Last round on the featured, its on 2 young Malaysians and this round, lets get up close and personal with Zamri Baba fromPETRONAS Syntium Moto Yamaha AHM Team with 28 years old already making progress in this motorsports industry.

Growing his interest in this motorsports that kick start off from a hobby then later he found his love towards it and started to grow and now he had makes his name in this industry.

If you do have a passion and would want to be a great rider like him, just click on the video below to see how he turn to be one of the pro’s

Anything with 2 wheels are always an interest to many guys with its cool prospect. A professional motor driver that turn pro in year 2000 also known with his riding style where his ‘Elbow’ protrude outward, where he start racing at the age of 8 years old on Yamana 50cc bikes. Currently 27 years old that won several MotoGp as for now, those that adore him and I would say you are lucky!

[email protected] Program is now available at their Youtube channel starting this week that will be staring that 27 years old professional driver, Ben Spices.

So check out the video below:

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