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On a random night heading to eat one of my favourite claypot porridge, only realise it is close on Monday. Then we just hop to next door to check Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle at Kepong out.

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (2)

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle is running on a neighbourhood business and it is a family run business (mother and daughter)

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (3)

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (4)

When I heard the word Curry Mee and instantly I put an order for 1 bowl. Love the aroma of flower and curry spices in it. Gives you the soupy base which is not too thick yet very aromatic. Do add in alot of their homemade chili to enhance the taste of it. I put in 1 table spoon which is just perfect. If you eat their originality, it is good enough too.

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (6)

This is one of their signature – Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle. Love the clarify of the soup, mild in taste and to those of you are not used to it, the flavour might be too pale for you. I love it as once in a while to have such a simple dish is perfect! After had a bite of their home made fish ball (yellow colour) we immediately place order of another bowl of it. Love the chewy, bouncy texture as you know the paste is hand beaten.

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (7)

Teo Chiew Fish Ball Noodle (5)

Not only that, as their simple Chinese Tong Sui is perfect. If you do not like tong sui which is too sweet then this place is a perfect place to make a take away. Love their REd Bean soup as cook to perfection where red bean just crack open, not too sweet and the texture of red bean is not over cook, less sweet too. The other one is Tong Sui with egg. Just a perfect bowl to end this simple meal and definately will be back again!

Total damage is around RM40 as did make take away 1 fish ball noodle and 2 tong shui. Price is very reasonable for such homey meal. They are also famous for their yong taufu as I reach at 9pm, it was already sold out.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, simple and good – recommended!! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan Buring Jentayu
Kepong Bukit Maluri , KL
(Opposite Bank Simpanan National)

Operation hours: 5pm – finish

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