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June 2011

Deadmou5 blast away Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

One of the best DJ in the world came by to KL to blast our feet at the dance floor with this superb full LED performance for the first time held in Malaysia, with the main man spinning on the deck is DJ Deadmou5 or known as Joel Thomas Zimmerman from Canada which also for the first time Ministry of Sound going outdoor with LED version. This took place at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach with many fans with his t-shirt and sipping…

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Hennessy Artistry is Back!! Be ready for 69 Mansion & Mist Club

After a great year of party with Hennessy BIg Bang last year 2010 at MIECC with a strong large crowd, with Kardinal Offishall, Asian Black Eye Peas – Da Mouth and a few more great artist that makes the crowd all hype up. . Refresh of some moments back of last year. . while after arriving at the arena . . . we are heading to the art of Mixing .. . with a few areas for us to choose from…

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Shanghainese Menu at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant @ One World Hotel

I have always miss China food, no matter in which province, and one of the latest Cuisine which is available in Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant which is at One World Hotel is presenting us Shanghainese Cuisine that offers for a very limited time only. Shanghainese cuisine is know for its rich and sweet flavors, and to get more authentic of the food, there are 4 special invites chef (Chef Terry Yu Ning, Chef Fanny Le Fei, Chef Lion Yu Sheng…

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Movie Review: Super 8 & Green Lantern

Genre: Mystery/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller I find that this year have quite a number of alien movies as is it true that we have discover other planet lifeform? Well, this is another show that is on Love or Hate relationship as some find it nice movie to watch and some just hate it . . Its  movie on a alien got stranded on earth around 1968 and trying to get back to its planet then been capture by human to do…

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Backpackers price at Ryokan Chic Hostel @ Muntri Street, Penang

Often my friend asked me, where is the best cheap place to stay in Penang and I always have issues in recommending that as to find something really nice like what offers in Taiwan is hard to find, but not until recently there is one new Ryokan Chic Hostel that opened up that offers a very good rate especially to those who travels in group. Cannot deny that this Ryokan Chic Hostel is one of the place that I would…

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Famous Kueh Chiap @ Wah Meng Kopitiam, Ayer Itam Market, Penang

Penang is always known for its hawker food and around Ayer Itam area which is well know for their morning market for all the neighbors to buy fresh ingredient to cook or even supplies to restaurant which makes them one of the big market in Penang. I did write about a famous elderly selling classic curry mee in the  market, click here.  Around the area there are many hawker which are famous tag along the morning market, one which is in particular…

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