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Among the vineyards that we visited today, Yering Station that located in the area of Yarra Valley is one of the highly recommended place to visit among the list from the 2 ladies that I have met. We save the best for the last where indeed this place throughly mesmerize us, with hits huge landscape.

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Yering Station was established in 1838 by the pioneering Ryrie brothers who adopted the Aboriginal name “Yering” for their new station. In 1996 the Rathbone family purchased the property drawn to its natural beauty, history and the great promise of its wines.

Today Yering Station is one of the jewels of the Yarra Valley region, attracting tourists and wine enthusiasts from around the globe. Recognised for its landmark winery/restaurant complex, the building sits harmoniously within the landscape of heritage architecture and the beautiful vineyards from which our winemakers craft award winning wines. (source from: yering.com)

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Upon entering, this place is divided into 2 sections where the main huge building is the posh dining area that have huge high glass window that over look its entire vineyard. More about the restaurant : click here

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After checking out the restaurant, which were rather impressive and our time is hanging in between where the restaurant is already closed for the day. So we head off to Yering Station where retail of wine and wine tasting is available here.

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I feel in love with their wine tasting area where it looks like conversion of a huge rustic warehouse with art pieces on the wall and tasting stations smack right in the middle.

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we start off with their tasting range.  .

Yering (16)

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The range that we have tested and truly understand why this is the 2 ladies favourite. If you love dry and strong wine, Yering is definitely one of the brand to consider as they give you a punch in the mouth and I am liking it.

Yering (20)

Yering (21)

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In this last stations, we ended up grab a few bottles too before heading back and also got one of their limited edition wine that is nicely box up in wooden crates.

Its one of a wineyard that must visit, if you have limited time. Also to visit Yarra Valley, you can check them out – Winecompass


Yering Station
38 Melba Highway
Yarra Glen VIC 3775
Tel: 03 9730 0100
Operating Hours: 10am – 5pm

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