The scene of dining in KL is getting more interesting. From scent experiancial to story telling. Currently running is the The World’s Smallest Chef KL known as Le Petit Chef, In The Footsteps of Marco Polo happening in Elements, TREC KL.

A 5 course dinner that brings you to different country. Quite a great story telling and journey though.

Le Petit Chef (1)

ambiance is pretty nice as can be set up according to the number of pax have made during reservation. For night session on weekend, they have 2 session in total. They start on the dot and I mean on the dot. If it is 7pm means 7pm start. The most also delay 5minutes as they need to cater for another session after that.

So do take note that on weekdays with traffic jam, do really plan your time accordingly.

Le Petit Chef (2)

Let the dinner story begins.

Le Petit Chef (3)

Le Petit Chef (4)

A story about Marco Polo with Le Petit chef heading for a flavour adventure.

Le Petit Chef (6)

Pacific Oyster Cream | Fourme d’Amber, toasted walnut brioche, honeycomb

Le Petit Chef (5)

Le Petit Chef (7)

Charcoal roasted beetroot, chickpea hummus, parsley, feta cheese | Marinated lamb, shallots, pomegranate, yoghurt dip | Lebanese onion, raisins, smoked duck, hazelnut

Quite impress with this dish as they are quite flavourful, fragrant and hits most of the taste of a middle eastern.

Le Petit Chef (8)

Le Petit Chef (9)

Le Petit Chef (10)

The host also change his costume according to the theme.

Le Petit Chef (11)

Rasam, green lentil, mint leaf, deep fried sweet neem leaves | Polos salmon, green pea masala, curry leaf, spicy shallot | Rice idli, tikka chutney, kurkuri bhindi, salted chili

Le Petit Chef (12)

Le Petit Chef (13)

Le Petit Chef (14)

NO2 raspberry sorbet, kaffir lime soda, mint jelly

This is indeed very refreshing, especially with the dry ice effect, most of the kids love it.

Le Petit Chef (15)

Le Petit Chef (16)

Le Petit Chef (17)

Le Petit Chef (18)

Le Petit Chef (19)

Le Petit Chef (20)

Corn fed chicken, monkey ear mushroom, candied ginger, mushroom foam, baby leek, flat rice noodle

chicken is juicy, skin is slight crips and it is pretty good.

Le Petit Chef (21)

Le Petit Chef (22)

Le Petit Chef (23)

Le Petit Chef (24)

Le Petit Chef (25)

Tonko creme brulee, chocolate mousse, blackberry, freeze dried orange

A nice ending with 2 types flavour of dessert. creme brulee is sweet enough to my liking and the chocolate mousse

Le Petit Chef (26)

Le Petit Chef (27)

A food adventure with 5 different countries and I think it is not too bad. Do see alot of kids enjoying it and also the dishes serve are above my expectation. No wonder they are quite filled up.

Le Petit Chef at Elements KL
Hive, Unit H-G-11, TREC KL,
438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Phone : +603 2282 6413

Email : [email protected]

Samgeori Butchers is one of a well known Korean bbq shop hail all the way from Korea. Part of YG Republic that located in Hive block at TREC KL; along with K Pub. A shop that Specialise in Iberico pork, be certain that on the premium quality cut as you get to see it at their cold room.

Samgeori Butcher (1)

Samgeori Butcher (7)

Samgeori Butcher (8)

Samgeori Butcher (9)

This is where you get to see and choose your meat.

Samgeori Butcher (10)

Samgeori Butcher (11)

As you can see alot of singature in the wall, as the outlet was officiate by a few members of Big Bang.

Samgeori Butcher (12)


Samgeori Butcher (6)

Samgeori Butcher (4)

Samgeori Butcher (5)

Samgeori Butcher (13)

Samgeori Butcher (19)

Samgeori Butcher (14)


Samgeori Butcher (15)

This is a very unique Korean salad as I consider this is another substitute for Kimchi. Quite similiar as they are using chives as replacement and top with egg yolk to give it a slightly creamy texture.

Samgeori Butcher (18)

Korean famous Budae Jigae @ RM 60  that can easily feed 2-3 pax. We add Ramyeon and cheese along.

