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World Biggest Starbucks Reserve Opens in Tokyo

Starbucks seems to be making its mark every year by building the biggest roastery or cafe. What I know they had one in Shanghai, China. Then currently, the World Biggest Starbucks Reserve Opens in Tokyo about weeks back. A roastery that is design by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma (the man behind the main host stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.) , as the 4-story roastery was inspired by the cherry blossom trees that line the nearby Meguro river. Hence the…

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Top 6 food spot in Seremban

I was in Seremban 2 years ago for a short food trip. Then ask around what are the must eat food for such a short period of time that does not need to travel far. Hence mostly recommended me these few places and now coming up with these top 6 food spot in Seremban. My 4 hours turns out to be quite a food coma. Lets start off with Golden Triangle. Park your car in the middle so you can…

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Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) @ Ipoh

Drive pass by this place on the highway couples of times few years back when it was under construction. More surprising to me is that a theme park in Ipoh? Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) at Ipoh started operating since June 2017. When it mention Animation park, I certainly do have expectation in it and it is the first in Malaysia. At least it is something different that tons of water park we have in Malaysia. It was our company…

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Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 @ Sky Avenue Genting Highland

Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 at Sky Avenue Genting Highland is making a huge buzz all over the online portals that you can get. Most of the people would purposely travel up to Genting to enjoy this hotpot. Under the cold weather up there and eating hotpot is the most perfect combination. Only then I realize that this shop is operating under Paradise Group of Restaurants, This hotpot is slightly different from others as they brand themselves as collagen hotpot,…

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Hadongkwan serve traditional Gomtang @ Myeongdong, Seoul

Woke up early around 9 am and 2 minutes walk from my hotel to this famous place Hadongkwan serve traditional Gomtang in Myeongdong, Seoul for breakfast. A restaurant that serve this for more than 80 years and have rich history that is well know to both locals and tourist diners. It is actually beef porridge Korean version. Their menu is very simple. ONLY 4 item. We have to order 3 portion as they have minimum spending too.  this is one…

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Black Pork at YUKTONGRYEONG (육통령) @ Myeongdong, Seoul

will be starting to blog some of the places I went in Korea last year and Jeju island is famous for their black pork. Where do you get that in Seoul? I have read up that, Black Pork at YUKTONGRYEONG (육통령) in Myeongdong, Seoul. The only thing I do not like about Myeongdong Disctrict is because it is flock with alot China tourist and for most of the eatery in this area, they have a minimum spending. For example, 3…

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