Operate by a young chap, Nic with a vision to provide good food quality, this is how Bedrock Restaurant & Cafe came about. Located in this busy district, Taipan, constantly you will find parking is an issue and however, if the food is nice, food hunters will always find their way thru to get into their ideal destination.

On the side note, there is a multi story carpark located right behind the shop.

bedrock (1)

bedrock (2)

A cozy cafe that located on the first floor which is directly above Nan Yang Kopitiam, that is filled with natural lighting. Nic know that his shop do have strong sun light during the evening and he is looking to add more nice decor into it.

bedrock (3)

bedrock (4)

My Latte is very decent as coffee is not their main concentration as food is their priority.

bedrock (5)

Started out with Salted Roast Chicken with Mashed Potato @ RM 18. I must say, I am impress with this as its cook to perfection, superb moist and tender texture plus a crisp roasted skin. Slightly salty for me but pairing with mash potato is just right to reduce the taste out.

bedrock (6)

After some DIY, Bedrock’s very own version of Kedgeree @ RM 12, to me it is serve like a beautiful ship top with some eggs, lemon at the side to add some acidic flavour and also to tone the spices out. This food do beats some of rice that I have tried before.

bedrock (7)

Another common dish that most of the cafe would start to have is this Baked Eggs @ RM 16 served with in house baked bread slice was a charm, sprinkle with some herbs along that makes it quite flavourful and aromatic. He found a way to make it serve out faster by cooking on the stove.


bedrock (10)

Portion is decent but quite generous with the ingredient. Flavour is punchy sour and not bad.

bedrock (9)

Primavera @ RM 15 served in linguine pasta is one of the best to have. Love their sauce, cheese and pasta cook to just right to my liking and portion is decent. – recommended.

bedrock (11)

For dessert lover, they come out something slightly different which is  Peanut Butter and Jam French Toast @ RM16 topped along with their homemade ice cream.

bedrock (12)

Love their homemade ice cream as slightly creamy, soft and just nice. Do not mind to come back here for only their ice cream.

bedrock (13)

Instead of french toast, you can opt to choose the base of  Pancake @ RM 12 served with very lovely drizzle of chocolate on top of the generous scoop of ice cream and banana slice.

bedrock (14)

bedrock (15)

bedrock (16)


I am impress with their food quality and surely do not mind to return again for more as they are planing to have new menu soon. Best of all, the mastermind Nic is the one that coming out all these with his own recipe.

Bedrock café is located on the first floor above the Nanking coffee shop at:
36-1, Jalan USJ 10/1,
Taipan Business Centre,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 017-352 7250

Business hours: 11am-11pm daily (till 1am on weekends) Closed on Mondays

GPS: 3.047923,101.584301

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bedrock.rc

Creampuffs anyone? Remember that I was a kid that any of my friends birthday party surely would have creampuff under their desserts section, and surely I would take one piece to try it before I take more. It was such a trendy thing back in those days and now, I must say it had been replace with so many other creative baker that are available in the market at the moment. Kee’s Creampuff is one of them.

kees (1)

With that thought, of course there are still many strong believer in their puffs when comes to another shop that I was introduce by a friend to check it out and before I came over I Google it to check is it worth my trip here. Afterall, it was worth it.

Creampuff to many people is like those traditional that its either plain or with custard, and we order quite a bit to try out and till the owner, Kenneth came out and greet us after watching us busy taking picture from the kitchen.

kees (3)

Then get to learn further from him that they actually started off online 3 years ago and since then their business grow till they decided to open a shop 9 months back to cater for more crowd, from homebase now to little shop with huge kitchen.

kees (4)

Then the owner even print and frame out bloggers article and pictures that were written about them and feature on the wall.

kees (5)

kees (6)

I find the price range are very reasonable as also further understand that all their products are made fresh even down to ingredient as he and his mom R&D the fillings. They have quite a wide selection for a puff.

kees (7)

If you are here for afternoon tea, they even have a set for you to choose from, ranging classic to premiums.

kees (8)

 This is the huge kitchen and all operated by their own family members.

kees (2)

You can choose any of the flavours from the fridge then they will place order to the kitchen to make everything fresh from in there to you. Waiting time is couple of minutes.

kees (9)

kees (11)

On that day after staring at the fridge, everything seems good. We ordered 70% of the range. kekek. . .

kees (12)

 Starting off with Original/ classic, Lemon & Blueberry  

kees (13)

 These 2 are actually my favourite with Chocolate Banana turns out to be another favourite as fragrant of fresh banana and the chocolate pairs well together make it good to have more & if you are a fan of Peanut Butter like me then  another flavour you should not miss as they have slightly tone it down and peanut taste is rather strong to my liking.

kees (14)

 Cookies n Cream & Lemon

kees (15)

 Chocolate top with classic filling

kees (16)

 Hazelnut, Green Tea & Chocolate

kees (17)

 super star of the range exactly like eating, Durian which is also one of their best seller @ RM 2.50 per piece.

No doubt that their range of puff are pretty impressive, with all the different fillings that they have added into making it more savory and spoilt for choices. The puff are soft and airy, that make in a perfect bite size. I just put one piece into my mouth and munch. If you are getting this for dessert , then this is the flavour I would recommend

My top Fav: Durian, Banana Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Classic 

kees (18)

Then they have added into their range Lemon Cheeze Cake & Red Velvet

kees (19)

Love their Lemon Cheeze as its very smooth and light sourish end with the crust at the bottom is just at the right solid and crunchy texture that will surely pairs well for afternoon tea. Worth to give it a try.

kees (20)


kees (21)

 Chamomile and I must say that their tea is very fragrant.

  • The classic creampuff is at RM 1.50 per piece and with flavours cost RM1.80 per piece.
  • For purchases of more than 10 pieces, you will enjoy a 10% discount from the total price.

At the end of the day, tapau durian and it was gone before I reach home. Flavours that I like really subjective and its up for you to try them out.~

Remark: the puff are made fresh and it will last about 2 days only and for Durian is about 2-4 hours. 

*Pork – Free

Kee’s Creampuffs
30-G, Jalan USJ9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre,
47620 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 017-3842813

Business hours: 8:30am-8:30pm

Email: [email protected]

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