This round Hennessy will bring you the local Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru and B.A.T.E that presented to us when we were partying at H-Artistry last year at Kenaga Wholesale City Center and this round they are back again on the decks on the 21st to supply befitting music for the night, while one of Taiwan’s most respected female deckmeisters DJ Cookie will be the star of the night. The resident of Taipei’s premier, luxury nightspot LUXY will be bringing her passionate and pulsating sounds to not only Kuala Lumpur, but also to the Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS parties lined up for Room @ Autocity in Penang and iBeam in Batu Pahat.

Guarding Your Codes with Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS and Mr. Nasty & Guru-Guru check out below:

A little info about them :

Infamous household names of the Kuala Lumpur party scene, Mr.Nasty and GuruGuru who are otherwise known as Bass Agents need no introduction. Anchoring the hipster continent of Zouk Club KL with their monthly residency at Basonic, Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru have well established their mark in the region with their complex and edgy lashings of electro, hard trance and hard style.

Known for their dirty, energetic electro house and big room tunes, their monthly parties at various locations around Kuala Lumpur such as CTRL at Zouk, Avant/Garde at Vertigo and TOP at Bakita have earned them borderline cult status and potent street cred. They also shared the H-Artistry stage at KWC with the likes of B.A.T.E., Angger Dimas, and Eva Simons in September 2012.

Guarding Your Codes with Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS and B.A.T.E.

B.A.T.E., made up of local duo Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon, are two fast rising nu-breeds who are set to be the next big DJ duo in the local scene. Despite being relatively new, B.A.T.E. are no strangers to Kuala Lumpur party goers. The duo is frequently spotted tearing up the decks at various nightspots around the city such as Barsonic at Zouk, Vertigo, LUST, Bakita and Bedroom, as well as events such as 2012’s second H-Artistry party at KWC.

Known for their hand-picked selection of only the finest tunes in Disco, Techno, Big Room and Electro, B.A.T.E. are heavily influenced by EDM juggernauts such as Laidback Luke, Boys Noize and Steve Angello.

HA (17)

To those who are going, see you guys there on 21st March. . . Drink up and party hard. Drive safely after that.

Do not worry to those of you cant party at KL and here are the locations that these duo will be spinning:

PENANG: Room @ Autocity, 29 March, ft. DJ Cookie (TPE) and B.A.T.E. (KL).

BATU PAHAT: iBeam, 12 April, ft. DJ Cookie (TPE) and B.A.T.E. (KL).

KOTA KINABALU: BED, 26 April, ft. DJ Aye (BKK) and Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru (KL).

For more information on access to the Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS parties and on-going promotions, log on to www.fb.com/HennessyMalaysia.

I did party hard last year at my very first time attending Hennessy Artistry (click here) and the event was absolutely awesome with great performance line up, that blast our feet away from the floor, with great arrangement at the scene that once walk into the entrance you will pass by this bar mixing 101 for us to learn . .

Then photo session of remembrance to post freely which is a good memory ..

Best of all I get to meet all my friends there. .. .

Last year turn out for this event is huge with at least 5o00 people in the scene dancing and enjoying all night long with great performance and free flow alcohol all night long.

of course one of the main star of the night could not be more than Kardinal and gang that had us all hype up.

As for this year, after 6 record breaking and unforgettable parties around Malaysia, the party has come to an end with the finale part of it. The biggest Hennesys Artistry is back with “The Global Art of Mixing” party of 2011 that going to take place at the same venue last year.

This annual event is sure going to rock your feet off the ground again with surprise line up for this year, that it is assure this huge place is going to turn into super club where sights, sounds, and tastes collide to form an eclectic and  explosive unforgettable clubbing experience.

In global party scene, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties in several countries like New York, Shanghai, Taipei had never disappoint their fans with super star to perform like Ciara, The Roots, Mike Posner, Alexandra Burke, Harlem Yu, Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung, and Sammi Cheng. Even our local scene in Malaysia is pretty impressive too with previous line up of Flo-Rida, Kardinal Offishall, Shayne Ward, Boys Like Girls, The Ying Yang Twins  and others.

