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I am a big fan of steamboat and was introduce to this shop by one of my best friend which recently became one of her favourite steamboat shop. Hail all the way from Taiwan, a few Taiwanese fell in love with Malaysia and decided to resides here by forming their passion of Taiwanese Steamboat (HotPot) to be introduce to our local community. 神来一鍋 (God’s Delicious Pot) open its door to public since July 2015 and already have high demand for their food.


The cozy restaurant surely do resembles those famous little Taiwanese neighborhood steamboat  with its wall are being written by their guest along with their photo. Interior are being design by a Taiwanese and nearly 90% of all the items that you can feel and see in this outlet are all made and ship from Taiwan.

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I enjoy seating at the bar area and also the concept of this Taiwanese Steamboat is by ordering individual pot. If you feels that you do not want, you are able to share the same pot and on the sides there are ala carte menu for you to order extra. There are 8 soup base for you to choose from : Pork Bone, TomYum, Milk, Konbu, KimChi, Shacha, Herbal & Taiwan Mala


Price wise you might find it slightly steep for you for a individual pot but I think it is still worth it.

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Their special Taiwanese Dip with another 6 more ingredients.

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I am in love with their winter melon ice crush. Not too sweet yet it is very refreshing and flavourful.

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The base of the sauce is imported from Taiwan where it is a must for all Taiwanese Steamboat and they have tweak the sauce abit. If you do order any meat, this is the sauce that you would not want to miss dipping.

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In their set, you get to choose to have noodle or their famous Mince Pork Rice serve with appetizer.

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We ordered two pot,  one with Herbal Soup base (clear soup and mild herbal taste which is like Taiwan as they are not filled with heavy taste bud) and mine with yin yeong where half is Taiwan Ma Lat (level 1 out of 3 levels) and another half is the bbq pit that serve with a pretty decent size of pork oil.

Love the taste of Taiwanese Ma Lat where the spicy level do not burn your thought and make it numb as they mix with herbal soup and you will feel an instant burning of spicy and will be gone after that. I think level 2 will be good enough for me. *Do not get yourself chocked with the spiciness as you will feel a burning sensation in your throat as I got chocked myself with the soup. 😀

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Most of the ingredients that they serve are fresh and I ordered beef and lamb (those of you who do not like the lamb strong taste, you might have to give this a pass.)

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Serve along with a pot of vegetable.

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each of you will be serve with their special powder from Kimchi, spicy, pepper and others. The purpose of it you can add in by tweaking the taste of the meat that you plan to eat by either adding it into the soup or while during bbq your meat.

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Lets eat!

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Purple bottle is good for bbq beef that enhance the taste of it. Add in at your own level.

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For the noodle, we where thought by the restaurant Manager Kelvin where his favourite way of cooking this is by cooking it into the soup base till the noodle is nearly soft, then move it to the bbq pit and fried it for another 3-4 minutes depending by adding kim chi powder (yellow bottle) also a scoop or two of soup base on each 2 minutes.

Noodle is springy and fragrant. A great way to end the meal.

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Eating Steamboat to me must always paired with beer and best of all they serve Taiwanese Long Chuan Beer which is similiar to Tiger Beer.

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For dessert, you get to choose puddings as I chose Mango and Cappuccino.

My bills total up at RM 110 for 2 pax and a can of Taiwanese Beer which I find it very decent for the quality that they are serving and it is pretty good to me. This place have also climb into my top 3 places for steamboat.

If you visit this place on weekend, I would advise you too make a reservation (with only 10 minutes holding time), if you miss the boat, average waiting time as what mention by my friend is 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Weekdays is still pretty decent.

Remark: Best part is if you do bring BYO, there is no corkage charges. Especially those bring wine, they do not provide any wineglass. best if you bring yourself. they only have normal glass. 


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , great stuff, should give it a try Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

7-1 GF, Jalan PJU 5/9 Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Operating Hours: 5pm-11pm

Tel: 03-61505689

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