Over the weekend, my best friend Ian was quite free then gave me a call ‘Woi, want to go have lunch? Go Batu Caves there makan’? I was like harr.. serious? Batu Caves? then he was like very good eh, will never introduce you wrong food, then I call Ken along too. Driving from my side to another side to hunt for this restaurant. Pan Heong Restaurant is one of a well know restaurant that attracts many from near and far. He also mention that why I should come here to makan is that they use Charcoal to cook! anything cook with charcoal always create another flavor out of it.

Pan Heong (1)

Pan Heong Restaurant is very well known to many locals especially their neighborhood area. With the quality of food and of course their very reasonable price had attracted people from all over then. It was Sunday morning and I was blow away on the numbers of customers queueing up for a table.

Pan Heong (2)

My other group of friends came earlier, therefore we got a spot pretty fast.

Pan Heong (3)

As when I dine in a new place, I always love to observe other tables on what they are ordering or what are the usual repeat order that they(diners) eat.

Pan Heong (4)

As my friend told me, they started off in under a tree and their business had grew so fast then they move to shop lot themselves.

Pan Heong (5)

Started off with a simple Vegetable @ RM 11

Pan Heong (6)

We did not order white rice therefore we go for their Fried Rice as I see many people order. It is a very simple dish that they fried it till very aromatic and ‘wok hei’ as I always love my fried rice to have chinese sausage. @ RM 15

Pan Heong (7)

This is one of their signature HOr Fun and supposedly to order their ‘Sang Har Mee’ but as majority would prefer this for this round. @ RM 15. I love the gravy texture, smooth with egg add up onto while it is serving very hot to let it cook itself while its hot. Smooth gravy and pair very well with the koey teow.

Pan Heong (8)

Next one of my favourite is their Kao Yoke Mee Hoon @ RM 17. Mee hoon was not fried too dry, moist as it originally suppose to be and eat along with the soft fatty Kao Yuk is just perfect. – Recommended!

Pan Heong (9)

Nam Yu (fermented bean curd) Pork is one of the dish not many places can cook well. I must say this place have done it well, that I nearly whack the whole plate by myself instead of sharing it with another 7 more pax. It is well marinated and deep fried to the edge is crispy, and the taste of fermented bean curd is there that do not over power the taste or too strong. – REcommended! @ RM 18.50

Pan Heong (10)

One of the dish that many table order is their Porridge. Then we opt for Fish Porridge @ RM 18. Silky smooth texture of porridge just like the one I had it in Hong Kong, sign’s of being boil long enough to come into this texture. Notice that the fish meat cook instantly under the super boiling hot porridge. Its a bit mild in taste yet just taste good~ Heee,, for sick people, it would be a good meal for you guys.

Overall, the food is not bad and the portion charge with the prices I would say its on the cheaper side as total bill came to RM 105 and dine with total 8 pax.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10  quite good with reasonable price . . -stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pan Heong Restoran
No.2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
Batu Caves,
68100 Selangor
(parallel to SRJK Kheow Bin)

Tel: 03-6187 7430

GPS Coordinates: 3.233434, 101.674165

Opens from 8am to 330pm daily


When comes to the word ‘Pork’ a lot of my friend would say, please please, take me to where is the best pork that they can hunt. Then one of the place that I have heard so much which is the best, legendary, caramelize, one of the recommended is this shop that located at off Jalan Pudu, behind Shaw Parade which is known as Wong Kee Roast Pork (siew yuk).

meng kee (2)

This place is always packed.

meng kee (3)

meng kee (1)

Then my friend told me that, this owner is actually a ‘Datuk title’ or a place mostly you can see political people dine in this shop and do bare in mind do not piss him off, that being a Hainanese their mood sure do swings alot ..  and me being hainanese I don really understand the terms but seems mostly older generation they do have that serious mood swings including my dad. Well, cannot denied that he really do good roast pork . .

meng kee (4)

This is one hell plate of a roast pork that most of my friend crave for that they are only here for the ROAST PORK, with its SUPER crispy skin, perfectly well balance fats and lean meat in between, once put into our mouth, I just love the strong aroma of the well roasted crispy skin saltiness, and the fats just melts in mouth.

To enjoy this savory roast pork, it comes to a hefty price, that our bills comes to RM50 with this 3 plate of roast pork and 3 plate of rice. Seriously NOT CHEAP! Still, it attracts many people for near and far especially my boss.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, recommended just dig your pocket~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Wong Meng Kee 王美记
30,Jalan Nyonya,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.139231, 101.711308

Time : 12.30 – 4.30 pm

Phone: 03-2145 2512

View Larger Map

If you are always in a hurry or need to take away something simple and nice yet cheap, Chicken Rice is always top in the list but with Sum Lam Fatt Chicken and Duck Rice had made its name around the neighbourhood is one of the popular place to hunt for when think of Chicken Rice.

Lam Fatt

If you were to go during lunch hours, you are expecting a que in this shop.

Lam Fatt (2)

and guess what, its only 1pm and all the chickens are gone while we are waiting for the guy to replanish it.

