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One of a new revamp places in Jaya One that is currently housing a few F&B under one roof. Tommy Thongchai in The Square, Jaya One is one of their latest outlet to be operating in the area. Offering a cool unique Thai Fusion food with a twist. I would say its a clever cooking and flavour combination from all around the world. Not only that, also known as a Thai Gastro bar, hip and chic place to get your reasonable cocktail average at RM 25.

tommy ThongChai (2)

I believe all of you must be curious like me why the place is name Tommy ThongChai? Who is this person or does he exist? Well, half of it is actually from a famous Thai Singer known as ThongChai, a Thai Scottish singer and actor known as Bird ThongChai. A fan of him, the owner use the back name and add in an english name on the front, hence Tommy Thongcai.

A place with its modern interior that certainly makes it a perfect hang out places with friends, especially with celebrations is even better.

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On that night itself, we get to sample quite an array of food range and all of them are their signature dishes.

tommy ThongChai (3)

This is not our usual flavour of nachos, it comes with a Thai twist. Thongchai Mango Salsa Nachos’ – mango salsa, coriander aioli, wonton skins @ RM 16 (medium)/ RM 28 (large)

tommy ThongChai (4)

If you come with a group of friends, Tommy’s Platter (extra Large size) @ RM 85 – fried calamari, fried pork belly, fried pork riblets, Chiang Mai sausage, pulled pork fries, Thongchai’s Nachos, luncheoon meat fries, moo ping skewers would be an ideal platter. Fit with all the Thai classic that you need espcailly with a glass of beer.

tommy ThongChai (5)

tommy ThongChai (27)

Besides those platter for you to hit on, there are individual charcoal skewers that you can order too. Ranging from RM 5 – RM 19

tommy ThongChai (15)

tommy ThongChai (6)

Black Angus Steak Fries @ RM 127 (285g) – grain fed black angus ribeye, isaan marinate or thongchai’s dry rub charcoal grilled, thongchai fries.

Not to miss this, as I find the price is very reasonble for such a place and this steak is cook to perfection. Requested for medium rare and pinky inside meat and nice charred on the meat. Juicy inside out. Worth an order.

tommy ThongChai (7)

tommy ThongChai (8)

Kale Salad with a crunch – fresh kale, thongchai kale dressing, thai chili flakes @ RM 22. Those of you love your friends, might want to start off with this.

tommy ThongChai (9)

Both of the starter I quite like as have their own unique taste. Yum Sum-0 (Thai Pamelo Salad) @ RM 26 is every bite burst with flavours. filled with white prawns, imported Thai Pamelo, yum som-o dressing – recommended.

tommy ThongChai (10)

I am a fan of Mac & Cheese yet it is not easy to find a place that serve pretty good one. However, the version here is wiht a twist and I am liking it. Thongchai Baked Mac & Cheese @ RM 35 – krapao pork, mozzarela cheese & macaroni

tommy ThongChai (13)

Tomyum Bolognese with meatball – tomyum pork ragout, homemade meat balls, spaghetti @ RM 23

tommy ThongChai (16)

If you like your classic street food, their Pork Trotter Rice is pretty spot on. @ RM 21

tommy ThongChai (17)

tommy ThongChai (18)

Pan Seared Salmon Trout with mango Salsa @ RM 59

tommy ThongChai (19)

tommy ThongChai (20)

For their Americian Classic twist, turns out to be better than I expected. Thongchai Chili Dog – Chiangmai sausage, pork ragout & Thong Chai fries  @ RM 28

tommy ThongChai (23)

Among their burger series, this is worth recommending. – Krapao Pork Burger @ RM 28 – krapao pork patty, fried egg and thongchai fries.

tommy ThongChai (21)

This burger would be option 2 – Laarb Moo Tod Burger @ RM 28 – deep fried pork with herb and fried egg with fries.

tommy ThongChai (22)

Fried Chicken Som Tam Burger @ RM 28

tommy ThongChai (24)

Pineapple Fried Rice with charcoal grilled pork belly – a pretty good dish

tommy ThongChai (26)

fried mama noodle

tommy ThongChai (28)

tommy ThongChai (31)

