Kukus Maliki (1)

Why I mention this stall is because on the amount of stack sauce they have prep and also a huge basket of fried chicken.

Nasi Kukus Maliki (2)

It was till recently that I drove my way to this stall to try it out, only realise it is indeed the famous nasi kukus around this neighborhood. When it hits night, you will have to queue and for lunch alot of people drop by here for take away. 

Nasi Kukus Maliki (3)

Nasi Kukus Maliki (4)

Order is rather simple as it comes with a pack of rice, filled with Spice chicken, their special homemade curry sauce, sambal and Acar that cost RM7 per pack.

Nasi Kukus Maliki (5)

Nasi Kukus Maliki (6)

They have tables at both sides for you if you decided to dine in. Still you have to place order and make a move to the tables and unpack them. To those who use traditional method to eat which is by hand, there are water taps for you to wash out after that. 

Its a simple food that is good enough to satisfy my cravings. Fragrant rice, top with perfect fried spice chicken and the umph for it is their special made curry sauce, as it is only mild spicy and to make it slightly more spicy will be their sambal. Acar is well seasoned that good enough to cool down your palate. 

Nasi Kukus Maliki (7)

After the chicken and thought I have not enough and decided to go after another of their signature which is Fried Burung Puyuh @ RM 6 per bird if I remember correctly.

IF you happen to be around this area, then do not miss out Maliki Nasi Kukus as its pretty good and cheap.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , nicee, for a stall on the road side Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Nasi Kukus Maliki
Jalan PJS 8/14,
Sunway, PJ
Or another of their proper outlet which is a shop lot just located nearby:
Jalan PJS 8/9, Sunway
Tel: 012-617 8940
Operation Hours: 10.30am – 11pm

Restoran Maliki Nasi Kukus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

To get good Indonesian food locally in Malaysia is not easy. Found good ones yet the price is slightly high and not till recently, found out one outlet Restaurant Waroeng Oma that serve authentic Javanese Food that is pretty good, located in Sunway Mentari. We order quite a lot and did not realise that the owner is sitting just right there and she came to our table and greet us. Along that, get to know she is from Indonesia and this outlet is a compilation of recepi.

java (1)

this outlet is pretty easy to find as its facing the main road and few doors away from McD.

java (2)

Then the owner told us, if we love spicy food we should try their own homemade sambal. 3 types available and really depends your kind of preference and taste. The first one is sour mild spicy, middle one is more aromatic spice taste with spicinesss kicks in after a few bite and last one with fiery red, that doesnt look very spicy yet we are wrong, it gives the after spiciness too.

java (3)

Tried out with their Soto Ayam and turns out to be good,  that came out the soup already pass our criteria that to be yellowish that can be done in 2 version, lontong or vermicelli. Served with hard-boiled eggs, chicken slices and bean sprout, turns out to be good and quite authentic. Then I added their fiery red sambal in to make it extra kick. Remark, do not put too much as its really spicy.

java (4)

 How can I resist Bakso, with the soup is serve pippin hot chewy springy beef balls that goes along with the soup.

java (5)

 Ayam Bakar is another version of their food, that its being grill till some parts are slightly burnt as it is and to eat with this, must eat along with their fiery red sambal.

java (6)

Ayam Goreng Penyet, does comes with rice but we told her we did not want it cuz we are ordering more food to try out. Live up the expectation of look and taste hail all they way from Indonesia, well season and fried. We ended up order another 2 more portion. – Recommended!

java (7)

This Fried Fish(I have forgotten what is the exact name) is introduce by the owner too, its fresh and the meat is soft yet  its pretty huge. For those who don really take chicken meat with fish is the option, then this would be recommended!

java (8)

Nasi Uduk was highly recommended by the owner and we ordered that. True enough, it surprise us with the fragrant santan rice top with egg slices, with the little side dish that compliments well with it and best of all is the chicken been season to perfection that its very fragrant with light ginger and fried till crisp. Top of that with crunchy flakes to make it compliments better.

java (9)

Their ABC special is presented very colourful with the syrup taste very unique. 😀

As I went back early for this dining and I must say, for CHEAP authentic Indonesian food, this is the place to be. Their main range from RM6.50-RM12. Cheap right, I plan to visit this outlet soon again along with the awesome Martabak Manis(click here) not to be miss. Highly Recommended outlet~


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Waroeng Oma
No. 42-1, Jalan PJS 8/2,
Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya,
46150, Selangor

Phone:03-5637 7255

I have always miss Indonesian food, especially on their street style. When I was there often few years back, there are a few things I will always eat, their sate, roti bakar and a few more. Guess what? Recently I found a place that sell one of my favorite savory originate from there known as Martabak Manis or Terang Bulan pancakes at Waroeng Oma.

Yap, you can say it is something similiar to our local market Ban Chang Kuih where you can find it in pasar malam or Pasar Pagi. The only big difference is the ingredient they use.

mbi (1)

Operate by 2 young lads, one of the owner of The MBI Martabak Manis actually originated from Jawa Indonesia and to make it better, they operate this little stall in this restaurant that also sells authentic Indonesian food which I will be blogging next.

mbi (2)

mbi (3)

Pricing for the Martabak Manis is very reasonable as they are huge in size and the ingredient they added in is very generous. Martabak Manis comes in 2 version one which is Original – means the thicker version and Tipker means the thinner or you if you love crispy then go for Tipker.

mbi (4)

All of this are prepare fresh upon order. It takes very fast for them to prepare one as, it takes a few minutes for them to get 1 piece ready for you.

mbi (5)

My all time favourite order would be .. . . .  when the base is form till the side is crispy, then first layer they spread with butter .. .

mbi (6)

 Follow by Cheeze ..

mbi (7)

 Follow by Chocolate Rice and peanut. .

mbi (8)

 Lastly, added on condense milk ..

mbi (9)

 Then my they cut it and you can hear the cracking sound of the edge. . .

mbi (10)

This is my order, Original Martabak Manis Special @ RM 10. Rich in ingredient and very aromatic compare to our local stall. Just exactly like what they offer in streets of Indonesia. It might look sinful at first but after first bite, you will continue eating till its gone. Pretty addictive. Of course cant compare in price as its way too different. Cheeze that they use, taste nice and fragrant as event though they using Kraft and its imported all the way from Indonesia, as the owner find it our local one is more mild.

This portion I would say its pretty huge and best to share at least with 2 people.

mbi (15)

 Next order is Original Cheeze with Milk @ RM 8.50

mbi (11)

After getting our thick version then we hope onto their Tipker version which is done like paper thin and the pieces that they cut all crack . This is best to eat it while its hot and not advisable to make it take away as it turn soggy very fast. Unless you go something of the ingredient that doesnt have wet base like peanut and chocolate rice, it might last a bit longer.

mbi (12)

Our next order is Tipker Pisang Special (Tipker Banana special) @ RM 11 filled with, chocolate rice, cheeze, condense milk, peanut and banana. The whole plate was gone in seconds and order another same portion again. It is so crispy and fragrant that make all of us hard to resist.

mbi (13)

Then last order we go for our favourite style which is filled with corn and peanut only. Never disappoint as the way they do the skin is already good.

If you are hunting for nice/ authentic Indonesian snacks and food, this shop surely can cure your cravings and it has now falls to one of my highly recommended place to hunt for.

M.B.I @ Waroeng Oma
No.42-1,Jln PJS8/2,
Sunway Mentari Plaza.46150 Selangor
Bandar Sunway
(few doors away from McD)

Bunisess hour 1.00PM – 10.00PM
Tel No: +6 03 – 5637 7255


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