Lam Fatt (3)

I just love the ‘Chap Chai Soup’ which is spicy with dry chili yet sour with the sour vegetable and cook it hours with duck meat and bone. I just finish this bowl of soup. RM4

Lam Fatt (4)

The chicken taste good, juicy that had been soak with the soy and a bit of sesame sauce, and the ‘Siew Yuk’ nothing to boost about~ RM6 for 2 person.

Surely, I have no complain about this place as it is cheap yet the service is fast.

My dad like to ta pau from this shop if he did not go down town.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, not bad lah~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kedai Kopi Lamm Fatt Chicken Rice

Jalan Paya Terubong, Penang
(nearby Toto/4D/ pedestrian traffic light)

Continue on wedding season for all the love birds and congratulations to all the newly weds as for my self, I still got a few wedding cards invites on hand. I guess when reach around my age, the red bomb that I received is going up which indicates that my pocket hole is burning. How big the damage did not know yet but recently I get a glimpse of what Princely Wedding Fair is all bout. The fair was participated with more than 26 wedding partners that covers from groom’s suites, photography, video, cakes, gifts and decorations.

Bridal Fair

One of the local talent on wedding cake baker which is no longer a stranger to the local market that some media had showcase on his work which is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (2)

Yet with macarons is quite famous in foreign countries and unique at local market, he would be one of the few that made this in local.

Bridal Fair (3)

This is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (4)

Besides that, one of our lucky friend, ‘Cheong Man Yuk’ got selected to be one of the models for the day with make up from bubblybrides.com and gown from De Rain Atelier.

Bridal Fair (6)

At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur had what it takes to transform your wedding into a memorable event. The Prince offers you a host of specially tailored wedding packages and benefits that will definitely lend a touch of class and elegance to your wedding. In addition, there is also the choice of orchestrating the whole event to suit your taste and requirements. Which ever you choose, you are assured of the Prince’s special Touch.

Bridal Fair (7)

With a many of the designs and packages to choose from.

Bridal Fair (8)
Types of wedding deco for tables.

Bridal Fair (5)

Then we head for the lunch that had prepared and the desert area that tempt me the most with the deliciously looking cakes.

Bridal Fair (10)

This two was caught in action for eating too much..keke

Bridal Fair (11)

Ken, Carven Ong and his friends.

Bridal Fair (12)
Start off the fashion show with Carven Ong Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. To view more click here.

Bridal Fair (13)

Bridal Fair (14)
Carven Ong’s latest design for wedding gawns.

Bridal Fair (15)

Bridal Fair (16)

Bridal Fair (17)

Bridal Fair (18)

Bridal Fair (20)

Bridal Fair (21)

Bridal Fair (22)
Love this piece with its nice fabric and design.

Bridal Fair (24)

Bridal Fair (25)
Miss Malaysia and Carven

Bridal Fair (26)

Bridal Fair (27)
His design never fails to impress.

Bridal Fair (28)
Besides that, if you were to put a Just Married sign behind this car, its just as good as it seen on cartoons. :p

Bridal Fair (29)
This is the lucky with that had transform to a pretty Witch and another lucky lady got chosen to be a model too.

Bridal Fair (30)
This are the two couples are going to get married very soon.

Bridal Fair (31)
Of course must camwhore with her a bit.

Bridal Fair (32)
bubblybrides.com the owner that put on the make up for Witch. Its simple that doesnt look like put on heavy make up yet bring up her features or I would say, simple and nice.

Bridal Fair (33)

Bridal Fair (34)
Then we got a chance to shoot them for their Beta version of wedding.

Bridal Fair (35)

Bridal Fair (36)
Head onto one of the Honeymoon suits that offer by Price.

Bridal Fair (37)

Bridal Fair (40)
and also get pampered at Mandara Spa at Prince. Just love the ambiance in it, relaxing yet soothing and just makes me feel like I am at another dimension.

Bridal Fair (39)

Bridal Fair (38)

Bridal Fair (41)

Not only that, all the couples that had made a reservation and hosting their wedding dinner at Prince Hotel will stand a chance to walk away with the exclusive prize that had arrange by Prince.

Princely Wedding Contest 2010 Prizes


1st Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel Waikiki Hawaii2nd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel New Takanawa Tokyo

3rd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Khum Phaya Resorts & Spa Chiang Mai

* Vacation is inclusive of a 3 days/2 nights stay accommodation at the said hotels with return air-tickets for two persons. Other terms and conditions apply.

In addition to that, a total worth of RM30,000 cash vouchers sponsored by the wedding fair partners are up for grabs and are exclusively available to couples who sign up and confirm their wedding dinner reception at Prince held from January to December 2010!

The wide range of facilities offered in this Wedding Fair makes it a perfect place to hold a wedding reception. If you are planning to pop the question this year, do check out with the hotel’s wedding planner at [email protected]

Every Princely wedding package includes a complimentary one-night stay in the romantic heavenly decorated Bridal Suite complete with complimentary wedding gifts followed with a Princely Wedding Breakfast the next morning.


