Wine2U is one of a new hidden gem that I discover at Seri Kembangan recently and is also a recommendation by my friend. A place that certainly save many folks from traveling all the way to KL for wine chill out place.

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Hidden behind a busy street and tug this little wine shop in Seri Kembangan that serve quite  a unique range of wine for, whisky and also soju for your palate. with range from many countries as your option preference.

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love the bottle design for this.

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this bottle is indeed unique as a wine that is being created specially for Sushi and Sashimi pairing.

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Besides taking away your bottle, you can head into their little little hidden restaurant which is just right behind the counter for your leisure chill out with friends or getting a quick fix of meals.

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It is  not an extensive menu, but the menu is good enough to pair with most of their wine. Starting off with their chef special cheese wheel. Baked in a temperature with flavour of nuts, berries and honey just right to ooze out the perfect blend of flavour yet cheese is not too salty. Just perfect to my liking and goes very well with red wine! (Especially Shiraz)

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Next is chef special in house Wine2U Roast Pork @ RM 12, siew yuk recipe as being season carefully and bake according to their perfect timing. Love the even thin fats in between and each bite is fill with cracking sound. Fresh and good and its only limited portion available.

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Their sous-vide Iberico Ribs @ RM 48 is one of the best that I have come across in the area. well marinated, and grill to perfection that the meat is soft, juicy and very fragrant.

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As they recommend this merlot to pair along which is not too bad. A mild after floral taste that brings out the flavour of herbs from the marination.

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Iberico Magro @ RM 68

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their classic carbonara is indeed a dish which hit on its name. Fill with egg yolk in the middle, and spread evenly with yolk that give you the little drench it need. Fragrant of cheese and mushroom gives it the balance that is needed.

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One of the best pork part is this Tomahawk Spare ribs @ RM 29 90  that I have come across. Marinated and cook to perfection that each bite is soft and juicy, still with a little pink that shows the sign of perfect cooking.

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well, how often do you order Chef Roy Curry Noodle @ RM 18 in a bar. This is quite unique as this is the outlet best seller. Limited portion available too. The taste of soup is slightly different compare to what I had on outside as they play with a little herbs in it. the purpose of this is to pair with their signature wine Rose. With only additional RM 10 you get a glass of Rose to go with and how bad deal could this be. It is just too perfect.

Chill enough as the mild rose taste brings the taste of herb to a well balance and soothing on your palate yet a hint of floral after taste is there. Quite an interesting and unique combination that they have created for this bowl to pair with this rose.

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Folks around the area and looking for a decent place to chill, the food here is pretty amazing and worth to pay a visit. Best is to call up and pre order your food before it runs out as most of the food is being created on limited quantity.

Quite a recommended place.

8, Jalan Perusahaan 3,
Taman Jinma, 43300
Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Operating Hours:
10am – 10.30pm (close Monday)

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