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Lammeeya had been establish as one of a household name in KL many years back or even when I was in college time. When comes to KL version Lam Mee, I thought of them. Now, they have new menu that rolling out and also introducing some new home-cook food style with super food of healthy vegetable that they specifically pick from a farm. Curry Fish head being one of the latest signature.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (2)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (3)

Curry Fish Head @ RM 98 (medium). A pot of pippin hot clay pot fish head is indeed a pot that you will be looking at during rainy season. A mixture of spices that pump into the claypot that give you the taste of a mixture of nyonya and Penang style combine. Slightly thick in gravy yet hint of spices at the after taste. Curry is not spicy as they are more on the fragrant side.

Best of all, can convert into mini steamboat after you are done. So it is kinda 2 in 1 pot. (scroll down for more)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (5)

Very fresh fish that they are using and easily about 6 pieces.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (6)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (7)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (8)

This is their super food Bio-Dynamic Vegetable – Pea Sprout with Egg @ RM 16.90. A simple dish that pack with flavour to my liking. Vegetable certainly taste different from what we always have. Texture and taste is also diff itself. – recommended

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (11)

Even their Four Season Bean with Chinese Olive does not taste bitter like what I usually have. Freshness of it and a little hint of sweetness at the end is quite unique. @ RM 15.90

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (9)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (13)

Ginger Wine Omelette is one of my fvourite simple dish from this outlet. A dish that I would always order.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (14)

Onion Oil Tofu is steam, drench with their own special soy sauce and best of all with pork lard. Yumz!

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (10)

When we are done with the curry, we convert it into a mini steamboat by ordering extra steamboat ingredient. They add in their house signature broth and do be aware that the soup is unlimited refill, however not the Curry in the claypot. The more you add, the flavour will be diluted.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (12)

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (15)

House special mix pork ball.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (16)

Crispy fried fish skin

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (17)


Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (18)

Hong Kong style bean curd

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot (19)

We are all quite satisfied after with curry fish head and with mini steamboat to end the meal.

Lameeya at The School by Jaya One
100-G21, The School Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7496 0670

Operating Hours: 11am – 9.30pm

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot had relocate to a new home at The School by Jaya One where previously they operated at Sungai Buloh and Uptown Damansara. This new location not only house Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot, as the group owners have decided to house another 2 more brands under one roof, bringing along Bay 31 and Lameeya.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (1)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (2)

Love their new design for this outlet that bring classic to modern environment with minimalist.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (3)

One of their private dining area.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (4)

Lets kick start with Bay 31 as it is a new born concept from this group where coffee and tea is their highlight. Will soon bringing you some breakfast classic toast set. My personal favorite is their Royal Milk Tea Cold @ RM6,  Imperial Coffee @ RM 6.50 which is a special blend Arabica Coffee Beans instead of coffee powder from a typical kopiiam and of course their Lime Lime Juice @ RM5. One of a great drink for thirst quenching and also goes well with steamboat.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (5)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (6)

Hainan Chicken Chop with mashed potato @ RM14.80 will get you some classic Hainanese pork chop

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (7)

Handmade Thin Bamboo Egg Noodle @ RM8.90 (Medium)

This is one of a heart stealer where the egg noodles were really springy. Meat marination gives a nice decent mouthful of flavour with their sauce and do add in their home made chilli to give you an extra kick. However some food lovers might find it sauce is too thick. We are good with it.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (8)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (9)

Handmade Bamboo Egg Noodle with Sesame Sauce (Cold) @ RM9.90

This is a Chinese version of cold soba. First time having this as the cold egg noodle is placed on top of an ice bath to keep it cold enough. You can either pick the noodle dip onto the bowl for the seasome dressing or pour it on top and mix it all.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (10)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (11)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (12)

changed of location did not change their menu. Their menu still offer the same variety as they used to be and now they have added one more signature soup base.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (13)

Under Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot, their condiments still remains no.1 that offers steamboat lovers with lots of condiments and you are free to mix any of the flavour at your own liking.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (14)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (15)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (16)

Pickled Cabbage Pork Belly Soup is their latest eddtion of soup base and it is my personal recommendation if you love sour vegetable soup base. @ RM48.90  It is a cabbage that had added salt and to pickle the cabbage (for 1 month) in a tight container huge glass jug. Love the soup aroma as it give you the hint of sour vegetable soup, wit mild hint of saltiness yet mix along with long hours of cooking pure pork bone broth, gives you a nice balance of aroma and taste in the soup.

