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One of a wine spot that got into my friends list is The Barn at 1 Mont Kiara. With one of the latest outlet operating at Pavilion KL, it do bring joy to some of my friend that work around that area. Decent to good wines, it is best to go pair along with a nice snacks or mains. Their latest seasonal menu Ibérico de Belotta pork imported from Spain that starts from May till 15th July will be a good pairing.

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The outlet in Pavilion is definitely much bigger compare to their first outlet. Not only bigger, but also imagine that they now owns the longest bar in KL.

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Those who love their stout, you can get them here too as they have happy hour during weekdays and as for weekend, they do have livebands too.

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some selection of wine for you to choose from at their rack.

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Some private dining area for a small group.

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As for Sunday and you do dine here, you get a complimentary salad on the bar with a mix of your choice.

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Their usual ala cart menu which is available 24/7

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Let’s dig into their seasonal menu by starting off with a very nice cut of meat which all flown in from Spain. Ibérico Magro is cook to perfection where the middle is still slightly rare where this texture is slightly chewy too. It is a definate must to pair with a glass of red. You can opt by getting their house red wine which turns out to be very good.

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Ibérico Solomillo Carpaccio is one of the most tender of cuts that’s best appreciated for its fine marbling and texture. Best to be paired with delicious cheese and rockets it elevates the rich nutty flavour of the Iberico Pork. You can opt to go for their house wine Red (best if it is shiraz or dry wine) or chilled white that brings out the flavour of it.

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Ibérico Presa with Chutney is actually a shoulder cut and there are 2 version of it.  One which is their classic and another one which is their BBQ.. For both comparison, I definitely like their original better as it gives better texture and classic taste to my palate. Just nice with a touch of some sea salt on top to bring a nice salty taste of it. As for BBQ, the other couple prefer this over the classic as they love the slight smokey char taste  of it and it is also slightly caramelize.

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BBQ flavour

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If you are a person who love to have a dish by yourself, then Presa is the perfect choice for you. not too heavy as the cut is just nice for a person portion. Sauce is just night that give a nice touch to the meat yet did not over power it. A balance of slight sourish touch to the nice cut of meat.

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100% Jamon Ibérico de Belotta would be a perfect sharing dish to those that like slightly heavy taste of meat as it is cured for 36 months and a very nice cut of dry meat. Of course, I would love to have this with my dry red wine or super chilled white to pair with it.

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As the meals finishes, and I am trilled with their local variety, hence Otak-Otak  is a must have in my list. Indeed this is a perfect piece to my liking as it is very smiliar to the one in Penang. Slightly heavy spice with nice herb leave and a long piece of fish meat in it. Recommended one. RM 20

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Besides that, I also found out that Bak Kut Teh in the Barn is actually one of their signature. It turns out to be not bad as I usually like my BKT in strong herbs taste however this is still acceptable where it is a drinking joint that the taste pairs will with beer or even stout! @ RM 35

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As for finishing, their Lava Chocolate is a must order. I can finish this myself as it is perfectly bake with the cake crust is slightly hard yet easy to break, and once it break, chocolate just ooze out like lava. A perfect finishing!

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This is by far one of my most unique dessert finishing as it is not flaming Lamborghini however it is liquor Affogato. Quite an interesting coffee ending.

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The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara – Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara. Tel 03.6211 5620
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL – Level 4 Connection, Pavilion KL. Tel. 03.2110 3223
The BAR°N @Gurney Plaza – Ground Floor, Al Fresco, Gurney Plaza. Tel. 04.229 0763

Operation Hours
11.00am till 1.00am DAILY

Live Band Performance
The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara – Every Friday night
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL – Every Thursday and Friday nights

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