Tom Kha Cocktail @ RM 35 – vodka infuse with chili, coconut milk, fresh milk , lemongrass, lime

tommy ThongChai (32)

Behind: Chow Phraya @ RM 42 – phraya rum, mekhong rum, bitters, lime, mint,

tommy ThongChai (33)

This is a pretty interesting cocktail – Thong Kao @ RM 38 mango juice, lime, cinnamon, star anise, Mekhong rum, sambuca & Angustura Bitters,

tommy ThongChai (34)

For birthday person, you can order their signature Tommy Lava @ RM42

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tommy ThongChai (37)

tommy ThongChai (30)

Indeed a great place for nice food and drinks. Like the ambiance too.

Tommy Thongchai Thai Gastrobar
G.005, The Square,
Jaya One, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 012-901-2848

Operating hours:11.30am – 12am

Have any of you heard about Erawan restaurant? I have known the name for ages with quite a lot of buzz on it. Till date I have yet pay a visit. Oh well, one of their latest new concept is located at Mid Valley, level 3 opposite Daiso is Tiffin’s by Chef Korn.

Tiffin (1)

As walking into the main entrance you will be greeted with colourful tiffin carrier from different sizes.

Tiffin (2)

Tiffin (3)

Tiffin (4)

Tiffin (5)

Tiffin (6)

Among the drinks which is available, Tomyum Mojito drink is the most eye catching as the flavour is quite interesting, that top with a slice of chilli on the top. 

Tiffin (7)

Tiffin (8)

Grilled Pork Neck is one of a recommended dish that served with steamed glutinous rice @ RM23.80. Something simple and direct..

Tiffin (9)

Papaya Salad

Tiffin (10)

Next is Fire Balls @ RM17.80. The name itself do lift up the expectation as, deep fried minced pork that mixed with ground roasted rice, dried chili, vegetables and some spices to make it aromatic. 

Tiffin (11)

Tiffin (12)

Boxing Chicken

Tiffin (13)

Tiffin’s Pink Ocean Noodles serve with glass noodles is rather interesting. @ RM 23.80 Unique taste of soup and seafood combination do have sweet end taste , then their portion is quite generous as it serve with 3 sides for a set along with 4 condiments.

Tiffin (14)

Tiffin (15)

Tiffin (16)

Tiffin (17)

For classic thai, I think this is not bad as Beef Ball Noodles serve along with side dishes in the tiffin carrier @ RM25.80 which do allow me to connect the taste back to Bangkok. Serve in pippin hot soup, simple and light in taste.

As like those classic eatery in the country then add those 4 condiments at your own preference.

Tiffin (18)

Tiffin (19)

Tiffin (20)

For others which is the ala cart version, you get to choose 3 dishes from the list to make it complete stack of Tiffin Carrier.  I did not take the sides as I took the mains only with Daddy’s Stewed Pork top in the list @ RM25.80, and Green Curry Chicken which is totally a bomb. Love the spiciness level and slightly creamy taste of it. (highly recommended) 

Tiffin (21)

Classic dish would be the Tom Yum soup that is serve in clear soup base which is available with either chicken or seafood. Ended up choosing seafood version as the ingredients are pretty generous.

The trick here is you get to choose which level of spiciness you are able to go numb. We chose the medium which is just enough for us and it would be better if another level up. 😀

Tiffin (22)

For desserts, there are a few things for you to go after which is their home made ice cream  @ RM6.80/scoop. Thai Cendul and Thai Warm Sago. 

Tiffin (23)

Tiffin (24)

I ended mine with their Thai Ice coffee which is pretty good to my liking.

Tiffin (25)

If you are looking for some thai sauces, they do sell a few of them. Worth checking out.  I would say Their clear soup tomyum, thai green curry and Tiffin Pink Ocean noodle is worth to give it a go.

Tiffin’s by Chef Korn
3rd Floor, Mezzanine (North Court),
Mid Valley Megamall.
(above Ipoh chicken Rice/or above Food Court level 3)
Tel: 03-2201 7368

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