Melbourne had never left my heart since the day I left back to my home country and till recently I visit back the state which had now made them no.1 most livable state in the world for the past 3 years. Coffee scene had evolve so much and Industry Beans is one of the top cafe was recommended to visit by my friend and so did drop by on my first visit when I am back.

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Industry Beans Cafe is located in Fitzroy 2 streets away from main street and hidden with a few other cafes here. Making its mark to many of their regular, I was advise to head there early as the queue can be crazy with average waiting time 30 minutes – 1 hour. I was lucky to get my seat for less than 10 minutes when I arrive at 10.30am.

industry beans (2)

I am amazed with their menu and by written there Winter Menu, I do believe then its a seasonal menu by them then. Not only the wordings and description makes me drool over the food as their coffee range is rather impressive too with a good selection from their normal coffee to Aeropress Coffee & Tea. I wish I bring more friends as I can order more. Oh well . .

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Further more specialize coffee, the have another menu with their own beans with full description for you to hunt for.

industry beans (4)

industry beans (5)

Love their settings of the cafe as its house in a warehouse version and they do have their own roasters sit right at the back of the kitchen.

industry beans (6)

All their staff are very friendly as even the barista allow me to take their pics. With that, I am totally amazed with them on how good their coffee is as there is another coffee counter with this barista below only doing aeropress drinks.

industry beans (7)

industry beans (8)

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They do have outdoor seating area too.

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My friend she ordered fresh juices, Rubarb, pear, lemon and mint @ Aud 5.5. Indeed its a great detox drink for early morning. Got my Latte (aroma of the coffee is not acidic, slightly stronger than average to my liking, yet a well balance after aroma taste) and another of their drink capture my attention – Cold Brew Soda @ AUD 6 – cold brew, ehtiopian tade guji coffee with soda and sweet lemon syrup. (loving it as the coffee taste is so aromatic, mild and just perfect, soda give it very refreshing)

industry beans (11)

industry beans (12)

Start off with Coconut Crusted Brioche @ AUD 18. Upon serving, I am totally mesmerize with their presentation for a brunch meal as it is serve with with pineapple, crushed peanuts, lime curd & coffee caviar. Its quite an interesting combination as you get bursting flavors with aromatic coconut, sourness of lime, and little ball of coffee caviar burst with bitter flavor to end it is truly impressive! A great combination of taste. 

industry beans (13)

industry beans (14)

I love my next dish too as it do look like a sweet breakfast. Rosewater Compressed Watermelon @ AUD 17 – Passion fruit panna cotta, chia seed granola rose water and rhubarb. Upon placing down, the aroma of fried granola is pretty prominent and its too pretty to be eaten.  Panna cotta done to perfection as its wobbly, less sweet to my liking, hint of mild milk and coconut is tasted, with a bit of sourness from rubarb and I am in love with their compressed watermelon. Its something new to me that i have yet tasted in this version (which it does look like a perfect cut of salmon). 

industry beans (15)

industry beans (16)

order small plates with Peanut Crusted Egg @ AUD 8, Nahm Jim, Peanuts and pickled chili. A simple dish with bursting flavours.  It is one of the best brunch that I come across for my trip and indeed I would highly recommend this to those anyway that travel to Melbourne and not to miss out this cafe. Great coffee, great food & great service. What can we ask for more?

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 10/10 , highly Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

industry beans (18)


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After your meal, you can walk around the neighborhood as you will be greeted with alot of creative graffiti.

Industry Beans Cafe
3/62 Rose Street
(you can take tram 96 heading to East Brunswick that they do pass thru Fitzroy)

+61 3 9417 1034



We don’t accept bookings but walk on in and we’ll get you seated.

In Kl, we have one of the most famous Taiwanese Desert which is Called Snowflakes, as when I visited Taiwan 2 years ago, I was a bit surprise to see that actually their concept is very similiar to Meet Fresh Taiwan (click here). In Taiwan, Meet Fresh is consider one of the famous brand for this desert.

So my dad been telling me about this place he want to try out. Previously he wanted to try out the Yea Japanese BBQ Steamboat Buffet located at Penang Times Square so brought him there. This round is this Taiwanese Desert so mark and done.

Meetfresh (1)

Now is the era of Taiwanese Desert that is bubbling every where in Penang and KL state that have attracted more than 20 brands and the latest arrive in Penang and KL shore is this Taiwan Famous desert Meet Fresh. In Taiwan itself they have more than 100 outlets around Taiwan and their history is in their wall which is pretty impressive.

The orignal 2 masters Mr. and Mrs.Fu originated from Central Taiwan believe that cooking desert in traditional way still the best way to preserve traditional taste of it. It is made daily by handmade of those taro balls and afew other ingredients to ensure customer enjoy freshness of it. More of it (click here)

As for this round, Meet Fresh is own by Wong Kok Group and if you ever want to consider this franchise, they are the best people to go after.