As for this year, the play cards is out by guessing who are the line up that makes us more curious and looking forward for the event which is happening in the month of November.

To know who will be the line up for this year, just log into www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook also on details on how to get this money cant buy invites to attend party of the year. Alternative you can also follow then on twitter to know on the line up for this round www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter.

Even though we party hard all night long, just do remember that, drink responsibly . .Your love ones is always waiting for you.

One of the thing that we are looking forward to after a long stroll at the Aborigines Park in Taiwan(click here), we were told that Tina and Eva had already book a very nice restaurant for dinner which served their specializing hot and spicy Sichuan cuisine. Kiki Restaurant is rated one of the best around the area.


As I was told by Tina that this famous restaurant chain is own by their famous local celebrity Singer and TV host Lan Xin Mei that can only be found in Taipei District. Tina had book this restaurant few days ahead to ensure we get a place in this restaurant which RESERVATION is a must before you head here.

kiki (2)

This building had 3 story and the whole building is fully packed with people. Shows that they do have a serious good business. Their contemporary design with unfancy orangy lighting with wooden and nice chairs to make all of us comfy to dine in the restaurant.

kiki (3)

While we were at Sun Moon Lake we saw this great souvenir to get and give to this 2 great new friends Tina and Eva to thank them for spending so much time with us while we are there. We gave them a token of appreciation of NT 1 mil that shared by me and Pak .. .hahaha. . . .


kiki (5)

kiki (6)

kiki (7)

3 of them are just as funny as they are, we had good laughter and crap all the way.

It was the 5th day on our trip (day 4 click here) and we had a slight change of plan in our schedule that we should visit this place, Window of China and all agree to visit this place which located at Taoyuan. Again we had been waking up early every day around 7.30 am to head for new destination and exploration. We took MRT  to Zhongli Railway Station, then you can continue by Hsinchu Bus (bound for Leofoo Village & Window on China Theme Park) to the park but we have opted pre-arrange cab to pick us up at the train station to Window on China with total journey around 1 n half hour from Taipei Main Station. Another option you can go is by taking a high speed rail bullet train from Taipei to Taoyuan station.

d 5

d 5 (2)

The taxi guy is very very friendly, telling us all about Taiwan and what are other places of interest to go. After a few days here, I find that most of them are very friendly yet very informative. A good way for Taxi to promote their local destinations also.

d 5 (3)

Not long after that, we reached Window on China Theme Park and there are alot of cars going in as the school holiday just started. Most of the family would want to bring their children here, as not only you get to see minature building most of northen Taiwan but also there are a theme park in it. In the Theme Park also have the tallest fume ride with 12th story high, Taiwan’s first 360 degree spinning “Rocking Boat,  and many more. (click here for details)

d 5 (4)

For Entry it cost NT499 each which you can check it out more at this website Taiwan Themepark

d 5 (5)

They are so cute that dress in Doraemon in the theme park world and if you do follow the comic. . .

d 5 (6)

You can buy the mini helicopter hair band to fly around the park . .:D

d 5 (7)

When we reach, a cultural dance is going on in Taiwanese Art Folk Center.

d 5 (8)

Then we walked in to the world of Xiau Ren Guo which is the other meaning of Window on China.

d 5 (9)

you can see how minature the building is. Most of them are all the historical building build around the world.

d 5 (10)

#Window on China 1

d 5 (11)

#Window on China 2

d 5 (12)

#Window on China 3

d 5 (13)

#Window on China 4

Before we head to the theme park, this caught us by surprise that we did not know there is another famous cartoon character, Doraemon World is in this park too. Let me bring you through the famous teleport door to a glimpse of the world..

d 5 (14)

Say hi to Doraemon and Nobita.

d 5 (15)

# Doraemon 1

d 5 (16)

The famous hang out place in the cartoon character.

d 5 (17)

The time travel machine.

d 5 (18)

Then after that we head into the Theme Park that has many ride

Window on China Theme Park has the tallest water flume ride in Asia. It is 12 stories high, and it is very exciting and scary. In addition, there are many different rides in the amusement park such as “Thunder Rain”, “Nile beach”, Taiwan’s first 360 degree spinning “Rocking Boat, cute “Strawberry Ferry Wheel”, “Flying Planes”, “Jumping Stars”, etc. European Castle Amusement Park is a kids’ favorite. No matter rain or shine, kids can enjoy themselves there.

