Starbucks seems to be making its mark every year by building the biggest roastery or cafe. What I know they had one in Shanghai, China. Then currently, the World Biggest Starbucks Reserve Opens in Tokyo about weeks back.

A roastery that is design by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma (the man behind the main host stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.) , as the 4-story roastery was inspired by the cherry blossom trees that line the nearby Meguro river. Hence the to glass walls and terrace, is design to allow customers to gaze out over the sakura trees when they’re in bloom. Build along with the world’s largest Teavana tea bar, as well as an events lounge. A four floors that will be fill with sensory coffee immersion .


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As you walk into the building, you will be greeted with their singature mermaid logo and a grand tall glass panel door.


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the upscale roastery cafe and store encompasses a whopping 32,000 square feet (2,966 sq. meters)

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The biggest Teavana in the world


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the terrace that will be overlooking Sakura Bloom


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A Willy Wonka-esque system of pipes crisscrosses around the gigantic 17-meter-tall copper coffee cask that dominates the center of the roastery, while 2,100 hand-crafted copper cherry blossoms dangle from the ceiling in homage to the sakura trees that line the Meguro river just outside. (source from ganjinpot.com)

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1st floor: 

The floor design are master piece. Starting off at the Main Bar where customers can witness the art of roasting for themselves and sample original Reserve beverages like the Barrel-Aged Cold Brew. You can also dive into buttery-good Italian offerings from Princi, Starbucks’ partner baker. There are also silos where the beans are stored next to the retail areas which stock exclusive merchandise including mugs, coffee cups, coffee grinders, stationery, and accessories.

2nd floor: 

The world biggest Teavana Bar which pays homage to the culture of Japanese tea, serving exclusive tea beverages and desserts. .

3rd floor:

This third floor is where I will be aiming. This is exciting as this will be Starbucks Japan’s first cocktail bar, Arriviamo. Aside from wine, beer, and spirits, it’s the coffee and tea-inspired cocktails like the Nakameguro Espresso Martini that might mean you’ll end up accidentally getting drunk before work here. During Cherry blossom season, the wide terrace attached will the main attraction area, which to admire the cherry blossoms from above instead of below. The top floor, dubbed the AMU Inspiration Lounge, is the community space for locals to hold events that’s also slated to host barista training and other seminars for coffee professionals in the future.

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Regardless whether you’re a coffee addict or not, you should pay Reserve Roastery Tokyo a visit if you’re in the country. Definitely will be in my bucket list. For a very detail blog posting – (click here)

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo,
2-19-23 Aobadai, Meguro.

Opening hours 7am-11pm

For more information, check the official website.

A last year end party of 2012 lasted at Red & Green event with Heineken. A series of event where they host all the world top 5 cities in the world that kick off with Rio de Janeiro, follow by Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York & Ibiza.

Rio (1)

Rio de Janeiro started at 7atenine, The Ascott – Jalan Pinang.

Rio (2)

Rio (3)

Party music in Brazilian style with all the dancers moving around.

Rio (4)

Rio (5)

Rio (6)

Love the Heineken LED globe. so cool~

Rio (8)

all ladies are preparing you to serve you bottomless Heineken for the night.

Rio (9)

Rio (11)

There are mask that given and you can wear em up.

Rio (13)

Its a great night with cool music and how can we not be happy with bottomless Heineken. That’s the last party scene for year 2012 and I am sure 2013 will have more to come. . 🙂


After a good meal on their first outlet which is at Pavilion at Tokyo street, now they have opened another outlet in Paradigm mall, one of the mall that I often drop by as its near my working place. Suki-Ya : Eat All You can Shabu-Shabu from RM29.80++ which is more Japanese authentic steamboat. This would not be my first time for this brand and upoh their new outlet opening, we decided to drop by again as their price for buffet lunch is very reasonable at RM 29.80++ that only offer you a spot for maximum 2 hours.

Sukiya (1)

Sukiya (2)

Here would be the price of the buffet with operating time ..

Sukiya (3)

Surprisingly its quite pack or its full house ..

Sukiya (4)

Sukiya (5)

Dining area in this outlet would be slightly different as they have some private rooms available. .

Sukiya (6)

In this counter that offer variety of vegetable for your shabu shabu . .

Sukiya (7)

Sukiya (8)

What do they have for deserts is ice-cream in 3 flavours.

Sukiya (9)

Sukiya (10)

This is my favourite that we can order unlimited of fine cut meat slices, Chicken, Lamb and Beef.

Sukiya (11)

If you ask me which soup base is the best, I still vote for my favourite Suki-Ya soup base, which is abit more salty authentic taste of Japanese flavour that I have tried, but for me dipping too much of red meat into the soup, it turns not so good. . 😀

Miso is not bad after you concrentrate heavily on Sukiya and Kimchi I do not really like it.

Sukiya (12)

Sukiya (13)

Here we are, enjoying our meal and MC really whack alot of the meat. While saying full. . keep eating. .

Sukiya (14)

For a price like this, I would say its a buffet spread that worth a try as it only allow you to enjoy 2 hours dinning which is far more than enough.

Others you can try:

  1. Mikoshi – Uptown Damansara
  2. Mo-Mo Paradise – Lot 10
  3. Kuro – Plaza Arkadia


Adult (lunch) – RM 29.80 ++
Kids (lunch) – 50% disc off buffet price

Adult (Dinner) – RM33.8- ++
Kids (Dinner) – 50% disc off buffet price

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Suki-Ya : Eat All You can Shabu-Shabu
Upper Ground Floor( in front of Tong Pak Fu)
Paradigm Mall,
No.1 Jalan SS7/26/A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Phone:03-7887 3042
Operation Hour:Monday to Sunday (Except Saturday) 5pm to 10pm

For the past few weeks, many bloggers had blogged about this exclusive invites to  Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge which the location had been kept secret till the day itself I check my email on the location. Arrive at the location and the main entrance was already packed with lots of crowd. .. Johnnie Walker’s Black

with exclusive car Porche being decorated into Black Lable,  being parked infront of the area . . ..

8 lane entry to the pit lounge. . .

Lets Step inside the Black Circuit Longue see what it has to offer. . .

With lots of alcohol being flow all night long . ..

Then we try out a mixture from World Class Raising the Bar Chong Yi Shawn a worldclass bartender . .

that come out with this 2 flavour. . taste super good. . .didnt know that the mixture blend so well . .

Given black lable pendent were given as a door gift. . .

The night was electrify by great DJ line up by Johnnie Walker with DJ Faith, DVDJ I-Tek, half way thru,  Lewis Hamilton gave a speech  . . . . Superstar mix-vixen DJ Sophia Lin really did not dissapoint us with her mixing and Tokyo’s DJ Bento  .. . .

It was a great night to hang out with all my friends with free flow of Johnnie Walker. . I am looking forward for the future 1. .

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