Samgeori Butcher (20)

If you are craving for fried chicken, then hit on their K-Fried Chicken @ RM 25 (M)

Samgeori Butcher (21)

Janchi Noodles that have been cook in clear soup for 48 hours. @ RM 25

Samgeori Butcher (22)

Samgeori Butcher (23)

Samgeori Butcher (24)

Mix Meat Platter @ RM 75. This platter certainly will works very well with alcohol especially when you have beer or soju as it is a combination serving of pork belly and jaw.

Samgeori Butcher (25)

Butcher’s Pork Fried RiceRM 50 for 2 i s a dish that you would want to consider as one of the dish. Fried to perfection as the rice is fragrant with right amount of spiciness and do mix it all up.

Samgeori Butcher (17)

This is what we have order.

Samgeori Butcher (27)

A mix of Iberico Belly (150g)  , Iberico Neck (150g) @ RM 55 each & Iberico Abanico @ RM 60.

Samgeori Butcher (29)

This machine works quite unique as it is not your typical Korean bbq shop where you see the sucktion of air is from the top as this machine works from below. So that you wont smell like bbq pit yet you get to enjoy your Korean BBQ.

Samgeori Butcher (31)

Samgeori Butcher (32)

If you are looking for a slight premium pork cut in a Korean BBQ shop in Kl or Korean BBQ shop nearby Bukit Bintang, this place might be a good alternative for you.

Samgeori Butcher’s Pork Charcuterie
HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, TREC,
438, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
opening hours | Lunch 12pm – 3pm; dinner 6pm – 2am
Tel: 03-2110 4104
Website: http://www.ygrepublique.com.my/

YG Republique Malaysia is one of the latest expansion from the group out from Korea. Located in TREC, also one of the more official K-Pub or the first K-pop themed bar in Kuala Lumpur. Certainly love the vibe of this place as it sure do have K-vibe like when I visit Seoul.

YG Republique (1)

YG Republique (2)

YG Republique (3)

YG Republique (4)

YG Republique (5)

YG Republique (6)

YG Republique (7)

YG Republique (8)

YG Republique (9)

Indeed a K Pub Korean Booze & Beer Bar.

YG Republique (10)

YG Republique (11)

YG Republique (12)

YG Republique (13)

Korean Pancake @ RM 25

YG Republique (14)

YG Republique (15)

Seasnail Salad with noodle. Way to eat it is to mix everything in it . Best not to eat separate. @ RM 70

YG Republique (16)

Makgeoli @ RM 30

YG Republique (17)

chimac or K-chicken during drinking session would be a great addition

YG Republique (18)

Red Chicken @ RM 50 (M) – serve with homemade sauce. K-Fried Chicken @ RM 50 (M)

YG Republique (19)


YG Republique (21)

YG Republique (22)

Soju Bomb, one of my favourite when comes to drinking session with friends.

YG Republique (23)

YG Republique (24)

YG Republique (25)

Another way to drink for dipping metal chopstick into the beer and use another chopstick to hit onto it till create waves of bubble.

YG Republique (26)

YG signature Cocktails:

  1. Singapore Sling @ RM 30
  2. Margarita @ RM 30
  3. Pina Colada @ RM 30
  4. Korean Sojito @ RM 30
  5. Martini @ RM 30

For some hangout place to be on Friday night, would not mind dropping by here for drinks and enjoying some K-pop blast out songs.


To some folks, year 2017 seems gloomy and to some it seems bright like shinning amour. This is the same to Guinness as now they are shinning bright with their new black brew. All beer lovers will get to try out this latest new addtion into Guinness family – Guinness Bright which had just launch at The Quad, TREC.

Guinness (1)

Media and friends are gathered at this new little build up pavilion in between The Social and Zouk known as The Quad.

Guinness (2)

Guinness (3)

Upon arrival, everyone is being pamper with the classic black that everyone loves while anticipating for the upcoming launch.

Guinness (4)

Presenting you the new Guinness Bright – that is fresh stout infuse with coffee, ginger and lemongrass extracts. This new bottle is only available in Malaysia market at the moment.

