To some folks, year 2017 seems gloomy and to some it seems bright like shinning amour. This is the same to Guinness as now they are shinning bright with their new black brew. All beer lovers will get to try out this latest new addtion into Guinness family – Guinness Bright which had just launch at The Quad, TREC.

Guinness (1)

Media and friends are gathered at this new little build up pavilion in between The Social and Zouk known as The Quad.

Guinness (2)

Guinness (3)

Upon arrival, everyone is being pamper with the classic black that everyone loves while anticipating for the upcoming launch.

Guinness (4)

Presenting you the new Guinness Bright – that is fresh stout infuse with coffee, ginger and lemongrass extracts. This new bottle is only available in Malaysia market at the moment.

Guinness (5)

Guinness (7)

The differences of this two flavour, I would still opt for my classic black however the new Guinness Bright will definitely capture younger audience which have yet try the black. Something milder, creamy and easier to drink that gives you less bitter yet sweeter end.

Guinness (8)

Good news is that,  this mini little pop up store is giving out freebies. Right before you head into any of the drinking join at TREC, do pop by this pop up store as Guinness is giving out complimentary bottle to each customer. (only 1 bottle each) for a try out.

Only available from Thursday – Saturday (ends 20th May). – while stock last

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cheers to the new bottle and will be available in all bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and supermarket nationwide.

Recently The Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 launched at one of KL top night hang out place, TREC in style as we were brought through a series of journey for it. First is by  unique four-course dinner and cocktail pairing experience that truly elevated the Hennessy V.S.O.P drinking experience. The menu and specially-crafted cocktails were conceptualized by the team at Hacha Mecha and IKKI Bar. The unique menu paired Japanese flavours with the sweet, fruity notes of the Hennessy V.S.O.P through a selection of various classic cocktail adaptations.

Hennessy (1)


Hennessy (2)

All of us were gathered at Hacha Mecha that will kick start our first series of experience in four course meal.

Hennessy (3)

Hennessy (4)

I had the previous bottle of 5th collection series and with 6th is to mark its second collaboration with renowned art director Peter Saville, Hennessy V.S.O.P.

Hennessy (5)

Hennessy (7)

Hennessy (8)

With a few usual suspects, of course is Jason and Elaine.

Hennessy (10)

With Henry Goldings being the host for the night.

Hennessy (11)

Hennessy (12)

Hennessy (14)

Our dinner kick start with:

Yakitori Tasting Platter – (Chicken Tsukene, Chicken Thigh & Leek, and Mozzarella Balls)

Paired with Horse’s Neck – (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Ginger Ale, Angostura Bitters and Lemon Wedges)

Hennessy (15)

Wagyu / Chicken Karage Sliders

Paired with Side Car – (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Triple Sec and Lemon Juice).I was joking on the name of this drink where side car will make you side car if you drink more (side car translate to cantonese). So for this drink, do handle with care.

Hennessy (16)

During our dinner, we were distract with great voice from Talitha Tan, one of the newest songstresses in the Malaysian scene, for which she played a variation of both original songs and unique covers of the current popular hits.

Hennessy (17)

Char Grilled Miso Salmon/ Truffled Wagyu Donburi 

Paired with Mint Julep (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Angostura Bitters, Mint Leaves). I have tried a few mint jelup and I think this is one of a better mint jelup so far with Hennessy as one of the base.

Hennessy (18)

Hennessy (19)

Final dish is one of the best dish by far as it is totally a fantastic dish with alot of confusion created in your mind. our dessert is Cold Tuna Sashimi. In love with its creativy and techinque for this where tuna sashimi is actually made from compress watermelon and finely slice to look it like a nice cut of sashimi, along with wasabi infuse ice cream to make your experience that you are eating a fresh tuna sashimi that gives you a chill sensation to your taste bud.  Fine crust biscuit is to add in a great crunchy bite along with ginger slices that makes it a well balance dessert dish. It is a cleverly presented dish.