It has more than 20 rides such as kids’ favorite “Merry-Go-Around”, Taiwan’s only indoor roller coaster, crazy UFOs, Bumper Cars, and so on. There are many varied and interesting rides in the park. (source from Welcome to Taiwan)

d 5 (19)

d 5 (20)

Nile Adventure . . .

d 5 (21)

Wet world . . .

d 5 (22)

Then we head back to the main Park again.

d 5 (23)

That you will definately stop by at this Doraemon mini showcase area.

d 5 (24)

d 5 (26)

Just wish I can fly with them..ehehe

d 5 (27)

#Doraemon 1

d 5 (28)

#Doraemon 2

d 5 (29)

#Doraemon 3

d 5 (30)

#Doraemon 4

d 5 (31)

#Doraemon 5

d 5 (32)

#Doraemon 6

d 5 (33)

#Doraemon 7

d 5 (34)

#Doraemon 8

d 5 (35)

#Doraemon 9

d 5 (36)

#Doraemon 10

d 5 (37)

#Doraemon 11

d 5 (38)

#Doraemon 12

d 5 (39)

#Doraemon 13 with all the main character in the movie, from left (Shizuka, Nobita, Doraemon, Suneo and Takeshi)

d 5 (40)

They are patoring in that world too. . .

d 5 (41)

 #Doraemon 14

d 5 (42)

#Doraemon 15

d 5 (43)

#Doraemon 16

d 5 (44)

#Doraemon 17

d 5 (45)

#Doraemon 18

d 5 (46)

#Doraemon 19

Dora world

d 5 (47)

On the way heading out we were recommended on this brand of Taiwan Muarchi which is seriously good. Recommended if you do come here.

d 5 (48)

Overall I find that, the only main attraction that attract me very much is the Doraemon World, I would recommend to go other places of interest if you do have the time as there is nothing much to see, or maybe I went to the Shenzen Window of China before which is much bigger and nicer that makes me think like that.

For more info of Window on China on Taiwan and public transport to come here, check this out

1) Taiwan Touch Your Heart

2) Taiwan Window on China

If you are looking for more ThemePark Attraction around Taiwan, this website certainly helps us to plan the trip, Themepark

After the tour, Ian’s girlfriend plan to visit back her town when she used to study at Taiwan, then we head to Taoyuan town for makan makan (food hunt), as we were inform by the auntie that there is a lot of nice food to offer there.

d 5 (49)

Our very first stop of the place is this desert shop which is highly recommended by the auntie, Meet Fresh as when I first saw this shop it instantly link me to our local famous Taiwanese desert, Snowflakes is because both of them have very  similar concept.

d 5 (50)

The concept started off with a old-fashioned sweets-filled upbringing on a farm in Taichung County’s Fengyuan, a pair of siblings decided to open up a candy shop to share their sweet talent with city dwellers. Johnson Fu and Ms. Fu, a brother-and-sister team, create nostalgic treats with fresh taro and other natural ingredients. All of their sweets are handmade without chemical additives and are cooked right in the store on a daily basis. Their creations include flavors like taro jelly, bean jelly, grass jelly, and several different teas (NT$30-50). The siblings recommend their grass jelly drink, which has a very smooth texture. –By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee (source from Taiwanfun)

This desert shop is so famous that now it had around 130 outlets just in Taiwan itself and become a legend of the Two Elders

d 5 (51)

This place is a hit among many Taiwanese and they had a few branches around Taiwan Country and now had extended as far as Sydney which Grabyourfork blog about it..

d 5 (52)

The price is definately reasonable with the portion of it and range is more than Snowflakes.

d 5 (53)

d 5 (54)

d 5 (55)

d 5 (56)