Guinness (5)

Guinness (7)

The differences of this two flavour, I would still opt for my classic black however the new Guinness Bright will definitely capture younger audience which have yet try the black. Something milder, creamy and easier to drink that gives you less bitter yet sweeter end.

Guinness (8)

Good news is that,  this mini little pop up store is giving out freebies. Right before you head into any of the drinking join at TREC, do pop by this pop up store as Guinness is giving out complimentary bottle to each customer. (only 1 bottle each) for a try out.

Only available from Thursday – Saturday (ends 20th May). – while stock last

Guinness (9)

cheers to the new bottle and will be available in all bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and supermarket nationwide.

Live music has some exceptional ability to soothe someone’s soul. Perhaps the change of voice singing to a familiar tune gives it this ability. Alternatively, maybe this ability comes from the amazing sound quality delivered by the sophisticated musical instruments present at live music venues. However, regardless of the reason, live music has a soothing effect that people love. It seems to understand people’s stresses from all-day toiling and calm them down at the same time. This makes the evening better, and the audience simply relaxes due to its melodic, soothing tunes.

Kuala Lumpur has been and still is a huge live music arena. If you are a music lover and just so happen that you are looking for a condo for rent in KL, you might want to move as close to these venue as possible. Recently, the live music arena has witnessed growth with the rise of more live music bars. In this article, we’ve included the best venues in this category. Get to know them.

  1. No Black Tie

no black tie

No Black Tie, commonly referred to as NBT was established by pianist Evelyn Hill in 1998. Over the years, this venue has turned out to be a great venue for live music in the city. NBT hosts various top-notch musicians from Malaysia and the neighboring regions. To cater for the different music-lovers visiting it, NBT hosts a variety of music; be it jazz, classical, blues, and folk.

The bar also offers a variety of special food and wines menu.

Jalan Nagasari & Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Operating Hours: Daily except Sunday: 5PM–1AM
Phone: +60 3-2142 3737

  1. Alexis Bistro Ampang


Alexis is a cool bar with a wood-fired oven offering a wide variety of western and Asian food, an extensive variety of wines to choose from, fresh cakes and pastries and live jazz performances that host local and international artists.

However, two factors bar Alexis Bistro from getting the best appreciation from its customers. First is the soft drinks offered here. After paying an enormous amount of money, you get served with a canned soft drink in a tiny glass full of ice. The dishes. Another trick employed at Alexis is a reduction of serving portions. Although everyone is out to make profits, the food served at Alexis is way too little than it was in the last years. This mainly happens in the Great Eastern Mall outlet.

However, although the serving portions are less, it gives you an opportunity of tasting their excellent cakes.

Despite having these bugbears, Alexis is still a cool, stylish bistro. The chefs are here well known for their skills that deliver nothing but delicious dishes.

If you’ve not visited Alexis, make a point of attending to enjoy the super cool jazz live performances.

303, Jalan Ampang, Desa Pahlawan,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11AM – 12AM
Fri – Sat : 11 AM – 2AM
Phone: +60 3-4260 2288

  1. Live House

live house

This newly-opened bar at Jalan Tun Razak has a wide variety of entertainment options. The bar has two sections, the Main room downstairs and the Live House upstairs. The main room hosts the live music while the Live House hosts comedy shows. The Main Room features DJs and live bands from Malaysia and the surrounding regions.

The bar offers burgers from the Killer Gourmet Burgers as the main meal. However, you can also order sandwiches, sliders, quesadillas, and chicken wings. For drinks, the pub offers a variety of spiked milkshakes.

E-G-07, Electric Boulevard, TREC,
Lot 434, Jalan Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +60 3-2110 3962/ +60 12 3722 374

  1. Hide at The Roof

the roof

Hide at The Roof is your favorite hideaway in Petaling Jaya, it features various live bands from Wednesday to Saturday gracing every night with a different band. Acoustic Fourplay also takes place on Thursdays featuring music from the ‘60s and the current hits. Black Velvets plays on Saturdays with a lot of blues, soul, and rock. The “Rock The Stage” program allows aspiring and upcoming musicians to grace the stage on Wednesdays to keep the audience live.

