There are certainly a lot of mix review for Dragon-i yet they still remain top in my list for my family gathering where can easily cater for my folks especially during their birthdays or CNY gathering.

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“Spin and Win” WeChat Game

As we move into year 2016 and Chinese New Year is around the corner, Dragon-i is taking this opportunity to launch their  “Spin and Win” WeChat Game by rewarding all their loyal customer for their continous support to them as it is starting from 6th January 2016 until 29th February 2016, with cash vouchers and prizes of up to RM28,888 to be given away to winners.
Best of all, its FREE for everyone to join.

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If you are in the outlet, you can load up your “WeChat” scan the code then look for Spin & Win.

If you have not and would like to try it at home, in the search area – look for “DragoniMY” and follow them. Who know;s you might walk away with some vouchers or gifts.

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A Chinese New Year gathering would not be complete if we do not have  Raw Salmon Yee Sang @ RM 68 for 1 full portion/ RM 48 for half portion.

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Do not miss out their signature Xiao  Long Bao too that serve in 4 flavours.

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As we march towards Chinese New Year, the Dragon-i Group of Restaurants is giving all Malaysians a chance to enjoy both their famous Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot and the Signature Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot and which is available dine-in or take-away

To make it more memorable for everyone, Dragon-i Group invited Hong Kong’s Iron Chef, Mr Leong Man-To, to make a special trip to Malaysia for a sharing session in the making of a traditional treasure pot. 

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For the price, I think it is value worth as it is pretty generous with ingredients that fills with 18 types of different ingredients, the Prosperity Abalone Treasure pot set to bring you the ‘FATT’ that you are looking for with:

  • Braised Premium Australian Abalone (12 heads)
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Japanese Dried Scallops
  • Japanese Dried Oysters
  • Premium Mushrooms
  • Pantai Remis Fresh Sea Prawns
  • Roast Chicken
  • Braised Trotters
  • Golden Money Bags (Imported!)
  • Pork Balls
  • Dried Beancurd Skin
  • Yam
  • Black Moss
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Deep-fried Beancurd Skin
  • Radish

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Do not be disappointed as the Prosperity pot is available for take away with their special design case which is high quality steel pot and just only need to reheat before serving it.

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For another 2 special item in their menu which will be their “tou Miew” which is being imported and also their Fried Glutinous Rice with Wax Meat @ RM 48

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So Spin & Win it now or if you would like to try on their Prosperity Abalon Treasure Pot – and  for all Dragon-i Card and HSBC Credit & Debit Card holders, it is  only at RM438.  it also comes with  a complimentary Raw Salmon Fish with Jelly Fish Yu Sheng worth RM68.

For more information, please call the Dragon-i Hotline on +603-7806 3188 or visit the website at www.dragon-i.com.my and Facebook Page at facebook.com/mydragoni.

Hmm, let me ask you a question? How many of you are actually WeChat User.? I was recently introduce to this app by my friend 2 months ago that they prefer to use this over another famous app because of many things that they can do. LAst week when I was in Penang, I saw all my girl friends talking over the phone like talkie and I thought it was another brand only realise that this can do a group talkie chat.. That’s cool, along I understand its one of “The New Way to Connect”.

wechat (1)

WeChat was available to Malaysia market since last year June as this app started as early as Jan 2011. Since then they have garner quite a huge success with less than 2 years with 300mil download, that makes them one of the fastest growing app. Then last week they had a huge launching into Malaysia market and I only realise that this app is develop from China.

wechat (2)

What is  WeChat?
WeChat is a social mobile communications app designed for smartphone users. The application allows the users to send free text, voice messages, emoticons, picture, video and other files. Users can also video-chat, add new friends through its social features, utilize location-based services, and share their stories through the unique ‘Moments’ feature in the form of photos, video and URL links.

WeChat application is available for iOS, Android OS, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users. Note that not all features are available for different platforms. For more information and application download, please visit: www.wechat.com.

wechat (3)

To my surprise, with the power of WeChat, so many of my bloggers friend got this invitation and to me its like huge massive Klang Valley bloggers gathering.

wechat (4)



To get the brand pressence stronger in Malaysia market, they have appointment of Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam as its Malaysian celebrity brand ambassadors. Both of them are strong in their social media pres sense too with strong followers.

wechat (5)

 As I walked into food section area, then saw this cute cupcakes filled with Wechat logo.

wechat (6)

 Then the night started off with Vivian Chua solo singing.

wechat (7)

 Then duet with Henley Hii

wechat (8)

 Every one pause a moment to catch the performance. . .

wechat (9)

During the night, there is a live screen on the stage and its rather simple. Download the app if you do not have one and just scan on the code then you will be in the groupchat.

wechat (10)

To be more entertaining, the night is host by DJ Rudy and with his humor personality, he brings the place to life. . With a few contest up on stage, we can see more and more people are willing to participate. Not to forget that those winners bring back good item, with Ipad and some hardisk as concolation. WeChat definately have the budget to make every one happy that Mr. Poshu Yeung, Vice President of the International Business Group of Tencent Holdings Limited himself is there to witness the whole event.

wechat (11)

 Then the night continue with DJ Sykogroove spinning for the night.

wechat (12)

wechat (13)

wechat (14)

 Of course not to be miss on familiar faces, Benjamin and Anna. .

wechat (15)

Good to see Esther as its been long time I have not seen her, with Yatz and Joshua and Walauwei . .

wechat (16)

Jessica and her Boyfriend, Queenie and Mandy. .

It was a great night to see many bloggers in one roof, eating and drinking all the way. To those of you who are new to WeChat, just watch the video below to know more about it, as this app now is available on platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. Get yours and install for free now. For more information, please go on to their official Facebook Page and Website.

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