It is advisable to add one time of another round of soup. When it hits third round, the soup will be diluted or left only with pork bone base soup. You can order add on for the pickled cabbage to add on, as what we did below.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (18)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (17)

We did order fresh fish and were advise to add in the fish head into the soup to cook along, to add in the sweetness of fresh fish head in it.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (19)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (20)

As some of our friends do not like pickled cabbage, so we oredered another pot which is their signature Pork Stomach Chicken soup @ RM42.90. Punch with flavour, as the soup base clarity is nil. Hint of pepper and love the aroma of sweet pork bone in it. Classic and good.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (21)

There are some fresh seafood for you to choose from as live red snapper @ RM7/100g is worth to consider to order. They will fried the fish head for you and can either eat it or add it into the soup as we do. Fish meat indeed its fresh.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (22)

If you are out of idea to order, they do have sets menu for you to pick from as it ranges from RM50.90 to RM60.90 (one of the sets as above that comes with fresh Tiger Prawns)

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (23)


Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (24)

I had a better versions before, however their HKG Bean Curd Roll @ RM13.90 is quite simliar to local favourites. Just dip this peices 3-6 secondes depending on the types of softness you like. Best to start off with 3 seconds first.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (25)

This is my version of sauce that I have created, sorry I do not have recipe for this as I created base on my own preference.

Xiao Lau Wang Hotpot (26)

Other ingredients that is worth to order, such as their layered tofu, fresh pork balls, fish balls or even their Sanbanto Berkshire Pork Belly (Small – RM16.90 / Large – RM28.90)

This is one of a decent place for hotpot especially their soup base.


Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot 小捞王
100-G021, The School, Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7496 0670

Mon-Sun: 5pm – 10pm

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Good by Pencil Planning is one of a latest edition of coffee place in Jaya One. Impress with their huge take up space of two units and converted it into a fashion + cafe concept space.

[Updated Jan 2018 – Already close down and replace with GO NOODLE)

Good by Pencil Planning (1)

Good by Pencil Planning (3)

They do have shoes, and some other items are being displayed at their showroom.

Good by Pencil Planning (4)

It is a simple huge space that looks like a art gallery

Good by Pencil Planning (5)

Good by Pencil Planning (6)

Good by Pencil Planning (8)

Upon ordering of your coffee, you get to choose 9 types of beans to brew from.

Good by Pencil Planning (7)

Good by Pencil Planning (9)

Good by Pencil Planning (10)

Good by Pencil Planning (11)

Chose Brazilian Beans and love the aroma of it. Not too acidic yet gives you a punch of nice aroma of coffee taste.

A nice place to hang out.

GOOD by Pencil Planning
The School, Block J, Jaya One, 72, Jalan Universiti,
Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri : 12pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun : 10am – 10pm
(Closed Tuesday)

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Put your hands up if you are not a fan of Ramen? Ramen shop is slowly gaining its momentum on opening around Klang Valley. One of the latest addition is Menya Shi Shi Do Ramen, in Jaya One, PJ which operate in my working place,

RAmen (1)

Located at Level P2 which is directly next to Boat Noodle is slowly gaining its popularity with many customers.

RAmen (2)

RAmen (3)

Its a simple yet small eatery like any Japan subway area that cater for express lunch.

RAmen (4)

Menu is pretty straight forward as there are a few choices for you to choose and add on.

RAmen (5)

RAmen (6)

Tried Spicy Curry Pork Soup Ramen as the egg was slightly a let down or I am not too sure as previously I tried the egg was slightly runny and recently a few other places that I have visited had since turn into slightly sold yolk. However I still prefer my yolk to be slightly runny.

Soup base is pretty solid as we believe they have cook the ingredients for hours to get it this aromatic.

RAmen (7)

Their original Pork Soup Ramen had a slightly milder and slightly hint of porkie taste is visible. Noodle is cook to perfection, slightly chewy and thin.

RAmen (8)

RAmen (9)

Black Garlic Soup Ramen taste is more prominent and strongest of all with strong strong pork soup base and love its black garlic taste that pairs well with it. One of my favourite.

RAmen (10)

For the price we are paying at Menya Shi Shi Do Ramen, the set back is portion is quite small as compare to many others out there.

When I am lazy and craving for ramen, this is one of the outlet I turn to, indeed a pretty good ramen place in PJ to turn to. [ one of my regular ramen place even I left the place and when I am back visiting this place ]

Another of my favourite ramen place is Menzo – Japanese Ramen in Solaris. 