Hennessy (20)

If this Cold Tuna Sashimi is in their dessert menu, do give it a try.

Hennessy (21)

After the meal, we head to our second session, that is held just right upstairs at Hacha Mecha, is IKKI for specially-crafted cocktails by Lead Bartender, Mr Osmund Bernard. The cocktail session entailed a special masterclass session with Osmund himself who took guests through the inspiration and procedure behind each unique cocktail.

Hennessy (22)


Hennessy (23)

This French Summer cocktail was available for that night only and featured a refreshing take on the Hennessy V.S.O.P flavours, giving guests a taste of summer in France as a tribute to the heritage of the Hennessy brand, is one on of womens favourite. Clever mix from Osmund created the creamy foam that makes the drink so smooth where thyme is added along. I then pluck the leaves and stir it along and it sure do enhance the taste of the drink to be more fragrant.

Hennessy (24)

Hennessy (25)

While waiting for our drinks to be prepared, we got another great local talent, Daphne Charice for her cover songs.

Hennessy (26)

Stronger taste bud tester, do be prepare for A Letter from Mr. Ikki took the spotlight of the cocktail session with its full-bodied, rich flavours and served as the perfect after-dinner drink. The cocktail brings out hints of oak and coffee, complemented with Ikki Chocolate Bitters that combine spices and herbs with chocolate. 

Hennessy (27)

For more information on the A Letter from Mr. Ikki and to learn how it is made, do click here. This drink is also now available in IKKI’s menu.

Hennessy (28)

With Benjamin and Cherry.

Right after IKKI, we then roam around to Avalon, LiveHouse and ended up Zouk Club KL for its Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 parties, 

Hennessy (29)

At Avalon with Yuki and the rest.

Hennessy (30)

After 12.30am, we quickly move over to Zouk where they have Maarten Hoogstraten of Bingo Players to spin at 1am onwards for that night.

Hennessy (31)


New folder6

Partied along with Kelly, Thris, Pamela and Daphne Charice,

Year 2015 seems to be quite quiet for a big massive outdoor party, and to close a great year for 2015, Hennessy V.S.O.P organise quite a pretty big bang for their brand by getting, recently Grammy nominated duo Galantis, to Zouk, KL. Hennessy Ultrabeat

It was a crazy night as the response were overwhelming where its a full house and sold out event as the whole Zouk transform into their new style for Hennessy Ultrabeat.

ultrabeat (1)

Upon entering, you will be greeted by their both photowall . .

ultrabeat (5)

ultrabeat (6)

ultrabeat (2)

With its signature DJ deck for Hennessy Ultrabeat. .

ultrabeat (3)

A night is perfect where we are all pamper with Hennessy VSOP

ultrabeat (7)

Happy to see some familiar faces where it had been a while since I last saw them for party. Henry, Chou Yin and Cumi & Ciki (Cumi is above and Ciki is below) 😀

ultrabeat (8)

ultrabeat (9)

Along with famous Public Figure, Sue Lynn and Riff

ultrabeat (10)

Me & Hooi Nee

As the night keep at Zouk Mainroom serving as the party’s nucleus, local resident DJ Wai Hong of B.A.T.E (Brains and The Eye) opened the night with B.A.T.E’s signature brand of fist-pumping tunes featuring the finest in disco, techno and electro.

ultrabeat (11)
As the magic hour came round, 2016 Grammy nominated runway hit Runway (U & I) pulsed through the room, elevating the party to the next level as headline act Galantis took to the decks. Everyone just flock the dance floor and standing right infront of the DJ deck to get ready to be pump up.

ultrabeat (12)

Energy levels were at an all-time high as fans revelled to the beats of the Swedish superduo. The electro pop team Galantis, are made up of Christian Karlsson from Miike Snow and Linus Eklöw from Style of Eye. Fresh off Stereosonic, their clever mix of hard hitting electronic and pop music kept the party pumping.

ultrabeat (13)

ultrabeat (14)

It was as fun night with amazing line up. Hope to see more in year 2016.


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