Great food with great view is a rare combination. For any special occasions, you definitely could consider Tangerine at The Face Suites is another Rooftop Fine Dining Restaurant that I recently discover. Sitting high up at level 51, with great sunset view and overlooking busy streets down below is something you could just sit up and relax with a glass of wine to call it off a day.

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Of course you can enjoy the moment up here at outdoor seating area before moving into your dining.

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Up here is indeed fine dining experience where ambiance and settings are meant for it. At the moment they are only operating for evening hours only.

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From this menu, you can actually choose 3 course, 5 course and 7 course dinner. At the moment, recommended menu to enjoy good dining experience is 5 course Dinner Menu. This menu only last till end of April as May, they will be changing new menu.

5 Course Dinner Menu @ RM 228 nett which I find it very reasonable. Rarely I am impress for such dining experience and here is why:

  1. Food is prepare by local talent, which mean is a Malaysian Chef
  2. More impress is because a lady malay chef which you rarely see in fine dining scene. (which I am proud off)
  3. Technical skills and flavor profile with French Cooking method, is certainly impressive.
  4. 5 main course but they do serve amuse boche which is like a small stater or palate teaser for you to hit on before start of main course = 4-5 small dishes additional.

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Amuse Bouche 1
Seared Tuna with Saffron

Tangerine (10)

Interesting palate starter where the tuna is seared nicely and best way to enjoy the taste is cut half of it to enjoy the original taste then balance half add on both the little dressing add ontop and eat along. that will give you different flavour profile of the item which enhance the taste of it. Slight creamy fragrant of saffron is better.

Tangerine (12)

Amuse Bouche 2
Green Pea Panna Cotta – is more like a mini palate cleanser for me as it is silky creamy that near melt in your mouth.

Tangerine (13)

1st Course- Pearl Tomato Compote

Honey yogurt cheese, nitro olive & basil crumbs – nicely presented for a mini salad starter where tomato is sweet, and honey yogurt cheese did not over power the natural sweetness of the tomato and basil crumbs and nitro olive just enhance the slight sour bitterness as it needed. A great well balance of flavour.

Tangerine (14)

2nd Course – Foie Gras Cherry

Not your daily doze of cheery as this is filled with Gooseberry, forest nuts, pochon tuille . 
A well crafted dish that indieed combine with technical skills and flavour that gives you the little flavor surprise to keep the momentum going.

Tangerine (15)

as you cut open the cheery, there are hidden ingredient in it. Well coated, and eat half of the portion as original and then you mix all the ingredient on the plate with the well presented tuile biscuit. The flavor explosion is amazing. You need a dry white wine for this to hit the after taste even better.

Tangerine (16)


Tangerine (17)
Portobello Tortellini (Additional charge RM40) 

With truffles shaves, truffles malto & truffle troth. nicely presented in a marble plate that give you the luxury look of it, but my first bite of this had fell inlove with the cherries.

Tangerine (18)

Amuse Bouche 3
Chicken Rod – another awesome clear broth to wash off your palate before next dish.

Tangerine (20)

3rd Course
Brittany Lobster Tartare – Crustacean bisque, ash oil, saffron aroma. Something new to me that to eat this raw. Love to pair this with good shiraz.

Tangerine (20.1)

Tangerine (21)

Cured Hokkaido Scallop – Garden pea mousse with black caviar. scallop is fresh and need not any much cooking or dressing as cleverly pair with garden pea mousse to give a light flavour in it and the edible herbs just give a nice natural flavour and mild bitter end yet freshness of taste is still there.

Tangerine (23)

Palate Cleanser
Iced Avocado & White Gazpacho – very interesting as it is creamy and salty combination, with mint give you the light refreshing after taste.

Tangerine (24)

4th Course – The mains, you get to choose from the 3 options. 

Angus Tenderloin  – Grey Chanterelle, grain mustard baby spinach, romesco


Tangerine (25)

For safe option, Wild Cod – Kalamata crust, leek and potato souffle, baby fennel & passion fruit air is done to perfection.

Tangerine (26)


Tangerine (27)

Daube of Wagyu Beef Cheek
Yorkshire pudding, pickled beets, caramelised shallot, rosemary crisp

Tangerine (28)

Tangerine (29)

To finish off, Spanish Goat Cheese – Gelato goat cheese, charcoal meringue, pistachio cookies, orange jelly is your unique surprise dessert. Creamy texture, nice balance of goat cheese yet eat along with the rest of element, it just balance off well and the lingering fragrant of goat cheese is not overpowering. Loving it.

Tangerine (30)

Additional suprise is when they serve along Chocolate Box. I am not a fan of chocolate, but the homemade chocolate by chef is top notch.

Tangerine (31)

Tangerine (32)

Upon payment, you are then given a mini gift of macarons. Oh my, this is one of the better ones I had so far in KL. Chewy texture with slight crust crack on the top and best of all is not too sweet.

Some of you ask in my Insta Story is it worth to visit, well, this restaurant had just move into my top 4 recommended list of fine dining in KL.

THE FACE Suites, Sky Deck (Level 51),
1020, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03-2168 1670

Operating Hours: Daily: 6pm – 10.30pm

Wow, I was in Melbourne for 3 years and back to Malaysia can’t imagine that I can find nice Indonesian food again. Even thought I went to Jakarta a few times, I still miss the food there, especially Teh Botol…Just love it. At first I hate the taste,taste like crockcoach, eventually just crave for it. It is hard to find nice Indonesian food in KL, well, here is 1 I tried months back but haven’t start blogging and now back for 2nd visit to include in the blog.

This is the drinks that I orderd,from the left are ES Ice Limau and Es Jeruk. The ice limau is like the limau ice we drink at mamak stall, so not really a special drink. Es Jeruk there is a lot of different compare with I drank it in Indonesia. This 1 taste like we go to hypermarket and grab those 1litre of orange and mix it with water. So really taste normal mix juice syrup not like the one in Indonesia they blend it with small tangerine and put a slice of lime. Wow, the taste of that Jeruk is just so refershing. This after you drink, you need to drink water cuz syrup sweet. Will not recommend this 2 drinks and of course Es Teh Sosro (STILL THE BEST)

This is the Gado Gado one of my fav Indon food as we will quite it satay gravy on top of it. Well, this is not bad, its like veggie food with muruku if not mistaken. Quite alright.

This will definitely be my favourite is one of their signature food which is Ayam Penyet. The ‘crispyness’ of the chicken is just so crispy when you bite into your mouth can feel ‘crakk’ and definitely you have to eat along with the sambal and stir it with kicap manis a bit. You will just crave for it after you eat it. Highly Recomended for first timer

Another will be my favourite also is the Ayam Panggang. It just very juicy and tender. The seasoning of the chicken and panggang it makes the aroma is so nice. The skin is sweet as I believe season with Kicap Manis and just panggang it till the meat just nice and juicy when you tear the chicken up. Definately you must eat it with a mix of Kicap Manis,a lil or red chili and soy sos. Just makes the whole thing perfect.
Well, definitely I would recommend those food lover to visit this shop. As the food above are high recommended by me. Ayam Penyet and Ayam Panggang.
As I read thru also recommended by alot of other bloggers.

The price is not expensive as it ranges from RM7.50-RM12. Decent price for decent food.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , GOOD

– WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

First Floor, Lot 1.32
The Curve Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

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