For taste wise, the taste is abit mild compare to Snowflakes as they had edit according to our local taste bud. This is their famous signature desert with taro, red bean, grass jelly and finely shave ice at the bottom.

d 5 (58)

d 5 (59)

Then the auntie went to tapau for us a famous fried chicken for us that is famous in the neighbourhood but I still find that on the first day what we eat is better. (click here)

d 5 (60)

Taste not bad, crispy, as I love mine spicy and have to eat it while its hot.

d 5 (61)

After our lunch, aunty brought us to her brother’s shop that operating Taiwan Bubble Tea which is few doors away.

d 5 (62)

With a small booth like that can operate one good bubble tea stall.

d 5 (63)

Their top 5 recommended drinks for the stall.

d 5 (64)

d 5 (65)

Both that working in here are her cute niece.

d 5 (66)

d 5 (67)

Of course we definately will go for their Original classic Milk Tea with Pearl and Winter Melon with Pearl. I would just say this is so far one of the best bubble tea that we have come accross so far. Very nice aromatic tea brewery and the best is the pearl, chewy- not too solid yet soft which as our liking. . .We just non stop sucking and chewing it.

d 5 (68)

Under this hot weather, with this drink definately is satisfying.

d 5 (69)

We head to next stall accross the street that sells this fried item.

d 5 (73)

This is the shop number and if you can find this shop, you will be able to find the fried chicken also.


d 5 (71)

This is where the Taiwan fried chicken stall is located, which I do not really know how to find in the map, I am very sorry for the location but I got scolded because of taking her stall as she do not want to be in any media.

d 5 (72)

Police cars that look pretty Chinese.

d 5 (74)

After all those, we were all very very very seriously full but the auntie still want us to eat by bringing us to this shop that serve good soup and fried dumpling.

d 5 (75)

d 5 (76)

d 5 (78)

Sour and Hot soup  .. .

d 5 (79)

With a choice of many taste you can mix and match with it.

d 5 (80)

I love this fried dumpling with the skin is thin and fried on one side. The filling inside is solid with meat and a bit cripsy thing which is not water chestnut. . Dip with a bit vinegar and chili oil, taste awesome.

We took an hour bus back to the city, went back to hotel, load in more cash into our wallet as we are heading to warzone destination which I would say a shopping paradise for women.

*remark – Girls, if you do come here, please load yourself with cash! If not you will regret walking out from here and most of the girls came here, did kena a serious damage in purse.

Wufenpu is our next destination, know as a garment wholesale shopping paradise that all the seller here do sell in lose pack and if you would want to buy in bulk definately you will get cheaper price compare to all of us. For girls that love to shop, this place is definately a Big RECOMMENDED place to all of you. For guys, I am sad to say that its quite limited but we still can find something out of here as I feel that 70% for girls 30% for guys. For us as a guy, I did ended up with a few pieces of nice pants and t-shirts which is quite a bargain compare to Malaysia.

If you get Wufenpu by MRT (Kunyang Line) from Taipei Main Station – Get off at the Houshanpi Station (Exit 4) and walk about five minutes west along Yongji Street to the corner of Zhongpo N. Rd..

d 5 (81)

Here’s a premium shopping trip for you: know that in Taipei “value for money” in clothing and accessories means the Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area . Located in the eastern part of Taipei City, here your tourist dollar travels far.

The literal translation of “Wufenpu” is “five parcels of open land,” indicating that in pioneering days the first Chinese settlers bought up a large plot here in modern Taipei’s Songshan District in a group of five. To today’s Taipei residents, however, the place name is synonymous with a renowned wholesalers’ district stuffed to the brim with quality inexpensive clothing and related adornments — and stuffed with happy bargain-hunters most every day. It is now rightfully gaining recognition on the tourist map as well. (source from Taiwan Touch your Heart)

d 5 (82)

The place is quite huge and most of the girls here can spend just half day shopping in this place. So take your time and have fun burning your pocket.

d 5 (83)

Me I am a happy shopper here at last that I manage to find my nice not so camera bag in this area which I totally like the quality and good bargain.

d 5 (84)

