I was very happy when I heard Jay(met her on my HK trip on May) and Diana(last met her was 3 n half years ago) coming over to KL but then a bit disappointed when get to know the date when they were here did clash a bit with my Redang trip but of course when I was back at KL I directly went to meet up with them. They are my best friend when I was studying from Melbourne which I get to know from my bestie Lily.. From left is Diana and Jay. We used to hang out back in those days with 3 of them. Now Jay is working in HK and Diana is on her way back to HK for good and dropping by.

When I first saw this pic myself after on Jay’s Facebook I got shocked myself. As when I went back to work all my colleagues was like wahhh!!! What happen to you. You over roasted yourself iziit? I still didn’t realize it until I saw this pic.

Heheheh…The new skin tone of me. Color of terbakar.

This pic is even more obvious when saw it. Really ‘longgg jor’ which is my my Si lang colleage ask me to thanks my dad for giving my name suits my color which is Chou Loong in pronounce in Cantonese which is similar to (over fried)..damm celaka!!!

Well, the requested me to bring them to Batu Caves as the found in the internet that this is a nice place to visit. Wow..this place the last visit I came here was like 12 years ago?hrmmm…

But I was happy that can meet up with them and of course the most important is the picture taken with them at this place.

Now they are back in HK of course will some where in the future again will visit them after I save enough bullets.

Take carezzz ~


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