Umbrella Corporation



Genre: Horror/ Mystery/Thriller

Most of us do believe something on the underworld, as different culture believe in different god too. This movie is about when things happen is always a reason for it to happen and this scene happen is because the devil came down to earn to punish all of the small criminals that got away with their crime unpunished and trapped them in the lift. One by one they are dead and the people in the lift start suspecting each other on their ability to do that. Those who trying to help them will die innocently, this is another movie by M.Night Shyamalan.

Most of the scenes are quite predicted as again his movie, all the best scene are in the trailer itself. Its not as scary as it ought to be yet the movie is quite short around 75 minutes. Not a bad movie. Watch it on movie day or DVD will do.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 6/10, Not bad lah~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Residence Evil afterlife


If I am Alice, I would go hunt for a cloning machine to clone another many more of me, so that I can revive many times even though I got killed by the Umbrella Corporation. Residence Evil afterlife, Then I would transform Dolly the sheep with special transforming power to my secret weapon to blast the whole Corporation down!

Hopefully I would become the scientist behind the whole technology and wish to get those tickets sit down and watch my own creations.

more info – Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

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