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Looking for nice Chinese food for company functions or family gathering? One restaurant the few restaurant that often pop out in my mind is from Oriental Group. One of the restaurant I prefer cuz of their food quality is there. Nevertheless, I believe some of you do dine one of their outlet, Oriental Pavillion in Jaya 33.

Well, they have now expend to next building with new concept & dining experience which is known as Noble Mansion in The Plaza which is Jaya 33 new building that located directly next to it.

Oriental (1)

It is another huge outlet by them again as one of the latest creations by Executive Chef Justin Hor, inspired by delicacies of Shunde, the renowned food province in Guangzhou, China. Noble Mansion is a modern interpretation of a Chinese traditional mansion. The restaurant is divided into a few sections – The Lantern, The Bamboo Courtyard, The Terracota Rooms and The Grand Hall – to elevate your dining experience to the next level.

Specially for this outlet, there are a few signature dishes such as Liver Sausage in ‘Char Siew’ Roll, Giant Scallops, Fresh Water Prawns, Ocean Garoupa & other Seafoods in a Big Wok with Fish Stock, Pan Fried Live Australian Whole Abalone, Roast Suckling Pig with Liver Sausage, Steamed Live Australian Perch with Chef’s Special Preserved Radish.

Oriental (2)

Upon entering their main entrance, you will be greeted upon and be seated at this huge waiting area.

Oriental (3)

Oriental (4)

Oriental (5)

For big families you will love it here as their private dining room is pretty huge and was told can maximum host 3 tables as we are seated in one of the room.

Oriental (8)

Some of the rooms even comes with karaoke set. Interesting. .

Oriental (9)

Chef Justin did mention before as Malaysian diners are very different compare with other countries, that everything we consume must pair along with some sauces. Therefore he created his own signature sauces and one of the sauces that you must not miss is his Chili Oil. Ken took 1 + 1 for himself when the night ends and some of them too. I love it myself with its fragrant and not too spicy of it. Perfect to go along with almost all dishes.

Oriental (10)

For a start we kick start with appetizer Zuchinni with minced Ginger @ RM 8. Something simple, with zuchinni is very crips and ginger is not too spicy. Love it.

Oriental (11)

If you want some pork satay to kick start off with first then BBQ Pork in Skewers @ RM 12 per portion is well marinated and bbq with chef special sauce at the side that pairs pretty well.

Oriental (12)

Smoked Vegetarian Spring Roll @ RM 8

Oriental (13)

Premium Anchovies & Star Fruit in the Oriental Cincalok Sauce @ RM 14 will be one of my recommended appetizer to start off with. Its something new that I have not tried before especially to take star fruit to comes out with starter and anchovies that combines very well in taste. A bit sour with light salty sweetness end that makes this one of its kind.

Oriental (14)

Nomally we have pig in the blanket and in Chinese restaurant this will be one of the dish is similiar to that, Liver Sausage ‘Char Siew Roll’ @ RM 16. Drench in its own special sauce before going into pan fried and the fragrant of the char siew has the taste of light smoky end, top with some sesame on top to enhance the light taste of it.

Oriental (15)

If you do dine at Oriental Group often, I am sure that you know a few of their signature. One of it is Steamed Fresh Water Prawns @ RM 28 per pax. Huge juicy succulent prawn being steam along with organic egg yolk to make the sauce slightly creamy, which is just perfect that is not too thick. We drank the sauce till its last drop.

Oriental (16)

This is another new type of dish I am getting, Steamed Ocean Garoupa with Shunde Style @ RM 330 each. Love the taste of it as you can see there are green and red chili being added on top. Steam along that make the soy sauce taste awesome, filled with light green chili sour vinegar taste with chef special season for red chili make it mild spicy. Perfect to go along with rice.

Oriental (17)

Fish meat is so soft, taste sweet and fresh.

Oriental (18)

Ehhemm.. How often do you see such a huge shinning piglet being place infront of your dinning table. I can count mine with 5 fingers. 😀

Oriental (19)

We enjoy every bite of this piglet as its pretty huge. Well marinated from chef own special ingredient then slowly roast it. The skin is so crisps that after put in mouth, I can hear the person next to me on the sound of the crisps. The meat is soft and tender with fragrance of it so aromatic. A MUST HAVE!

Oriental (20)

Before our next dish, we are given lemon, star fruit shots to cleanse our palette before next dish. If I can have 4 more shots, it will be just nice. 😀

Oriental (21)

Lobster with Chicken & Pig Stomach in Spicy Sauce @ RM 80 per person.

