I think this time I am in trouble, seems like I cant find my receipt. Deng!~ Guess I have to blog about this without proper naming convention and pricing too. Will update it once I pay a visit to any mall with Tony Romas.

Again, it was my turn to bring company client to makan and they wanted to eat Tony Romas again as previously my colleague had brought them too and they are falling in love with it. They mention that, this here are better than Egypt and I was wondering, there so cacat meh? Then they mention that, this are a food that the prefer while they are at KL and the food back there taste much better..

I do not know what is wrong with me that day, seems that I have vibrating hand. Most of the shots wasn’t that good. Guess I was too tired and lack of sleep.

I cant remember what drink is this, but all the drink’s are Virgin selection and since they are Muslim, is better for me to go for Virgin drink but they are just being friendly telling me just order what I want. They do not mind.
‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ if I am not mistaken, is the least preferred compared to another 2. RM13.90
Cant remember what drink is this. @ RM13.90

I enjoy this drink the most as it is very similar to the 1 I had with alcohol. The mixture of mild coconut and pineapple just makes the taste good. Surely I am recommending this. ‘Pina Colada’ RM13.90

‘Mushroom Soup’ is kinda normal, which I would not encourage as it taste like Campbell soup which you can get in any hypermarket and with the price charges, just order something else.

‘Onion Loaf’ which caught my attention in the menu, with the unique build up frame for a food and its Onion surely I am going for it. Not really that crispy yet a bit soggy that dip with the special sauce given is just a blast. RM12.90

‘Complimentary Loaf with Garlic Butter’ I just do not know how to enjoy this bread, with its hard on the outside texture and the garlic butter can just make a lastic ball to shoot ppl with.

It looks tempting but sadly to say, when it was serve and the first bite is like yewww, why cold? Even on our 2nd visits, it is just a liltle warm. They do not have QC for this which on the 1st visit the chicken breast is hard and 2nd round is abit soft but the crust outside is soggy.

4 types of mustard sauce to go for, which I personally preferring ‘Smokies’ which I felt the neutral one to eat along with the rest of the dish.

If I am not mistaken is ‘Shrimp Pasta’ which is quite ordinary and served with the frozen shrimps which me and my friend thought is the same type we used for cooking during our study period.

‘Wagyu Beef Steak’ seems like steak is their specialty, and I always heard that Wagyu is one of the expensive meat but this round I decided to go for it. With the expensive price tag on it, and by ordering medium rare, I would just say, I can get better taste at some other restaurants.

‘New York Strip’ RM53.90 I felt that this had not much different in taste compare to my wagyu or I just do not know how to differentiate.

‘Combo Set’ which I think it’s a bargain that served with a half chicken and a steak. The food presentation just gives me the feeling like I am ordering the food from a canteen. The chicken is quite dry that the mustard sauce save the day and the steak, again I do not know how to differentiate which I think it’s the same.

‘Gulf Grilled Shrimp Skewers’ I got no comment on this as the prawns that they used are not the seafood fresh from the sea. By squeezing the lemon given, just add the extra kick in it.

‘Strawberry Cheeze Cake’ surely would not recommend any 1 to take their deserts even company client also complain on their deserts during their first visits. No cheese flavor detected.

As a bottom line, this shop is average only but if I do visit to SG next round, will surely hunt the ribs with a lot of good review regarding on that.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 5.5/10, so so lah~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Tony Romas
Lot 1.15, Level 1,
Pavilion,Kuala Lumpur


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  1. tony roma’s steak is so so, but you should go for the ribs, especially bountiful beef ribs. highly recommended for malaysia menu.

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