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , not bad as strong soup base and price quite reasonable.! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Menya Shi Shi Do Ramen
Lot 100. P2.039, The School, Jaya One,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
(next to Boat Noodle)
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm


Menya Shi - Shi Do Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A little headache/hangover when you wake up on Sunday after partying too hard on Saturday? Do not know where to go or eat yet you are craving for some selection? One of a new weekend concept that The School at Jaya One had created was to host variety of food trucks all under one roof on every Sunday. You might find your favourite food trucks are being park here yet need not queue so long on their normal locations.

sunday out (1)

If you do travel oversea, Food Truck is quite a big thing and we are not too late too as currently alot of young chaps they would like to own a flexible F&B space, food truck is a new popping industry as you can see more and more are parking at selected places. There are quite number of trucks that park here every Sunday to cater for hungry goers and also family as the mall have another option for parents and kids to play around.

sunday out (2)


sunday out (3)


sunday out (4)


sunday out (5)


sunday out (6)


sunday out (7)

sunday out (13)

Besides food trucks is their main highlights, the mall also do offer Kids cycling inside the mall every Sunday from 10am-3pm and need not worry your kid sweat under the sun as its air condition area. Do not worry if you do not have a bike as they do have 15 different types of bicycle to loan to public at free of charge.

sunday out (8)

Every Sunday the mall also do offer different types of appearance to entertain kids as when I Was there, there was this clown doing uni cycling and kids were aftering him. Its just so funny see kids screaming and laughing all the way. Besides allowing kids to chase him, he also do entertain kids with some simple tricks and free balloon were given to them.

sunday out (9)


sunday out (10)


sunday out (11)


sunday out (12)


sunday out (14)

Sun Day is just a fun day for parents and kids as the mall itself is gaining popularity for parents to pop by.

sunday out (15)

Another weekend there are special appearance of Storm Troopers for kids to take picture with, a minimal token to be donated to them as its given to charity.

sunday out (16)

If you and your kids are hungry, then you can head to another section which is next to the food truck, which is known as POP by Jaya One as they host another 5-10 stalls to spoil your choices of food.

sunday out (17)

Sangkaya is another new brand that had recently made a bit hit to many people with their Coconut Ice Cream which is a top notch, that I would rate is 95% similiar to the ones that we have in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. For a local brand this is consider very good and often I had 2-3 bowls when ever I visit this stall. – Highly recommended!

sunday out (18)


sunday out (19)


sunday out (20)


sunday out (22)


sunday out (23)


sunday out (24)


sunday out (25)


sunday out (29)


sunday out (27)


sunday out (28)

sunday out (31)

Another popular stall to its own community is Chef Eng Eng, that is famous for their home made quiche and sandwiches.

sunday out (32)

sunday out (33)

sunday out (34)


sunday out (36)

sunday out (37)

sunday out (26)

Do not worry that as this eating area is provided with tables and chairs as the only condition is clear your mess before you leave.

sunday out (38)

 Trying out variety of stalls as all of them have their own style of taste and signature.

sunday out (39)

If you do ever spoil for choices, Sun Day Out is one of the places to visit and not only that, especially for parents who do not know where to bring their kids to on Sun Day morning, this would be a great place for you to consider.

Its pretty interesting for the mall to come out with this concept.

Keen to get a spot in this weekly event – Sun Day Out you can contact : [email protected]

Food Vendors & kids activites constantly change – check them out at : www.facebook.com/theschoolmy

The School by Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya


Upon a debut that arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Boat Noodle had hit a big buzz with many foodies within Klang Valley to enjoy their famous gimmic of stacking noodle bowls when you finish it, by taking pictures and share how many bowls that you can it. Its actually  a concept which is quite well known in Bangkok, Thailand that brought it to our shores.


Did wanted to try in their first outlet which is at Damansara Perdana and their usual waiting time is about 30minutes – 60 minutes then I did not bother till recently they have open another branch which is in my work place, The School at Jaya One.

In this outlet they have a slight gimmic with a mini boat right infront of their outlet with street signages.



I am happy that this outlet, I do not have to queue as long as Damansara Perdana. The only time you have to queue is during weekends.



boat (2)

boat (10)

Fried Chicken is pretty good, just that its too little.

boat (11)

This outlet will be slightly different compare to their main branch as for this one, they are introducing new flavour which is spicy. Now you get to choose Original/Spicy for the soup base.

boat (1)

boat (12)

The chicken boat noodle is served with a fish ball, Soup base is slightly sourish spicy that makes it pretty good. Just that, I cant take it too much. All the servings is at RM1.90

boat (15)

boat (18)

boat (16)

boat (17)

boat (19)

Oh, their coffee turns out to be very good. Now had become one of my favourite drink in this outlet as the coffee taste is pretty robust, smooth and a good cuppa during this hot weather.

boat (20)

This is how I ended up with 2 stacking bowl that wanted to do like KLCC twin tower but too full to continue. 3 of us with this amount is pretty much.

Well the bill comes up to not really cheap  as I would spend the same amount for some other food. Anyhow, done it and stack it.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, Okay lah -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


The School by Jaya One
Lvl P2, Jalan Universiti.

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