Oriental (22)

One of the dishes that not many people will like the whole 3 ingredients being added on, especially me and a few others we feel blessed as most of the pig stomach is finish by us. Done perfectly well, with lobster is fresh and chewy to my likings and the spicy end its nice to end with a little spicy. Optional, you can add on with their chili oil to bring in extra flavor.

Oriental (23)

Oriental (24)

After with a lot of meat, I find that Braised wolfberry shoots with egg @ RM 28 per portion its very appetizing , simple and nice.

Oriental (26)

Next dish is another surprise for us as Roasted Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice @ RM 330 is another wonderful dish.

Oriental (25)

Oriental (27)

Aromatic enough to make it as a closing dish for mains. Every one just attack on the skin first follow suit with the rice.

Oriental (28)

Rice Noodle with Abalone Sauce @ RM 28.

Oriental (29)

Sauce is thick enough and yet very fragrant as the sauce is being boiled and prepare for few hours.

Oriental (30)

As for dessert, we are being served with Chilled Sweetend Fuji Apple with Snow Jelly, Ginko, Fresh Lily & Red Dates @ RM 13 per pax. A MUST HAVE dessert that the soup is refreshing, mild sweetness and I am enjoying every sip and bite of it.

Oriental (31)

Angry Bird? Nope, this is cute little piglets known as Longevity Piglet Bun @ RM 28 for 4 pcs.

Oriental (32)

Its filled with leng yong and salted egg in it to make it a perfect ending for all of us.

Of course, I do dine at some of their outlets and surely this restaurant offereing is another new range of food by the Chef himselves to make this outlet different from what they have. IF you are looking to dine some Chinese food with some infusion from China, this is certainly will be one of the outlet to pay a visit. Recommended.

1st Floor, The Plaza @ Jaya 33,
No.1, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7932 3288

GPS: 3.109636,101.638201

Operation Hours:
Mondays – Sundays and Public Holidays
11.00 am – 3.00 pm
6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

When my best friend drop by in KL before heading back to Penang for preparation on his wedding, manage to have dinner with the rest of the group and some of them havent seen them quite a while. Then text him, where for dinner and he insisted I must dine at his hotel area whereby Prego Italian restaurant is one of his favourite restaurant. I have no doubt in his taste because when I was in Sydney, he brought me to all his favourite place and all are top notch.

prego (1)

Prego is one of the restaurant located at Ground Floor of Westin as we enter the restaurant I am surprise to see its pretty full for such restaurant on weekdays. Knowing the capacity, surely this place wont turn out in disappointed. Then only found out that they are one of a award winning restaurant. One of it is  “Best Italian Restaurant” in KL by Time Out KL for a few years

prego (2)

Classy interior with dim lights all the way, greetings from friendly staff  as you reach the entrance . ..

prego (3)

prego (4)

prego (5)

For smokers, you can opt to be seated outside and they have a coffee and cocktail bar for you ready outside to place your order.

prego (6)

 I find the pricing in this fine dine area, is pretty decent. Selection of food is pretty much the same with any other types of Italian dining. (Full Menu, click here)

prego (7)

Then we were greeted by their homemade complimentary bread with tomato dip. It was gone in seconds, that the bread is warm and the dip just pair very well with the bread. We requested for another round of bread. 😀

prego (8)

One of the recommendations from my friend that he will never miss whenever he dine at this restaurant is Mushroom Risotto @ RM 52. Pack with flavours and its quite thick and creamy. It was cook to perfection, with the cheese melted and texture light sticky as it is suppose to be. We ended up order another portion. – Highly recommended! 

prego (9)

Oxtail Rivioli as my another mischievous friend called it high class wantan. Light gravy sauce shower upon the rivioli and the @ RM 52

prego (11)

Braised Lamb Shank are decent as braised till the meat is soft and risotto at the bottom is too soft to my liking. @ RM 73

prego (12)

Another super star is Lasagne. Love the soft texture of layer in between that is not too thick, beef and tomato that is cook along is awesome! Highly recommended! @ RM 56

prego (13)

Saleme Pizza @ RM 49

prego (15)

This was our first round, and second round we went to Luna Bar for a drink, then they have third round that I did not follow  . ..

I would surely return for more, and its a perfect place to dine during any special occasion here.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 ,great food! Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 KL

Tel: 03-27738338

Most of the time when I drive around, my eyes seems to be like very kaypo, will scout around what is around the area. One is for me to remember it so in the future if I need to go to that area I know what I can tell people or I can go there easily. Second would be hunting for food to eat and this restaurant had always caught my attention when I always travel back from 1-U area back to KL as its well lit up at night and with its dim classic look, and told myself it’s a place must hunt and try.

