Got a call in the morning saying that ‘Kia, go eat lunch later’ Okay loh as I agreed with sleeping tone. Then told to meet over here as was I never heard about U-Cafe b4 so go ahead with her plan as she works around here. As she claims that the food is quite nice.(quite a fussy person when comes to food)

This is their outlook of the shop in Sg.Wang and just realise it was nearby the Picolo Mondo or opposite Parkroyal Hotel.

Again, now days most of the cafe cater for 2 area, outdoor for smokers and indoor for more pleasure seating and environment.

Got a bit surprise that in Sg.Wang do actually have this kind of cafe. Was told by my friend during lunch time in the weekdays is very pack. Like the interior which provides me a comfortable area to eat and chat.

I totally like the quote of the menu. Interesting fact. This is what we are that makes us a food blogger and alot other blogger out there. That is why most of us like to take picture and camwhore alot including me. hehe.

Their menu have very nice decorative food that makes you nearly like want to try every dish that they have. Then again was told by my friend that this restaurant did went up to newspaper. Then saw another wall behind me there was the newspaper cutting but cant take the pic cuz it was occupied by a group of family. It is a Asian and Fusion restaurant.

Spot a good deal in the drinks menu is ‘Bottomless Fresh Orange Juice’(left) and they were never stingy on the oranges that blend it out.It is like 80% orange and 20& water. Quite happy over the quality of the juices and I walap 5 glasses in the end. The drink next to it find it quite unique is ‘U-De Mintmint drink mix with some lime. Not really the kind of drink that I am looking for but my friend likes it alot. Both are prices at Rm8.90 for mine and RM6.80 for the other 1.

Got quite shock over the serving when it come. This is ‘Honey Orange Chic Rice’. The chicken was fried abit which you can eat a bit crispy of the crust and it was fried to perfection with honey and the oranges. The taste is just so good that you can just finish the whole thing without any hesitation. The taste of honey and orange is there where a dish I have not eat before I would give thumbs up for this. RM 11.90.

The Nasi Lemak that my friend likes it alot. Something like lemak from Madam Kuan but the serving here is quite big. With alot of pieces of curry chicken with potato and the curry taste so good that it was not too spicy nor too much santan. The chicken and potato is so soft that Eat along with the rice and the fish, is just not enough. Willl crave for more.RM10.90 for this.
I would not mind to revisit again to try on other dishes.
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 9.5/10 , Veli Good Lah~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
C.25 Sg.Wang Plaza.
Tel:03-2142 9686


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