Sweet and Spicy Ayam Goreng MacD


It so happen I wanted to grab double cheese burger for lunch in Mekdi and then saw this new poster in Macdonalds Sweet and Spicy Ayam Goreng MacD and Chocolate Banana Pie. Only realise that this Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken in Macdonalds just launch yesterday on 24th April.

It was random that I decided to do a #mukbang for this. My first video of eating. Thought of give it a try since its been a while since last had it.

ayam goreng mcD

To my surprise, turns out to be pretty good. Crispy on the skin even though it is 15 minutes out. Do note that I think if on delviery service like GRAB, food Panda, it might get soggy. So will be depending on your luck.

If you get a chance to eat this there after MCO, do it. I would do it for another round. To test on the crispiness of it.

Worth to give it a try. *thumbs up for this Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken Ayam Goreng Spicy Mcd .

chocolate banana pie macd

Chocolate Banana Pie in Macdonals also making a big wave during this MCO. Was told it is pretty good that I must try too. Since it is so good, I decided to give it a try.

mekdi pie

It is not bad, as the skin of the pie is crispy. Filling is slightly over cook where the banana puree and chocolate seems to be slightly harden up. Overall it is still pretty good.I think different branch have different texture too. Give it a try pun.

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