Not until recently, I got a called from my friend Ee Lune, invite me to help her photo shoot for that restaurant, hopefully the owner accept it. At first I do not know what restaurant is that not until I got the information about, Google it and get all excited when know its that restaurant.


Castell (2)

Castell (3)

I love their restaurant setting with a bit old English style setting lit with orangey dim light that is very relaxing. A cup of beer in this restaurant is a must that I did not miss. Besides this area, on the upstairs they have a pool table and a mini bar perfect for those who love to watch soccer.

Castell (9)

The first serving of the day is ‘Mixed Grill’ which was serve in a huge plate and its full of ingredients, comes with sausage, lamb, beef, grill chicken and prawns. Its hard to shoot at first by takes me a while to find the right angle and this is the shot.

With its generous serving and comes with the price sure is no complain about it. Well prepared and it the best is the lamb, grill perfectly soft and tender and dip with the thick mint sauce is good.

Castell (10)


Castell (4)

Next is my choice of the day, ‘Stilton Special’ which is marinated in special sauce and grill it to perfection on medium as I prefer it topped with beef bacon and blue stilton cheese. The meat is so tender and juicy yet once cut it the juice flow out and wet the whole plate. Cut it into small slices spread the cheese on top and with another small cut of bacon eat together is top notch. If I have a glass of red wine, it would make me fly!

Highly recommended!

Castell (11)


Castell (6)

Castell (7)

One of the signature dish in the restaurant is this huge big bone and meat ‘US Prime Rib’ served with steam potato with mince meat, corn and fresh salad. It is a huge bone with a huge slab of meat. Deeply marinated and grill on well control griller makes the meat juicy and tender, dip with their home made special sauce, I just would not mind to have this whole plate by myself.

Castell (12)

To end the great meal must come with a desert, ‘Coffee Hot Fudge’ RM12.90

Castell (13)

Castell (14)

‘Hazelnut Friands’ RM8.90
After the whole shooting, I get to taste on the dish that they have prepared. Certainly the dish here is top-quality and I do not mind to come here again for second round becauseeeeeeee they have:

Happy Hour 3pm-8pm

Tiger BeerRM9 (per glass), RM30 (per Jug)
Guinness draftRM20 (1 pint), RM50 (3 pint)

The restaurant is overshadowing by the overhead bridge in front of it. Therefore not many people do drop by and currently its they have a new owner.

Castell Restaurant & Bar
19, Lorong University C ,
Section 16, Petaling Jaya
46350 Selangor Malaysia

Tel: 03- 7955 0532Fax

Opening hours:
Open daily from:-
Dining: 12 noon – 10.30 p.m. (last order)
Bar: 12 noon- midnight

To usher the upcoming year of Tiger, for Chinese traditions, most of the working or business people will usually head for a close meal dinner (Sau Gong Chou) to end with the year great effort and best of all and also after during the Chinese New Year will have another dinner Open Dinner (Hoi Gong Chou) to wish every 1 had a prosperous new and great year ahead and of course this is one of the Halal Chinese Restaurant.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (2)

For me, this year would be the very first time I lou sang in such a early mood and with the Chinese new Year music background really stir up the mood in such a modern Chinese classic contemporary restaurant.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (3)

When I look at the menu, I got all excited about the dish that going to get serve. In Tai Zhe Heen, the food here had always been in top notch with their quality of serving and the taste of it.


‘Master Chef Ricky Thein’ is the person behind the curtain to ensure you have a satisfaction meal at the restaurant. (curi this pic from sloppychic)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (4)

Of This would be my very very first time lou sang in such a early mood (1 month earlier) that starts our meal of the night with ‘Ying-Yang Yee Sang’ (Tuna and Salmon Roulade).