Meetfresh (2)

Like any other Taiwanese desert, after place your order, you will be given this alert item as while they are preparing the desert and once it is ready, it will beep and vibrate. Then only you head to the counter to pick up your desert.

Meetfresh (4)

As usual, will try out their signature or original taste as Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly  with its herbs ice base which is pretty solid in tastes and Taro balls is chewy towards hard side abit and herbs jelly is just nice. @ RM 6.90

Meetfresh (5)

Little Taro Balls in White  Gourd Tea @ RM 5.90

On the menu, I see the name of this drink is very unique and decided to give it a try, with top layer cover with foamy cream and stir it along it had become creamy white and filled little taro balls, its a bit on the sweet side and nothing to shout about.

Meetfresh (6)

On the other side, Soya is always one of my favorite. So to compare what’s the difference of it on Double Joy Soy bean with others as it just lack of extra [email protected] RM 8.90

Still Snowflakes (click  here) stands out more and in Penang, okay lah..if you are craving for nice Taiwanese deserts.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , okay lah -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Meet Fresh
Lot G04 & GA49, Ground Floor,
163D-1-04, Pesiaran Gurney,
Gurney Paragon, 10250, Penang

Business Hour: 11am to 10.30pm, Daily

I believe most of you out there will be like me that, every morning in the office, switch on your computer besides checking on Facebook, now it had become one of a habit for me to hit onto a few discounted sites to see what they have to offer for the day. WeBuy is one of the latest website that I constantly click to check on their deals that max up to 90%.

Today’s new deal started of with Tea Republic which their outlet is located in Bangsar Shopping Center that offers great ambiance to hang out with friends for pastry and tea at only RM17 instead of RM 28 with a savings of 60%.

Lets not forget about the Shawn Cutler deal. For all the guys and girls who are fans of Shawn Cutler, don’t forget to check out their deal of RM 80 worth RM 250.

only that, the offer great discounts, they also give free item away. Yes, early round they gave i-pad away and the very last round they gave away Gucci Borsa Clifford bag for FREE. Yes, ABSOLUTELY FREE, is just that have to click on it and once it hit the numbers, only ONE lucky winner will walk away with this item.

Miss it this round, I guess we have to try again next round .. . . waittt~ no need next round. . . Now WeBuy are doing RM203,000 Community Giveaway Project .

This means that when it hit their maximum numbers that they want, all the members in that project would get extra credits. It is rather simple process that, just log onto their website or click here just click BUY with no charges at all. When first target is met 500 pax, participating members will get RM 3, when next tier of 1500 pax hit, they will get RM5, therefore the more we spread and the more ppl participate, we will get more too . . So don be stingy n share around. The more people sharing this deal, the faster we hit the 10k tier and we all get to benefit RM 20  from this!


For most of you loves facebook, do check out their FB page to like too, that you will get latest updates on their deals . . . since that we play fb games and hover around friends page to check on their latest updates too . .

What chu waiting for? Just a very simple sign up, you get to enjoy cheap deals and great free deals giving away or just check out their website WeBuy

With my company client around, and they have requested that they wanted to dine Lebanese food, and just thought of Al-Amar as I always walk pass a lot of times and just wonder how the food taste like. So got this opportunity to try out.

When you walk past the first section, its a very cosy area to dine in.

I just like their interior design, very well decorated with some middle east item on the wall.

With the middle east wordings on in and the best part is in the menu I don even like understand what it writes and the only thing I understand is lamb, beef, and some simple words.
My order was ‘Ice Tea’, RM 10 which I feel is very light in taste. Add in some sugar syrup it just taste weird.
‘Soup of the Day’ taste of the soup is more like veggie soup. Guess I don know how to enjoy this. RM14

I cannot remember what is this called in the middle east terms but you eat this with the fluffy bread that they provide is nice. Goes along very well.
‘Hot Bread’ Middle east style which is FOC and you can eat as many as you want.
I do not really like ‘Lamb Sausages’, it was cook inconsistent. There is one piece taste very nice rich with lamb aroma and mint taste yet juicy, the rest some is dry, some tasteless, just that I have taste better 1 before. RM22 ‘French Fries’ is their favourite. Nothing special to comment on. RM10

‘Lamb Kabsa’ is Steamed Marinated Lamb Meat served with tomato rice which cost at RM44. To what I feel is the meat is soft and tender yet juicy with some tomato puree that pour upon but it is quite plain. I find it nothing fancy.

What I feel for is that the ‘Mixed Grill’ which cost RM58 per plate is pretty expensive that filles with Tawouk, Beef fillet, and Katta skewers. All those skewers are a bit dry, eat it with bread is even dryer, even though the client said is good but I find it is bad with price they charge and the amount they served is so little.

For me, I still find that AL Diafah at Sri Petaling is nicer. The bill comes with no gov tax but add in service charge 10%
-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 5/10, So So nia……~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
6th FloorPavilion
KLJalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2166 1011

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