By shopping half way, we did stop by to Farmosa Chang which is famous for Nu Rou Fan (mince pork rice) around the area for a satisfying dinner (click here) and continue shopping back after that.

d 5 (85)

By walking too much in the wholesale area, makes us reach back our homestay around 12 am which we took the last MRT ride and feeling very hungry when reach back our place. Then head to our favourite 7-11 store which we hang out here every night to buy food and beer back. The orange juice taste so pure is like 90% blend fresh yet thick in flavour. Umph ah! then the instant noodle have mince pork cubes as the add in flavour turns to be one of our favourite supper now.

d 5 (86)

This is my set which is super spicy and challenging and delicious.

d 5 (88)

d 5 (89)

Looks plain, after a few bites  just prepare to get sweaty.

d 5 (87)

My favourite drink before I go to bed, Big bottle of Taiwan Beer is so cheap that cost around NT32 for 1 bottle which is RM3.20 for 1. Love the lager taste of it and for a local beer, definately I am recommending it~

Its time to sleep early and will go to my Day 6 itenery soon which is Sun Moon Lake which mesmerise us of the scenic view!

Taiwan Trip Day 4 –> Jinguashi’s Gold Ecological Park –> JiuFen –> Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall –> Miramar Mall

On the fourth day, we woke up very early again and can just feel the heat start to burn on our skin and knowing it going to be another hot day. Having breakfast on the go and heading to Taipei Main Station to visit this wonderfull place Jiufen that most of my friend its a MUST go place if you are in Taiwan. We are heading there with a group of new friends which most of them are Indonesians but studying there for quite some time arleady.


They seriously have a huge big station compare to our mini KTM station which is half dead also or KL Central which I presume something similiar but very far behind with the user friendly access and really Main station compare to ours.

5 (2)

5 (3)

With varieties of train available from the olden steam train to the modern bullet train for you to choose from and the schedule and time line very accurate. Having fast and efficient people working in the counter, we didnt wait for long to get our tickets even though there are quite number of people as that was the first day of the high school holiday. So there are alot of people heading other province.

5 (4)

The ticket is also very classic feels like the time I ride in the bus when I was a kid with a punch hole from the bus attendent.

It was on our day 3 of our trip and things that not to be miss is to try out Taiwanese Breakfast which we find it quite interesting. We have no idea of where to head for this kind of breakfast but the landlord told us one block away there is one famous Taiwan Breakfast that we have to get there early. Trying out Spicy Soyabean a kick for Taiwanese Breakfast As the que is crazy. Again, as usual we woke up late and delayed abit and walk to the place which is 5 minutes away from our home stay. One of the challenge I have when I was in Taiwan is that I just don know how to read Chinese as I can speak only. So please bare with me, with all the limited direction with all I can is providing map.


This place is located at the exit No.5 of Shandao Temple station which is a very small mall with an entrance located at the side walk.  On the outlook, it looks like a dead area as it was still early in the morning 8.30am for weekend.

taufufa (2)

After we climb one level up to this place, the voice of people chatting is getting so much louder and we were like Woah! so bloody Many ppl queing through the staircase. One of the suprise is that their operating time is so long from 5am – 9pm which is more than 12 hours per day.

taufufa (4)

This is what we mean very packed! One thing that we are glad is that this place is clean ( most places of Taiwan is also clean I guess).

taufufa (5)

This is one of the que from this end to another end which makes it like |_| .

taufufa (7)

What we can do is just having fun and que with the rest of the people, Aim and attack for places to sit.

taufufa (6)

They have very big open concept kitchen that effectively doing and fried all those very fast.

taufufa (8)

The Yau Char Guai is the biggest I have come accross so far with at least 12inch long.

taufufa (9)

They are not making Nan but one of the garlic bread in the oven.

taufufa (10)

taufufa (11)

There are 5-6 people inside the counter doing seperate things together. Although it is a bit slow because of some human do not know how to calculate their sum or do not prepare the money out or did not see the menu while quieng that cause the whole long que.

taufufa (12)

Do not fancy huge selection of menu as most of their food on the menu is their signature.

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