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (5)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (6)

Then start mixing every of the ingrediant into the plate.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (7)
Lastly of top on the salmon.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (8)
and its ready to rumble (ready to be lou)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (9)

For Chinese tradition that, during the process of lou sang you have to wish something you want and the higher you lou, the chances of your dreams or wish will come true on that year or more like prosperity, health and wealth for the year as that is what I have been thought.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (10)

‘Braised Pearl Shark Fin’s with Fish Maw in Supreme Golden Broth’

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (11)

I just love the soup and it was awesome that with the thick soup base that rich with flavor eat a whole slab of sharfin, fish moe and mushroom is in it. I would happily to ask for another bowl if I do have the chance.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (12)

Awwww….. it has been a while since I had eaten ‘Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Radish and Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce’.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (13)

As this dish came, we were asking Ricky (the person that serve us) keep saying, I want big big portion 1 ah, I want to be special abit, all of us were fighting for bigger piece of it and of course he being the gentleman, girls get bigger piece~ and after finish our portion we were aiming on next table wonder could tax on their portion a not…

The texture of the fish meat is absolutely soft, yet it will melt into pieces when put into your mouth, sign of freshness and the soy sauce is just perfect to go along with it which is not very salty. (only get to know that its imported cod)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (14)

In Chinese custom, fatt choy is often use in the dishes as Fatt means prosperity.. so that makes ‘Braised Dried Oysters with Fatt Choy, Mexican Soy Clams, Sea Cucumber and Wok Fried Greens’.CNY Tai Zhi Heen (16)
‘Braised Duck with Dried Fish Maw and Scallops’ Cook to soft succulent duck meat top with my favorite scallop as I can just wallap this whole plate by myself.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (19)

One of my favorite of the night ‘Deep-fried Batter-dipped Prawns Tossed with Fresh Lime Dressing’.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (20)

Sweet, chewy, big prawns that cook to perfection left with the shell on the tail for you to take as I keep licking the sauce of out the skin and ate it with satisfaction with the sauce abit salty egg taste with butter and lime is just something I wish I have the whole basket.

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (15)

‘Fried Rice with Seafood and Baby Abalone’ filled with wok hei and baby abalone is rich in taste. Something for the first time I ate with baby abalone(chewy and delicious which is not too dry after fried.)

CNY Tai Zhi Heen (17)

Usually in such environment, a desert is a must, to end with ‘Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Glutinous Rice Dumplings’. Not too sweet filled with softness of the rice ball which is chewy that will melt after a while to swallow and with the meaning of reunion (as what tong yuen means)

We were all very satisfied with the Chinese New Year menu and it is absolutely great for those corporate people to host the end year dinner here with such a nice ambiance and good foood.

Tai Zhe Heen offer Chinese New Year Package with:

1. Chinese New Year Prosperity Set

Salmon yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Tuna yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow per yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Braised shark’s fin with dried scallops and sea cucumbers in superior broth
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, black mushrooms and shell fish
Steamed sea bass with a sweet and spicy prosperous sauce
Wok-fried tiger prawns with butter and Taiwanese bread crumbs
Tai Zi Heen crispy roasted chicken with plum sauce and fragrant salt
Fried rice with scallops, prawns and spicy homemade dried shrimp paste
Glutinous rice dumplings with sea coconut in iced lemon syrup
Crispy fried Chinese brown sugar cake

RM988++ per table of 10 persons

2. Chinese New Year Fortune Set

Salmon yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Tuna yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow pear yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Braised shark’s fin with dried scallops and sea cucumbers in superior broth
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, black mushrooms and shell fish
Steamed Australian grouper with a sweet and spicy prosperous sauce
Deep-fried battered prawns tossed with fresh lime dressing
Tai Zi Heen garlic marinated roast chicken with plum sauce
Fried rice with spicy homemade seafood paste topped with crispy dried scallops
Double-boiled snow fungus with lotus seeds and glutinous rice dumplings
Crispy fried Chinese brown sugar cake

RM1188++ per table of 10 persons

3. Chinese New Year Wealth Set

Ying-yang yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Shark’s fin yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing
Snow pear yee sang with crispy shredded treasures in plum dressing

Double-boiled shark’s fin soup with premium dried seafood and baby cabbage
Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, top shell, sea cucumbers and wok-fried greens
Steamed cod fish with pickled radish and garlic in supreme soy sauce
Stir-fried prawns with butter and fragrant salted eggs
Braised duck with dried fish maw and dried scallops
Steamed glutinous rice with baby abalone wrapped in lotus leaves
Double-boiled hasma with red dates and glutinous rice dumplings
Battered Chinese brown sugar cake layered with yam

RM1388++ per table of 10 persons

Its truely I am recommending this restaurant.
For Chinese New Year Reservations,

Opens daily for lunch from 12 noon – 2.30 daily and dinner is served from 6.30pm-10.30pm daily.

Acrobatic Lion Dance Performance : 21/2/2010 -12 noon at the Hotel’s Grand Lobby.

Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
Opposite Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel no: +603-2170 8888

Website: www.princehotelkl.com

Nice sauce with fresh vegetable and oyster would just be perfect to eat along with fried rice.

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