First Avenue, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 5pm – 1am

Tel: +60 3-8605 3388

  1. Mezze


Mezze is a bistro serving modern tapas and Mediterranean dishes. Other than the outstanding dishes, Mezze also serves as a live music venue that hosts countless local and international jazz artists every weekend. Since it was started in 2011, Mezze has been hosting various local and international artists staging mainstream and jazz performances. Every weekend, people enjoy their meals and live music performances that are well organized by Michael Veerapan, Malaysia’s popular jazz pianist.

  1. The Merchant Live

merchant live

A walk through the short neon tunnel lands you into The Merchant Live. Here, the walls are graced with changing backlight colors. This club new club in The Armada Petaling Jaya is spacious and provides a raised area with a mix of bar stools, tables, and couches next to a DJ console, this gives you the choice of sitting near the DJ while sipping your drink or moving down to the dance floor for an enjoyable workout.

The setting indicates an atmosphere pumped up with throbbing beats and loud remixes. This club has live performances from local artists it’s the main form of entertainment. Artists take the stage daily from 9:30 pm till dawn. You can get access to drinks from the illuminated bar beside it. The bar offers a variety of cocktails and chicken chimichanga. If you don’t like relaxing in a crowd, the club offers three private suites available for booking. However, you may choose to relax privately with a group of friends since each suite accommodates a maximum of thirty people.

Hotel Armada,
Lorong Utara C, Pjs 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Pj New Town,

Operating Hours: 6pm – 1am

Tel: +60 3-7954 6888

  1. Tom, Dick, and Harry’s Live

tom dick and harry live

The Tom, Dick and Harry’s is a branch of the cozy tavern at the Pavilion that helps to cater for the patrons of the mall. Unlike the other two outlets, Tom, Dick and Harry’s features live band performances making it better than the rest although everything else remains the same. This bar is popularly known for their great choices of tap and bottled beers. The bar’s small space gives the snug atmosphere we most like. The bar’s award-winning mixologists compose great, original cocktails that include specialty drinks like Harry’s Fling and Dick’s Margarita. This allows you the chance to sit back, enjoy the beer and the soul-soothing music from the live band performances.

Pavilion Kl,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +60 3-7731 2265

Operating Hours: Daily: 11AM – 1AM

Year 2015 seems to be quite quiet for a big massive outdoor party, and to close a great year for 2015, Hennessy V.S.O.P organise quite a pretty big bang for their brand by getting, recently Grammy nominated duo Galantis, to Zouk, KL. Hennessy Ultrabeat

It was a crazy night as the response were overwhelming where its a full house and sold out event as the whole Zouk transform into their new style for Hennessy Ultrabeat.

ultrabeat (1)

Upon entering, you will be greeted by their both photowall . .

ultrabeat (5)

ultrabeat (6)

ultrabeat (2)

With its signature DJ deck for Hennessy Ultrabeat. .

ultrabeat (3)

A night is perfect where we are all pamper with Hennessy VSOP

ultrabeat (7)

Happy to see some familiar faces where it had been a while since I last saw them for party. Henry, Chou Yin and Cumi & Ciki (Cumi is above and Ciki is below) 😀

ultrabeat (8)

ultrabeat (9)

Along with famous Public Figure, Sue Lynn and Riff

ultrabeat (10)

Me & Hooi Nee

As the night keep at Zouk Mainroom serving as the party’s nucleus, local resident DJ Wai Hong of B.A.T.E (Brains and The Eye) opened the night with B.A.T.E’s signature brand of fist-pumping tunes featuring the finest in disco, techno and electro.

ultrabeat (11)
As the magic hour came round, 2016 Grammy nominated runway hit Runway (U & I) pulsed through the room, elevating the party to the next level as headline act Galantis took to the decks. Everyone just flock the dance floor and standing right infront of the DJ deck to get ready to be pump up.

ultrabeat (12)

Energy levels were at an all-time high as fans revelled to the beats of the Swedish superduo. The electro pop team Galantis, are made up of Christian Karlsson from Miike Snow and Linus Eklöw from Style of Eye. Fresh off Stereosonic, their clever mix of hard hitting electronic and pop music kept the party pumping.

ultrabeat (13)

ultrabeat (14)

It was as fun night with amazing line up. Hope to see more in year 2016.


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