I guess I am running off abit from my blog besides food but I really really really must blog about this awesome live stage performance. ROCKCAPPELLA by FORK. At first when we wanted to go watch the show, every one is skeptical, even me by asking who are they. Some of my friends also have a thought that aiya, singing live just pop in and enjoy then.

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As they are out from the stage performing their first songs all of us thought that its very normal as they are hitting off with old songs. Right after the first song one of the performer told us that what we heard just now is all live and without any support of music instruments and sound effect. Then it had made my jaw drop with those awesome base and background music.

Later he explained that, 4 of them, Mia Hafrén and Jonte Ramsten, former police cadet Kasper Ramström and vocalist Anna Asunta have combine talent to make the whole group work as they have been working together for 15 years and performing world wide. Fresh from Finland and flying all the way to Malaysia to do their first ever stage performance with all of them have talent to sing, beat boxing and its not just only ordinary Rockcappella,as they are more than that.

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A series of combination with Rock music, contemporary cover and humorous stand-up comedy that just blast us off and make our night a blast.

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Staging might be small as I went to Google and check their other performance, and definitely PJLA Theater with the lighting and sound effect had made the whole performance to another level.

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This is one of the most funny part that he came out with fake  rock long hair. . .

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I am really amaze with this guy, as most of the heavy base and tune are coming out from him by beatboxing. In my thought, oh my.. now I have seen another great beatboxer and what willl happen to our local scene beat boxer.

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You can expect their performance with different genre of music, from slow rock, rock, contemporary and classic.

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Their performance is so great that it blast every one off their seats, singing and dancing along with them.

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AS every one came out from the theater, every one is so mesmerize by their awesome performance! A show that you must watch that make you dance, laughing all the way that will bring you to another dimension. Everyone just flock onto the CD counter grab their album and get their signature. They are no ordinary group as they have won numerous awards including ‘Favourite Folk/World Group’, ‘Favourite European Group’,and Best Pop/Rock Album’ at the Contemporary A Capella Rewarding Awards (USA).

Live recording by one of the staff: (click here)

They will perform here till OCTOBER 28, 2012. Tickets are at RM85, RM105, RM125 and RM145.

I got my tickets at http://www.pjlivearts.my/ or http://tix.my/

One of the best music stage performance that I have come accross in Malaysia.Watch it live as it gives you totally different feel compare to what we/me see in Youtube! Highly recommended and MUST WATCH!!!!

Some of their performance:

PJLA Live Arts, Lvl 1,
Jaya One,
Jalan University, PJ

theatre @ 8:30pm
12 – 28 October

box office (12pm-7pm daily)
phone:             03 79600439
mobile:             017 2289 849      

I did saw alot of banners on around the area of Sri Hartamas and keep wondering what kind of concert is that until I got invites to this concert which I am pretty excited about. Never knew what is that then search info over the web only realize that its a orchestra performance that featuring all the classic games till modern game.

Video Game Live (1)_resize

Video Game Live (VGL) this round is being held at Istana Budaya, that had attracted many gamers to attend on this event. VGL had been held in Malaysia for a couple of years already and this is their returning show. They never had the same performance as when they are going to hold a show in the country, they will ask their fans what kind of music they would want the team to play over Facebook, email or forums (which is pretty interesting).

Video Game Live (2)_resize

With all the selected songs or themes from the games are based on the fans therefore they are playing accordingly.

Video Game Live (3)_resize

This round of Video Game Live in Malaysia 2012 have Emmanuel Fratianni as the orchestra conductor. Then Tommy Tallarico, the creator of Video Games Live is there with his cool electric guitar performance. Besides that, they do have lead vocalist and flutist “Flute Link” Laura Intravia and special invite guest Norihiko Hibino. From all that, one thing that I am proud off is the whole orchestra team is all handpick by them and all from MAlaysia. 😀

Video Game Live (4)_resize

It was a cool performance from the team and one thing if you attend this VGL is that you must play alot alot and alot of games to know which track is which track. I am 80% lost but enjoying the performance from the best of them . .;)

Video Game Live (5)_resize

In between they do have games to ask audience to come out and play and there are one game that impress alot of people is the Guitar Hero which from this young guy he played hard core level and the dots that are flowing down is like raining. Wonder how he press all together and he manage to score 370k games score and above which is seriously impressive!!!

Well, I did one of a recording which I think its impressive that feature both of the performer, “Flute Link” Laura Intravia and special invite guest Norihiko Hibino

Video Game Live (6)_resize

Total sets that they play are:

Set list (in order):

  1. Castlevania – medley
  2. Assassin Creed 2 – cutscene track
  3. Frogger – music played according to the live gaming on stage
  4. Shadow of Collosus – medley
  5. Pokemon – medley
  6. Metroid – medley
  7. World of Warcraft – Lament of the Highborne
  8. Uncharted 2 – (unsure of music title)
  9. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater
  10. Norihiko Hibino‘s solo – music from Color a DinosaurMarioSonic & Final Fantasy
  11. Tetris – opera medley
  12. (20 minutes intermission)
  13. Legend of Zelda – 25th anniversary medley
  14. Mass Effect – (unsure of music title)
  15. Starcraft 2 – (unsure of music title)
  16. Final Fantasy VIII – Liberi Fatali
  17. Laura Intravia‘s solo – Super Mario Bros medley
  18. Guitar Hero – Foo Fighters‘ The Pretender
  19. Halo – (unsure of music title)
  20. Street Fighters 2 – 25th anniversary medley
  21. (Encore)
  22. Chrono Trigger + Chrono Cross medley
  23. Portal – Still Alive

Video Game Live (7)_resize

So for the show for this year, they again impress their fans and audience again with standing ovation given to them. Indeed as I have always love orchestra but this is something new to me. Thanks to Don for the tickets!

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