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January 2009

Dorae-Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

This is my second visit to this restaurant. My friend introduce me to this place beginning of the year. Then suddenly thought of eating Dorae Korean BBQ and thought of this restaurant. The boss and the son is very kind and friendly. One thing you must know that the staff here are alot. Really alot. You will be given a bowl of soup to start of with. The soup is nice, filled with cabbage and taste abit like miso soup.…

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Mama Mia

I have always wanted to watch a stage play, but always there is hard to find someone to go with. At last I found one. As I did blog about how happy am I when I got the ticket. But definitely that day, I do not know where is Istana Budaya. When my friend told me it is here, I got shock and I asked her did we come to the write place. It seems like a building that got…

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New Year Eve Dinner, Kampachi @ Pavilion

Was searching for nice Japanese food and Jeslin recommended this Kampachi Restaurant, have heard good food review that they provided here. Been always saying wanted to dine here, and finally get the chance to go with their classy outlook and cozy interior. This restaurant is pretty huge with its luxury interior settings and spacious. Feel cosy to sit in a place like that to enjoy your meal. Here are all the shasimi and sushi being prepared by all the busy…

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Lunch at Bavarian Bierhous @ Wisma UOA

This post was suppose to be up last year mid December, was not free to blog it delay till now. That time decided to go lunch at this Bavarian Beirhous a German food restaurant. The place looks nice and with the set lunch promotion was told by my friend is RM20 set. So we just went ahead. It was kinda packed with the office people around lunch time A very classic sitting place The bar area looks pretty decent with…

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Genre: Action/Adventure This is the first time that I chose a movie to watch by not reading the synopsis. I thought it would be a very nice action movie something like Lord of the Ring style, with the barbaric people conquering a village by village. If the poster show that alien picture in the it, I WOULD DEFINITELY wont watch it….!!! To my surprise the first 30 minutes was already kinda boring and I can see my friend already start…

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G2000 Sale

If you people are looking some working attire, with Chinese New Year coming….here is your chance, a Warehouse sales for G2000. Happy Shopping.…

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