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In the heart of Bukit Bintang where Wolo Hotel sits just right in the middle of it. Brasserie Fritz do offer nice experience for their tea set as they have high glass panel with tons of natural lighting coming in. Perfect for those who loves to take OOTD. This round, I am back to hit on their dinner.

Brasserie Fritz (1)

Brasserie Fritz (3)

Brasserie Fritz (4)

This would be one of my favourite area as the seafood offerings does look good and fresh.


Brasserie Fritz (5)

table settings is quite similar to the one in the afternoon tea settings.

Brasserie Fritz (6)

Brasserie Fritz (7)

enjoying a glass of their house wine first. Quite like it as it is not so sourish yet smooth enough to start off with.

Brasserie Fritz (8)

Brasserie Fritz (9)

AS the seafood looks good, so we ordered Hokkaido Scallop and Parsley – pan seared Hokkaido Scallop , parsley puree, Salted Caramel Hazelnut @ RM 40. Enjoy the scallop on the high note, as it was cook to perfection. Slighlty glazed and golden brown on the top, fresh scallop meat and puree is smooth to work well with its caramel hazelnut that did not over power the scallop. Great combination.

Brasserie Fritz (10)

Brasserie Fritz (11)

Brasserie Fritz (12)

It had been a while since I enjoy nice Oyster. Pacific Oyster @ RM 18 for today is amazing. Fresh, and sweetness of it is just perfect with a drop of lemon. A medium size is just perfect for me and no Tabasco please.!

Brasserie Fritz (13)

Was recommended to pair with a glass of

Brasserie Fritz (17)

Little plates, I order Foie Gras Remoulade – pan seared foie gras, celeriac remoulade, endive, grapes, black pepper and orange glazed @ RM 65. A texture that is taken care well. Did not overcook yet the top layer gives you the slight crips and in the heart of it is soft and fragrant that nears to pop. Celeriac gives you the slight bitterness yet grapes balance it back. a nice combination.

Brasserie Fritz (18)

This is a must order starter as I find it very unique and flavour combination is just awesome. Anchovies on Toast – smoked anchovies, maple butter, grilled sourdough, cream cheese @ RM 25. Well presented and enjoying every bite of it. Smoke anchovies and cream cheese just a great pairing along with the glass of house white is just a perfect combination.

Brasserie Fritz (19)

Brasserie Fritz (23)

Steak au Poivre – pepper rubbed striploin, green pepper sauce, pommes Fritz,baby greens @ RM 95

Brasserie Fritz (22)

requested medium rare

Brasserie Fritz (25)

Brasserie Fritz (24)

Lamb Blanquette – stewed lamb shank, light cream sauce, baby endives, button mushroom, burnt leek, sweet peas, carrot, rice pilaf @ RM 65

Brasserie Fritz (27)

To finish we try out their unique dessert that is drench with rum of your choice. Rum Baba – light and airy brioche, soaked in syrup and serve with stewed pineapple, pineapple compote, and creme chibouste @ RM 35. Rum is unlimited pouring on the plate. pick one bottle to Drench or soak it. *a very strong rum!

Brasserie Fritz (28)

Brasserie Fritz (29)

Brasserie Fritz (30)

Brasserie Fritz (31)

Was recommend one of their classic best seller is this Banana Split @ RM 32. 2 scoop vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop strawberry ice cream, fried bananas, salted caramel sauce, chantilly cream, almond tuile.

Their small plates and seafood is above my expectation and do give it a try.

Brasserie Fritz at Wolo Hotel
Ground Floor, WOLO, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 8am – 12am

Tel: 03-4065 0876

Shopping and walking around Bukit Bintang yet you are tired and looking for a comfy place to chill. One of the most recent place I met up with some friends and enjoying Brasserie Fritz French High Tea Set in Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang. Although I am not really a tea set person, however this place do impress as you will be transported into a very quiet calm relaxing ambiance.

Braserrie Fritz (1)

BRASSERIE FRITZ is fit into a French inspire concept and this latest dining experience is lead by Christian Bauer and Eddie Chew, the men behind Troika Sky Dining and Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar. They renovated the place that previously was Tour Les Jour.

Braserrie Fritz (3)

Braserrie Fritz (2)

As you walk in from the main entrance, is Boulangerie Fritz that provides an assortment of freshly baked croissants, pain au chocolat, pastries and pies, savoury and sweet. The wide variety of breads and rolls are baked fresh every day and the Melbourne-based coffee roasters at Victoria coffee company provide the best beans for a morning espresso. Don’t forget to try the Berliners, or the donuts stuffed with sweet fillings like salted caramel, rhubarb and custard or strawberries and cream; they are worth a detour.

Braserrie Fritz (4)

Braserrie Fritz (5)

Braserrie Fritz (6)


Braserrie Fritz (7)

Braserrie Fritz (8)

Braserrie Fritz (9)

high ceiling, with natural lighting from the clear window panels is indeed a place for many people who love to take pictures.

Braserrie Fritz (10)

Boulangerie Fritz Tea Sets are colourful and nicely presented that is served daily inbetween 3pm – 6pm only  at RM 55 ++ per pax serve along with a pot of Melbourne Tea Drop tea. 

Braserrie Fritz (11)


Braserrie Fritz (13)

Middle and top tier is fit with sweets such as macaron fraise, savarin paris, religieuse, strawberry bubble, rhubarb baby berliner, custard puff, coconit meringue, mini chocolate chip cookie, and niflette

Braserrie Fritz (14)

On the base, it is filled with Sandwiches, Prawn, salted egg cream cheese mayo, Curry Kapitan sandwich,with cilantro mayo, Smoked salmon with dill mayo and croissant cucumber, cream cheese, mint and yogurt.

Braserrie Fritz (16)

the prawn sandwich is fresh and good!

Braserrie Fritz (17)

Braserrie Fritz (18)

Braserrie Fritz (19)

Braserrie Fritz (20)

Braserrie Fritz (22)

Braserrie Fritz (26)

Braserrie Fritz (27)

Braserrie Fritz (28)

Girls will certainly love this place to chill and to have girls talk as you will be surprise on how quiet this place is. Service here is pretty good too.

Boulangerie Fritz
Ground Floor, WOLO,
Bukit Bintang Street,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating hours: 7AM – 1AM

Tel: 03-4065 0876

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