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February 2009

Western Cuisine @ Pavilion Food Republic

Do not know what to eat most of the time as I can say like I am at Pavilion most of the time. So only stalls that I have not tried in the food court, so try this western cuisine for today. I ordered ‘Black Pepper Chicken’ served with half chicken. It is not bad, would not rate this as bad, the chicken meat is soft and juicy with the gravy of black paper sauce they pour over it. The…

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Asia Cafe SS15

This cafe really reminds me back to those days when I was studying at Taylor where Asia Cafe did not exist yet. It was only like an abandoned area with kampung style deco and a western food restaurant. INTI high rise building were never build yet also. Well, well, back to Asia cafe for food. It is like a hawker center or called it a food court without air con. But sure do famous for watching soccer. Have alot of…

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Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Mystery/Romance When I read the synopsis, then directly thought of the show that Andy Lau acted years back whereby he wanted to grow mature more faster and took a potion that makes him live in the world for the next 3 days and ages very fast. Well, this movie had the other effect which is Brad Pitt was born old and aged backwards. From old to young. I must not denied that the movie is very good, with their…

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Eden Lake

Genre : Horror   The first thing after I watch this show I must blog this out. One of the worst movie of the year. In my E list. Ermmm…what they are mentioning about terrifying or what so ever is just not my taste of movie. The whole movie is about a couple going for a relaxation of vacation in Eden Lake and were disturb by a bunch of kids around 12 years old. Then the guy went over and…

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Steven’s Tea Garden @ Sunway Pyramid

Little did I know that now Steven’s corner had evolve to Steven’s Tea Garden, Mamak also changing to concept dining. SHIT!!! Everything is changing. What I heard from my friend before was Steven’s Corner at The Gardens there. As we were looking for food on yesterday nite and were about to head to Asia Cafe. Then found out that it is Steven’s corner. So decided to try it as all the time I dine it at OUG. A very concept…

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Sakura Cafe & Cuisine @ Jln Imbi

Revisit this restaurant as it has been years since dine in here. It was about 4-5 years back when my buddy’s sister brought us here to eat and as I remembered it does not look like this. They have renovated. Decided to try again here. It was during in the afternoon lunch time, so there were not much people in this restaurant but it is sure nice to sit and chat with friends here. From the food wise, I would…

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