For the past few weeks, I have did drive around company client for some shopping trip and dinner. It was quite a challenging as it was a manual car and yet so panjang. The funny thing is I feel like I am the driver that drive customer to Hatyai(don know why got this kind of feeling).

This is the car that I have been driving around with.

Then something struck in my mind which I keep wondering and laughing myself for a few days. That What If I drive this car for………(which I got this pic from as I have been trying very hard to find this kind of car and pics.
This are the questions and situation that pop out in my mind. What IF Hior..I drive this car for……………………… not the first pic, the second pic…..for

A date. Yes…I mean a DATE.
I mean I date that gurl, then drive to her place and call her or ‘honk honk’. Then that gurl was already ready to get out and what will her reactions be when saw that Me or a guy driving this VAN to pick her up.

Then me start laughing with the scenario that pop’s out in my mind.

1) What will their reaction be when they see this car waiting for them outside?(this is the part that I cant stop laughing by myself like soh hai)
2) Will the girl come out or come out with an excuses last minute?
3) Will she take the ride up to go outing with this vehicle?
4) If she did go up the car and reach the destination, will she say that, I am meeting my friends later, so you don have to fetch me back.
5) Will that be the first time and last time I see the girl on that date?
6) Will she pick up my call after that date?
7) What will she be telling her friend that she got this kind of guy( as usual the next sentence will be, The worst date I ever had)
8) Will she turn away when we bump on the mall?

These are the thoughts that I have during that time and wonder what is the reaction would be if it really happens. I also do want to try out by taking my dad’s 13 year’s old van which is very besi buruk liau to go on for a date.


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