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At times, when you are looking for some healthy option for dining we are really looking into which outlet that doesnt use MSG to  cook their food? I am sure that when we do thought of it, its only like left with 5 fingers or less to think off. One of the most recent place that I discover that the owner have his own healthy recipe and working closely with his chef to come out with this menu.

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Zest Cafe& Restaurant is located at The Sphere, Bangsar South. One of a new booming location in the southern Bangsar where more retail will be popping up soon. This location is one of the earliest place to be filled up bout 2-3 years ago and Zest is one of their pioneers. Since then, the cafe had gain its popularity on the office crowd there for healthy dining options.

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 On our afternoon dining, we were pamper with a bottle of wine share by 6 pax.

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Mushroom Soup @ RM6.50 here is pretty different from others, as we have the option to add in black pepper ourselves as the original taste of it I find it pretty alright, as some would find it too bland. Its blended with few types of mushroom then serve with little cream.

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Pumpkin Soup @ RM6.50

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Pumpkin soup here you might find it thick in texture and slightly more creamy as its blended with their own oven baked pumpkin. Some of you will find it is slightly thick yet some of the customers here make it as one of their baby food.

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For really healthy option, then Zest Salad @ RM17.50 – filled with colorful veggie with a healthy mixture of fresh grilled zucchini, aubergineand pumpkin, added with balsamic dressing and crowned with pan-grilled prawns.

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I am a fan of Cheesy Seafood Baked Rice @ RM23.80 yet I find this too rich for me to finish this one big plate by myself. Best advise to share by 2. It might look small here but trust me, on their actual serving is huge. It served with prawns, squid, mussel and fish slices with mozzarella cheese.

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I am not a big fan of Fish & Chips @ RM31.80 but this plate is something to kill for, as the fish meat they are not using dory fish, as they use butterfish instead. The meat is so soft, juicy and fresh yet they fried it to perfection that its not too hard. Tartar sauce blend well with the fish as the sauce is not too strong. One of the dish I would recommend!

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Another giant portion serving is Chicken Lasagna @ RM20.50. 

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One of my favourite as its rich in ingredient and the layer of flour is not too thick yet soft enough to go along with nicely oven baked lasagna. Advise again, best to share this dish.

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One of my highly recommended dish is Rosemary Roast Chicken @ RM21-Half | RM38-Whole. Its hard to get a very nice rosemarry chicken that its filled with herb taste. Its not too strong yet the taste just simmer wells into the meat. Make it a perfect dish to be share with family and friends.

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Pan-Grilled Lamb Cutlet @ RM39.80 serve with yoghurt-mint sauce and hummus.

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Prawn Spaghetti Alla Pesto @ RM19.50 – cook with their homemade pesto sauce topped with pan-grilled juicy prawn

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 After you finish your meal, their Hot Chocolate is to hunt for. Its rich enough to satisfy your craving. One of the best hot chocolate to die for. Highly Recommended!

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 Latte is pretty decent as they are using Segafredo beans.

Well, no doubt that at times when we need to change or taste buds to more mild, this would be one of the place to consider with few of their dishes that you can order.

Do note that their food might be slightly off flavor for healthy reason as the owner is using low salt, low sugar, no MSG and lots of olive oil!

Zest Cafe & Restaurant
Unit 1-2, 1st Floor,
The Sphere 1, Avenue 1,
Bangsar South 8, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 KL

Tel: 03 – 2242 0389

Operation Hours:
8.00 am to 10.00 pm (weekdays)
10:00 am to 10:00 pm (weekends).

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