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If you driving North South Highway Penang – KL bound, then you may want to consider drop by at Bidor for quick eat. Instead like Ipoh, you have to drive in about 15-20 minutes away to get your favourite food, Bidor eatery is just 5 mins away from the toll. Pun Chun Wan Tan Mee regard as one of the best wan tan mee in Bidor town., Perak

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (5)

bidor street food

Upon you walk into the shop, you will see this local pastries on the shelf.

bidor wan tan mee

I am curious for a small town like this, what will be their local income like.  A plate of noodle quite similiar to KL pricing.

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (4)

Their charsiew is different from KL and Penang. It is like in between for me.

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (6)

By the look of egg tart, it does not look tempting. True enough it is “mehhhh. ”

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (7)

Pun Chun’s Classic Wanton Noodles is the signature of the shop. More like a bamboo noodle version.

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (10)

The meal again after we eat from another shop.

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (8)

More interesting is they have this herbal duck soup is also their signature. The taste of herbal duck meat soup or Duck Soup Noodle @ RM 9 is actually quite similiar to Penang mee sua Duck meat soup. Herbal”ish taste. Not too strong as the one like Penang but good enough. Personally thought that mix with wan tan noodle is a bit weird.

pun chun wan tan mee Bidor (9)

Duck Meat Noodle dry @ RM 11 is their shop signature. Noodle texture is slightly fatter, not chewy as more towards the soft side. Not too sure is it over cooked? Their soy dark sauce is slightly more compare to the one in Penang. It looks dark but not as salty as what we thought. It is not too bad.

Duck meat is more in this dry duck meat wan ton noodle. That’s why slightly more expensive.

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pun chun wan tan mee

famous wan tan mee bidor

Overall, I personally think that the first shop, Restaurant Mee Wah is nicer than Pun Chun Restaurant. As my friend say, in Bidor this is the commercial version where most other interstate travelers will drop by and another shop is more for locals.  Again, it really depends on your personal taste bud as both also have its own crowd. Is this the only famous street food in Bidor, or there are others? Do share with me.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, not my preference! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant 品珍酒楼
38-40, Jalan Besar,
35500 Bidor, Negeri Perak

Operating Hours: 6am – 9pm

Tel: 05-434 1554

Last year I was introduce by my friend, as on the way back to KL from Penang, he suggested that we should stop by at his favourite breakfast place. I say, lets do it. Then he turn into Bidor exit. I was like here? Then heading to this Famous Wan Tan Mee at Restaurant Mee Wah in Bidor, which is just about 5-7 minutes drive away from the toll exit.

best hidden wan tan mee in bidor

A place that is pack with locals.  Most of the outstation people do go to another shop – Pun Chun Wan Tan Mee, which I shall blog in another post.

restaurant mee wah (4)

A random pick from a store next to the wan tan mee is this Yong Tau foo. nothing to shout about as the soup is quite simple and clear. The ingredient are freshly fried.

famous wan tan mee in bidor

I was told by my friend This famous wan tan mee in this small Bidor Town, Perak had easily been 30 yeas. Currently is helm by second generation.

restaurant mee wah (5)

Indeed the taste of wan tan mee here is different from the one in Penang and KL. The taste is really like in between. I do find it quite interesting. Light fragrant soy, sesame and a bit of sweet end.

No doubt that the highlight will be the wan tan noodle it self. Springy and cook to perfection.

restaurant mee wah (9)

restaurant mee wah (8)

Wan tan is also quite generous. Is about 4 pcs But the price tag at RM 5, for a small town (if I remember correctly) is actually quite expensive. I thought it would be and RM 3.50 – RM 4.50. I am not too sure the living standard here but it could be the standard pricing for this town.

restaurant mee wah (10)

Order Sui Kow as additional. I think the sui kao is better.

restaurant mee wah (11)

I am not sure. Could this be one of the best wan tan mee in bidor? My friend shared that this is his favourite. If you guys do have your favourite place better than this. Do share. Will go hunt next.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, quit alright! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Wan tan mee @ restaurant Mee WAh
1, Jalan Besar, 16-18,
Jalan Bruseh, 35500 Bidor,
Negeri Perak

Tel: 05-434 2061

Operating Hours: 7am – 6pm

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