Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake Baked Cheese Tart


Since the hype of cheese tart is going to be over and I have been slowly exploring on the uniqueness of each tart. As below, I have arrange according to my own personal preference with a list of my top 5 cheese tart in Malaysia. Top in my list would still be:

1) Tokyo Secret

Tokyo Secret (7)

First bite on the crust gives you a very biscuity fragrance and hint of buttery vanilla. Then the cream cheese is so soft and fragrant yet you can taste it is pack with cheese flavour. Super creamy yet if you bite too big mouth, the cream cheese might ooze out from your mouth.

At RM 7.90 per piece as still one of the expensive ones, yet still top in my list for quality of it.

Tokyo Secret (9)

2) Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake Baked Cheese Tart

uncle tetsu (1)

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake Baked Cheese Tart is sitting at no.2 because of these simple reason. At RM4.50 I certainly do not have any complain on them where they turn out pretty good. Crust is decent as it is not too solid yet best of all, the cheese in the middle do ooze out. Mild fragrant that do not give you the overpowering cheese like Tokyo Secret yet just nice enough. Although the size is smaller, however the quality is there.

uncle tetsu (3)

3) Pablo Cheese Tart

Pablo Cheese Tart (8)

top 5 cheese tart in Malaysia this brand appears most expensive cheese tart in the market today is known as Pablo. A famous Japanese brand that had just landed in in Malaysia that with a cheese tart is selling at RM 8.90. Those who prefer milder cheese taste yet with a better quality ingredient, this would be the choice.

Pablo Cheese Tart (10)

4) Lavender Harajuku Cheese Tart


(image from placesandfood.com)

Lavender Harajuku Cheese Tart is one of my latest discovery that turns out to be quite decent. Love the colour of the cheese tart, yet the filling is slightly airy and not too dense compare to Uncle Tetsu. It also do ooze out. Love the little mild cheese fragrant lingering in the mouth. Quite a decent piece for RM 6.

5) Hokkaido Cheese Tart

Hokkaido Baked Cheese (4)

Sits right below in my list is still Hokkaido Cheese Tart which is a copy cat of famous chain BAKE. I have tried 3 times over past 6 months to check is there any improvement since my first encounter. Yet in my personal taste bud, they still sits at the bottom as this brand do appear to many people’s favourite. Crust is still too solid to my liking and I find those 4 on top are better in terms of price and quality. Sells at RM 5.80 per piece

Hokkaido Baked Cheese (6)

there you go on my top 5 cheese tart in Malaysia.

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