I have witness on that day for the draw of 2009 and one of the lucky couple that host their wedding dinner at the hotel got their whole dinner package refunded which is around RM50 000. I believe that couple really had an awesome wedding dinner yet being this lucky. Congrats to them.

* I am giving away a voucher worth RM600 (tnc) to be redeem at Carven Ong Couture Botique with one conditions: what is your most romantic marriage proposal? ( can be imaginative, or real experience) the most romantic comment will walk away with the voucher.
Prince Hotel
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2170 8634

Excited about Friday as always cuz it is WEEKEND~ so my new partner in crime the double K which is Kebbie and Karen a.k.a Kalan(a gigantic eater yet slim like hell)…ahhaha…They know that I love food so they brought me here and Karen was waiting for her friend to come. I gilar sial diver who ownes a coffee shop Kopitiam Kuan Yew
So here we are, at Taman Desa where I did not know got nice food to eat but its their territory so just go la..never ask much. So while waiting for Kalan friend so arleady hungry and start eating at the road side food. The ‘Chee Cheong Fun’. Too hungry till I forgot to capture the pic of it. It is nice, and cheap. No Complain at all.
Food rating 7.5/10 , Good ah..Not Bad~

Then they directly hantam the stall beside.

The ‘Tau Fu Far’. I tell you, the tau fu far is just so smooth like babies backside. So soft and nice. The white suger syrup is with ginger. So good for those ppl who got infected by fake N1H1. Ginger is good for those got flu. RM1.50

That guy was 20 minutes late. So head to our very original place we wanted to go. Its Sing Kee Kitchen which they said its famous for Duck Rice.

This are the temptation duck hanging around. Waiting to be slain and walap by us.
I thought they were only selling duck rice but to my surprise also this are their side order.
and here……
and here……….
and the very first order that came was the ‘Curry Chicken’. The spiciness lvl is there. Not too hot yet just nice and not to santanese. Goes perfectly well with rice and the chicken is soft and potato is ngam ngam cook.
Then the rice is good. The K&K donate their rice to me. Half each from them so that makes me makan 2 bowl of rice and from just now the chee cheong fun and tau fu far havent digest they pour everything in…Chi Sin..me not monster~
Here comes the dish of the day. The ‘Char Siew and Siew Yuk’. The char siew I would not prefer that much is it is quite meaty and not too much fats so makes it like eating pork , the sauce that goes along with it is not really nice, not the kind that I prefer and of course the Siew yuk would be better, the crust of the tip is crispy and the fats is just nice.
The main dish of the day. ‘Whole Duck’ is serve on the table. The duck skin is roast to okayness and the duck meat would not be so hard nor soft. The sauce that goes along on the duck so so but still prefer the 1 I ate in Penang.
This is another side order, which is I don really how to call this. But if you mix the sauce with curry chicken, and mix it with rice…sure do you can just walap the whole bowl of rice without any problem. The pork meat is soft, nicely cook to perfection.
Lastly that guy order ‘Caramel Pudding’ for Kalan saying that its one of the signature of the shop. Then we tried that it is so so only. The taste of caramel is not strong like onli 25% and the pudding is soft but yet I feel taste a bit weird. I do not really eat pudding but was just giving a try. Not bad I would say.
At the end of the meal I do not know what is the price of the meal cuz was paid by that Kopitiam owner. Thanks to you~ but what I was told is, a plate of normal duck rice cost aorund RM5.50-7.50 without any side dish.

Food rating 7.5/10 , Okay ah..Not Bad~

-= KA CHING =-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Taman Desa, Along Secret Recepi row.

Was early on the Saturday morning and called Chris where was he. Told me that he is in mechanic shop and ask him wanna go out makan or not. He asked me to go find him and bring me to 1 to eat ‘Siew Yuk’ very nice 1. So he brought me to this place in the housing area dalam dalam. Never been to this area before. As Chris told me that during the weekdays it is very hard to get a seat and have to wait very long to get your turn. During weekend a bit easy.

It was only 11.50am when I reached there and to my surprise the coffee shop already full of people and the que of ta pauing is already there. At least 5-7 ppl in the que.

This is the famous roast pork that been the signature of the place. As I observed all the tables around there, all the customer at least would order 1 full plate of ‘Siew Yuk’ the same goes to all the ppl tau pau.

This is what I have for my lunch, ‘Mix'(char siew, siew yuk and chicken). Not cheap for a small portion which cost me RM7 and the pieces of it can also count by fingers. It is like 4 pieces of siew yuk, 4-5 pieces of char siew and 4 pieces of chicken. WTF!!! The char siew is okay okay onli and the chicken is noting special.

Totally cannot denied that why the business is so good. The Siew Yuk’ is totally crispy on the crust itself its like eating chips, the the fragrance in the meat is just nice along with it. The fats on the siew yuk and the meat is just perfectly the right blend. Not too much fats and not too much meat. Must get a taste on it. Highly recommended

Food rating 9.5/10 , Very Good!!~ -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Kedai Kopi & Makanan Mooi Mooi
94 Jln Rukun 2,
Taman Gembira
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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